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Summary: Beckett always was a little blind when he wasn't busy being a Doctor. (Eventual Beckett/OC Updates Wednesdays.)

Stitches and bullets

Carson sighed as he sat down at his desk. Soft lights lit up the infirmary to stave off the oncoming night and he opened up the medical file of one Master Gunnery Sergeant Alexandra Wilson. "Well lass," he said as he eyed her records, "this is the fifth set of stitches this month." His mouth tightened as he read through her previous visits. Each one had been overseen by himself, but it worried him that somebody needed stitches so often. Part of him made a note to keep an eye on her, just in case it was something more than simple accidents.

He grabbed a trolley of clean supplies and wheeled it over to the bed that the Master Gunnery sat on, a thick trickle of red adorning her brow. "I forget how aggressive some of the men can be."

"You do tell us not to hold back," Staff Sergeant Carl Healy said. He stood at the end of the bed, hands folded over his chest and a sheepish smile playing on his features.

Wilson turned her face towards him with one arched brow and a stern expression, "I don't mean you should go for my face and draw blood."

"To be fair Gunny I wasn't going for your face. You moved into it and I couldn't stop in time."

She nodded her head to the exit, "Go. Get some rest for tomorrow's mission."

"Yes Ma'am." He nodded to the Doctor, "Beckett," and left with a knowing smirk to his features.

The Doctor put his scolding face on, shook his head, and pulled up a seat. "Might I suggest that you take it a little easier." He pulled a pair of gloves on and let them snap into place. "The last thing I'd like to see is a pretty face ruined by one too many fights."

Wilson let a smile spread about her features and Carson grinned. Since she had arrived barely a flicker of emotion had escaped her. He knew that some of the military people could be terrifying when they wanted to be and Wilson was no exception. He pulled his seat closer and let his eyes briefly glance to her usual attire when she reached him, a workout vest and cargo pants, her hair up in one less than neat blonde ponytail. An alcohol wipe sat in his hands as he lifted it to her face. "I like to stay on my toes."

He halted his hands to give her a pointed look, "You won't be if you keep getting hit in the head."

"I don't let it happen on purpose Beckett."

"Well I should hope not," he let his hands continue their path and he held her head with one hand whilst the other pressed the wipe to the still bleeding wound. "I don't think I know anybody else who's had so many stitches in a month."

She shrugged one shoulder as he continued to wipe, eyes fixed on their job. It was true. Even Sheppard managed to avoid this many stitches. "Is there a record?"

Carson pulled back with dirty wipe in hand, his brows raised. The corners of her lips twitched and he sighed with a shake of his head and a grin. "Don't joke about that. Some of the men around here would take that seriously."

A single laugh let itself loose and Carson smiled as he prepared the steri strip. "I'm sorry," she said and he glanced up at her.

He chuckled. "I guess I have to expect people to get a little bored." The first strip was pulled up and he nodded his head to the bed, "If you lie down it'll make my job easier."

"Yes sir," she grinned and followed his orders.

Carson couldn't help but to shake his head. "It's Carson love. Now," he pulled his chair and tools closer as he leaned in close, one hand holding her head still, "can you promise me that you'll take it easy on tomorrow's mission?"

"I'll do my best."

Another stern expression was delivered to her and he raised his brows as he grabbed another strip. "I'm serious otherwise I'll have you put on standby for being too careless of one's own health."

Her laughter shook his hand and he waited until she'd stopped to apply the second strip. "Maybe I enjoy these late night talks."

A third strip was picked up and he smiled softly down at her. "I'd enjoy them more if I didn't have to stitch you up all the bloody time."

One more chuckle let itself loose from her mouth and Carson smiled. He'd seen the Master Gunny around the base a few times and not once had he seen her crack a smile or a laugh, at least not so much as she was doing that night, or every night she came to see him. He put it down to his relaxed demeanour. The last thing he wanted was for people to be afraid to go and see the Doctor because they didn't like him or were scared of him.

"I'll do my best to avoid such severe damage."

He smiled and pressed the third strip to her brow. "There is nothing wrong with a simple hello."

She tilted her eyes to one side with a minor movement of her head, "I have a reputation to uphold Doc, and not to mention a job to do on the other side of the base to you."

He couldn't help his tight lipped smirk that had him shaking his head, "Some days you guys need to let loose with your image. Number of times I've needed to have somebody physically restrained because they're too bloody stubborn to obey the Doctor."

"Guilty," she said with a grin. "That's just something we all have trouble with. We don't like to admit when we need the help."

"Don't I know about it?"

There was something easy going about the woman he found, that is, when she wasn't around other people. Carson at least knew that she was highly ranked and therefore respected amongst most of the military within the city. He also knew that people would clear a path for her if she told them to.

"You still coming to M1N-45G tomorrow Doc?"

M1N-45G was a world that SGA-1 had discovered two days ago. The people on the planet lived in fear of the wraith and because of that had also lacked proper medical development. In exchange for a piece of land for crops Weir had exchanged simple medication help whenever so the place desired it. Wilson's team had been tasked with accompanying him just to make sure trouble didn't arise.

"Of course. Where there are sick people a Doctor will flock." She laughed and he grabbed another strip and turned to press it to her brow. He leaned back and took one last look at his work before he smiled down at her. "There we go. All done."

A smile remained on her face as she took his hand to help her sit up. "Thank you Doctor."

"It's Carson love."

The smile grew, if that were possible and she nodded, slipping her feet onto the floor. "Well Carson, thank you."

"No problem. Just stay out of trouble tomorrow."

She held a hand up showing only three fingers and stood to attention, "Scouts honour I will do my best but I cannot make any guarantees."

He laughed and nodded his head to the door. "Get some rest love."

"Yes sir," she muttered with a salute before she turned and left him shaking his head with a light smile.