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Chapter 18

Poseidon POV

It was harder to know than it was to think. I had thought of the strong possibility, I knew it was a nearly 100% probability, but… There was a difference. Blaze was Percy. He was my son. And he was captured again.

Years upon years of demigods and their quests, I never expected once that the demigods themselves would lose they will to fight. It should have been expected, they had been fighting for thousands and thousands of years and not won. Yet, I didn't think that that time would come so soon.

"You don't have a choice now, without the demigods you are powerless. You are dependant on their survival, and you have to make sure they fight for theirs', or yours is gone," Percy commanded, still defiant. "The fate of a hero isn't one they can choose to accept, it is one that is forced upon them," he continued.

"But this time, you all have to uphold the duty as a parent you have, because sometimes, it is not the result that matters, but about how you got there. Because, if you still continue to hold yourselves on these high pedestals watching them fight to their deaths, not only will their deaths become meaningless, but your lives become even more meaningless," his voice was softer this time.

"Well done Percy Jackson… sadly, your long and ever so inspiring speech has gone to waste. The Olympians will die whether or not their children save them, there will be no future for them," Order cut in.

"You won't succeed! We will defeat you, no matter the cost!" I shouted. We lost too many this round, Olympus was crumbling down, but the people of Earth should not have to suffer with us. Order simply smirked, and cut the line.

I was at a lost.

They used to call me the King of Waves, the Lord of the Sea. But now, as we listen to further news from the soldiers about attacks by Order, I simply feel like a father who cannot even save his children.

"We need to strategise," Athena decided. "Perhaps more training camps for these demigods or something similar."

"I was thinking of something different. We've always tried to train them to follow our bidding, perhaps that is not what we need," I started. Even I was not very sure of what I was saying, but I hoped that this would work.

"We transform ourselves into mortals. Join their ranks, become demigods, and cease to be who we are now."

Shouts occurred from all around the room. And yet, it was Hestia who silenced them, and continued, "For too long have we raised ourselves above and beyond their reach. We reigned as gods for thousand of years, it is time we go to our roots, and abandon it all.

"We will have no need for sacrifices by other beings nor will we need to follow the ancient laws. Life is precious simply because it ends. We terminate this unending torture we cast upon ourselves, and fight our battles by ourselves."

"But… who will our children look to?" voiced Zeus.

"What of our powers?" Aphrodite exclaimed.

"I refuse to do this," Ares bellowed.

Jamila saw this conflict amongst us, and started in a sad tone, "At the end of all this, you all still wish to be superior to others, don't you? Why can you not understand that is it precisely because of this, that no one wishes to fight for you anymore?

"Everyday, you say that the ones who fight will gain honour. But what does this honour even mean, when you have paid with your life and the happiness of those around you, for people you have barely met even once and treat you like pawns on a chessboard?

I understand them, because I did this once. You need to put down that stupid Olympian pride, and fight with your children, as only then, will you understand the torture you put all of them through,"

After listening to her, I only felt more anger at myself for the way I had treated my children when they were still with me. "I do not know about the rest of you, but I will agree to this," I announced.

Percy POV

I have never really faced such a situation before.

"Percy Jackson… Did you even for a second believe that you could save the Olympians?" Order taunted. I could… but the price they would have to pay would be too high. "None of them… Including you, can enter my domain without your energy being sucked away," he continued, "Soon enough, when every cubic centimetre of space belongs to me… do you even believe that Zeus would turn mortal for Earth to survive?"

"He would," I answered with conviction, thinking of Avril.

"Well, I don't."

The world was ending, and with that, the universe. Somehow, it felt like old times back on Earth, where I had to help the gods. However, it was different in many ways. Back then, we smiled as the world collapsed around us, there was nothing better, but there was nothing worse. Now, I shudder to think of what will happen should Olympus fall.

"What difference would that make anyways?" Order continued. "My armies are gathering in the many corners and planets of this universe, at worst, I take you all down now and dissolve this world with the snap of my fingers… but where is the fun in that?

"No, I want to watch as you all suffer and burn. I want to watch the very civilisation you have crumble to pieces, and see you all turn against each other like the savages you are. Those of Olympus has always been weak, and even more so in times of war. They may have stumbled through here and there, but I assure that they cannot survive me!" Order claimed, and turned towards the exit, cloak billowing in his wake.

They knew who I was.

They knew who I am.

The worse thing is, I did not even know how I was supposed to feel.

As of this point, I was the epitome of a useless commander who can barely use his own powers, let alone command those who did not wish to fight. The only thing i knew was clear was- I had to get out, and quickly. I knew my powers were draining out, it would not be long before I lost them all together, if Olympus needed to win, they needed to do it quickly.

I used a good deal of whatever was left of my powers to scan the area around me. The Fates hated me the last time I was on Earth, but this time? I'm pretty sure that they were doing their best (Which really, isn't anything).

I did not find a safe exit route.

I did, however, find the most dangerous one possible (most would argue that it's barely an exit).

The familiar Doors. The Doors of Death… shackled to the ground in the room at the end of the ominous hallway. All I needed to do was find a way in… and find another way out.

Well… what happened next could simply be described as "Out of the frying pan and into the fire."

Sophie POV

Camp was everything I did not expect.

Years ago, they had the Legend of the Seven. They had Percy Jackson. They had heroes.

Now, they have none.

I used to believe that Camp trained heroes of the next generation. I used to think that this was where demigods earned their spot on the plaques of Olympus, I don't think so anymore. If anything, the Betrayed Army seemed more like it.

They were cloaked in way it made them seem unapproachable, but they protected our realm. Us? not so much.

"James, come on, spar with me," I pleaded one of my friends. He was a Son of Hermes, and usually really cool- until you asked him to fight. Stealing? Piece of Cake. Talking? He's THE chatterbox. Fighting? Try later.

He gave me the puppy eyes. Demigods haven't had to fight for the last few hundreds of years. They simply were protected- perhaps that was why safety was taken for granted. "You know I can't Sophie… I'm not that type, I'm James, son of Hermes, and just a simple demigod who wants to live and settle in New Rome," he replied.

In those times, no one cared about "type". It just was "kill or be killed". It frustrates me to no end. The world was ending around us, and here they were- unaware of the true danger. "The world could end… you could die…" I tried.

"It won't, the children of Ares/Mars will fight. The army of the betrayed will fight. Someone else will do it, why do we have to be the ones to do it?" He questioned.

And there lay the roots of the problem.

Most of the demigods are my friends. But at the same time, no one wants to fight for the future anymore. They want peace, but they expected someone else to do it… because they always believed someone else could do it for them.

I turned away… why wouldn't they understand that if they didn't, no one would?

"What's wrong?" Chiron was not too far away.

"Everything is. No one here cares anymore… how did you make them care all those years ago?" I asked, wishing that I could do it once more.

"I myself am not sure… but if anything, I believe that we can do it. Or at least, Percy Jackson could," he replied with as much faith as possible.

We looked at each other, both knowing the problem: He was not at camp. He was somewhere else, fighting for his life.

Third person POV

Little did both of them know, "somewhere else" referred to the realm of Tartarus- Tartarus, the homeland of the monsters.

The war in the mortal and immortal world raged on with unending fury.

Bombs were dropped, and the once azure blue sky turned an ugly, dusty grey. The mountains shook as Gaea unleashed more of her power for the world to feel. Volcanos erupted, lava and ash clouded the realm of Zeus.

The war was just beginning.

Poseidon POV

The Earth was leaving my grasp... It was torn from my powers. Manhattan shook like never before under Gaea's rage. "Give it back, it is not yours!" I screamed.

The last words I heard before the sirens blasted was:

Silly child, the Earth was mine to begin with. Now, the world can face me like the true Primordial I am.

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