Due to popular demand, this story will continue until it reaches thirty chapters. . . .

J/K! I *meant* to say, until it's finished. I usually just leave the story at whatever chapter without finishing unless someone threatens me to continue it. Well, here ya are - the great lemon chapter I was going to write so long ago! Hope ya like it! ^0^

Third POV (I *would* make it someone's POV, but that would get complicating. . .)

Bulma was lying in her bed, trying to sleep. Key word being 'trying'. She just couldn't get the thought through her head that she and a certain Saiyan Prince were 'together' permanently.

Vegeta had explained what that meant, the bites they gave each other. Predictably, Bulma had screamed at him, saying that she only did because he had clouded her mind and actions.

Predictably, he had smirked at that. Then said, "I'm glad to know I'm that great a lover to you. Perhaps I'll prove that again, if you have any doubts, tonight, hmm?"

He acted like he was giving her a choice!

And now here she lay, wondering if he meant what he said and if he was really going to come. She had a feeling he would; he didn't seem to be all that satisfied with just one 'round' with her, as he so lovingly deemed it.

She came to a funny realization a few minutes later. Every now and then, ever since the GR event, she would get a response out of him from a thought, or she would hear a thought in her head that didn't seem like hers. So she shut up, verbally and mentally, and just listened. Sure enough, there were those thoughts again. {I wonder if she has learned how to use the bond yet. . . Nah. . . She's a human, acknowledgable, a genius, but still a human. . . She wouldn't be able to understand so quickly. . .}

{Glad you think so, *prince*} with a lot of bitterness. {I guess this *human* shouldn't have bonded with an egotist, then, huh?}

Mental laughter was her reply. {You're still awake, then.}

{Apparently} she mentally sneered.

{Good. Expect me soon.}

{What's THAT supposed to mean?}

She didn't get a reply. Somehow, though, she knew what he did. He cut of their 'link' or whatever. She didn't know what else to call it, and it seemed to be the right word anyway.

She was just nodding off when she felt a prick on her arm. She jumped, barely keeping herself from shrieking, and glared at the man attached to the hand. "Just HAD to freak me out, didn't you?"

"You're very jumpy. I suppose I should calm you down, hmm? Make you comfortable with me?"

"Go to Hell."

"I'll take that as a 'yes, please'."

"Foo. You can take that and shove it up your ass for all I care."

He didn't leave, though. {Why am I all of a sudden so pissed at him? It's not like I didn't enjoy our little romp. It's not like I didn't want it. And it's most DEFINITELY not like I don't want more.}

He smiled suddenly. {Oh, shit. He heard me.}

"So you DO want more? Ok, if you ask real nice, and take back what you said, I just might give it to you."

Bulma blew a raspberry at him and rolled over, her back facing him.

He chuckled and crawled into her bed with her, putting his arms around her when she tried to escape.

"Trying to deny me my pleasure, woman?"

"Go to Hell."

"You already said that."

She rolled back and was going to blow another raspberry, but he caught her tngue in between his teeth before she could. Her first reaction was to scream in his ears - like he'd let THAT stop him at this point. And the only other thing she could think of was to just let him have his fun - she knew she'd be plenty pleasured as well.

Vegeta shifted, pulling away from her a tiny bit to push her onto her back. Bulma sighed into his mouth, letting him kiss her, [which he had begun doing while she was thinking] and he settled himself above her.

It was when he drew back to take off her clothes when she noticed that he was nude. Oh, he definitely came here to get laid and wasn't going to let anything stop him.

She watched his face as he did so, laughing a little at the smidgen of annoyance at her panties. He seemed to be angry at her laugh and attacked her, so to speak.

He narrowed his eyes at her, then ducked his head between her legs, not giving her the slightest bit of mercy. She moaned and wiggled, he nipped, licked and sucked. Soon Bulma was losing control, bucking her hips in search of something. . . bigger. . . and. . . *harder* . . . [Smirk]

Vegeta chuckled but didn't comply, letting her suffer for her earlier words. He had to admit, he was starting to lose control himself, starting to shake with the more she moaned. He drew back before she could orgasm, having lost control himself, which earned him a glare. He didn't care.

He shoved himself into her slickness, not even giving her time to adjust, but just pounding. Bulma screamed her release after just a few minutes, but Vegeta wasn't done yet.

He didn't give her time to get over it, or time to enjoy, but kept moving at an incredibly fast, strong pace.

About an hour and several orgasms later, Vegeta was laying on his back, Bulma on his chest, neither of them able to move.

Vegeta frowned, though. {I didn't get to use my plan} hewhined in his own mind, not realizing Bulma might be able to hear.

"You had a plan?" she breathed.

{Oops} "Yes, I did. I don't see how I can use it NOW though."

Bulma laughed. "The mighty Prince of the Saiyajins, lost all of his energy to a woman? Doesn't that sting?"

He grunted as a response. {Ah, well. I'll just have to hold it for another time, then.}

"Are you going to ambush me?"

"You talk too much. Go to sleep."

"Oh, I guess I was wrong." {I thought you were insatiable. I guess that that only lasts as long as your energy does, huh?}

{Didn't I say to go to sleep? My energy is retuning, thank you. Because of that, you'll need all you can get.}

{I hope so} Bulma thought, trying to hide it from him. It was a lot like her mind whispered it, but if Vegeta's mind was anything like his hearing, she was screwed.

"Not yet, but you will be. Now, for the last time, go to sleep. I won't say it again." {Or think it, smarty-pants}

"Ha, ha. Go to sleep." She moved herself, getting more comfortable against his muscled shoulder. Not an easy thing to do for such a hard shoulder. She eventually gave up and pushed herself back, using the bed instead.

It was *way* more comfy. Of course, Vegeta growled, not liking how she didn't want to sleep so close to him. Or, that's what it seemed like to him.

~ Morning ~

When Vegeta woke up it was six in the morning, and he felt something very soft on his chest. He kept his eyes closed and ignored it, feeling where Bulma had fallen asleep. Scowl. She wasn't there. But then, why did he feel he presence so close to him?

He opened his eyes to a small kind of shock. There was Bulma, lying on a pillow - on his chest. He blinked. {Resourceful woman} he thought affectionately. Lightly he brushed her cheek, trying to wake her up so he could leave. He smiled at how tired she seemed to be.

Taking her sleeping form he rolled her over any studied her. He had to admit, she was absolutely gorgeous when she slept, not screeching or red with anger, but just. . . angelic.

Vegeta didn't know how else to describe it. She looked like a godsend, being here and strong and beautiful and intelligent and his. . . He leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips, mumbling an apology for having to leave.

In her sleep she whimpered, her hand hanging on to his wrist.

Now he was stuck. He had to leave, go to his room and sleep a bit longer, then get up again and train, and he didn't want to, especially with his woman wanting him to stay with her like this.

He sighed and gave in to her, going back under her new sheets and shoving the pillow away, letting his head rest on her chest, his ear right above her heartbeat.

This was bliss. He had a woman, he was sure he'd get Super Saiyajin, and he could already feel an heir growing inside of her. He needed nothing else, or even wanted. Well, that is, except for killing Kakarot, but that could wait, and he didn't want to think about it now. He just wanted to sleep. . .

. . . with his mate. . .