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Bella could not believe she was in Paris. Alice had insisted, no she had demanded that her best friend come and visit her for the summer.

It had been over a year since the two best friends had seen each other. Alice had received an internship with French label, Chloѐ, and had to move to Paris.

Not a day went by that Bella had not missed her best friend. She missed the way the two would sit by the window of their favorite café and poke fun at those walking by, she missed their late night chats over a tub of Ben and Jerry's, but most of all, she just missed her.

The internship with Chloѐ was the opportunity of a lifetime for Alice it was something she had always wanted to do and of course, Bella was happy for her.

"Bella!" Alice screamed in the arrivals hall of Charles de Gaulle, many heads turned to stare at the two as they embraced.

"God, I have missed you so much, Bella."

"I've missed you too, Alice," Bella said, embracing her friend in tight hug.

"You're going to love it here, Bella; the food, the fashion, the men," Alice said, wagging her eyebrows.

"Stop it, Alice. I came here to see you, not to run around Paris falling in love."

"Who said anything about love? You, my dear friend, need to experience a one night stand, and I know just the person to help."

Alice said no more and the two friends made their way to Alice's car, a very nice BMW coupe. Bella admired it in awe, but it was impossible. How could Alice afford this? She was only an intern and not making that much.

"Alice, how can you…" Bella asked, but Alice cut her off.

"Jasper brought it for me," Alice said with a bright smile at the mention of this Jasper.

"Jasper?" Bella questioned.

"Oh, I've been seeing him for a few months now." Alice waved her hand.

"You never mentioned him before." Bella said, finding it unusual that her best friend would not have told her about such a thing.

"Believe me, I wanted to, but Jasper is very private and he demanded that I didn't mention him or our relationship to anyone."

"Do you not think that is a little odd, Alice?" Bella asked. That is the strangest thing that she had heard. Why would someone demand such a thing from the person they were seeing? Maybe he is married, Bella thought.

Alice shrugged.

"Jasper is a little strange, but he's wonderful and I love him so much Bella. I know he's going to be the one," Alice sighed. The smile on her face could not be wiped off for anything.

Yeah right, Bella thought, the man that will not let you even mention his name to even your best friend is really a catch Alice, but Bella kept that to herself. She did not want to argue with her friend after not seeing her for so long.

Ile St Louise, was a very sought after suburb in Paris because it was right in the heart and very close to all of Paris's main attractions, but it came with a price tag, one Bella knew Alice could not afford.

Bella carried her luggage into the apartment, it was beautiful, the décor was to rival of the best five star hotel.

Soft neutral tones, crème, white, and lightwood, a very modern theme through the whole apartment.

Alice gave Bella a tour. The living room featured soft crème couches that faced a modern fireplace with an enormous flat screen above.

To the side was a dining area with a glass table big enough to seat eight, the dining chairs were leather and matched the colour of the sofa's. In the middle of the glass table sat a beautiful crystal vase that house eight imperial lilies, all in full bloom.

The kitchen, modern with white stone bench tops and light wood cupboard doors. The floors were porcelain and the appliances could rival that of any excellent kitchen.

Bella could not believe her eyes; she had never seen such luxuries.

"Let me show you your room," Alice said, guiding Bella down a long hallway to the very last door.

The room, like the rest of the house, was very modern. A four-poster bed took up the centre of the room, two bedside tables that looked to be made of mirror sat on both sides of the bed. Under her feet, Bella felt the plush white rug. This would be good enough to sleep on, she thought.

"And you have your own balcony," Alice said, pointing to the double, floor to ceiling glass doors that were opened wide, the soft white organza curtain flew gently with the late afternoon breeze.

"Alice, this place is unbelievable. I didn't know Chloѐ offered you an apartment as well," Bella said, admiring every aspect of the room.

"No, the stingy bastards did not offer me anything," Alice said.

"Then how can you afford this?" Bella asked.

Alice was not from a rich family, and neither was Bella. Both girls came from Joliet, Illinois.

Alice's father owned a small hardware store and Bella's father was an officer of the law.

Both girls did not have a mother. Alice's mother passed away when she was only three after contracting a bad case of pneumonia, and Bella's mother left when Bella was only days old and never came back. Of course, her father never told her that story, it was her grandmother who had shared that bit of information with Bella many years ago when she was a young child.

"Jasper bought me the place, he didn't like where I was living before. It was very unsafe and locals were rioting with police almost every night. I told him it was all I could afford and the next day he handed me the keys to this place and said it was all mine."

"Alice," Bella said. She found the whole situation to be rather strange.

"Why do you have that face, Bella?"

Alice knew that face all too well, Bella was about to lay it on her big time.

"I just find it rather strange that he would buy you an apartment like that," Bella said, clicking her fingers. "I mean this place had to have cost, I don't even want to know how many euros."

"He loves me, Bella."

"Yet, you're not allowed to mention him?" Bella said. "Why did he not just move you in with him?"

"He lives just outside of Paris, and it would have been a nightmare for me to commute every day. This was the best option. It's close to work, and besides that, Jasper is always here."

Bella sighed, something about this Jasper did not sit right with her.

"Bella, you are my best friend, please, can't you just be happy for me," Alice said. She looked hopeful yet sad, more than anything she wanted her friend to be happy for her.

"I am happy for you, Alice." Bella said, hugging her friend. "I'm just trying to take this all in."

"I know it's sudden, I pinch myself sometimes to make sure this isn't all a dream. We met one night at a work benefit and…God, Bella, we looked at each other and fell in love." Alice said, hugging her friend back.

Bella groaned, but she kept quiet because Alice did seem genuinely happy, and to Bella that's all that mattered.

"Do I get to meet him?" Bella asked hopeful that she might be able to put a face to the mysterious Jasper, the supposed love of Alice's life.

"You will, I've told him all about you and he wants to meet you too."

That night Bella lay in bed awake, she could not for the life of her, fall asleep. She could not shake the feeling that she was being watched.

She looked around the entire bedroom for anything out of place, a small black spot on the ceiling, or the walls, on the light fixtures or furnishings. Maybe Jasper was a pervert who was secretly recording Alice, and now her and posting the videos online, but there was no evidence that anything in this room had been tampered with.

However, the feeling in Bella grew stronger and stronger and all she wanted to do was go to sleep.

By three that morning sleep still had not found Bella, and she was beginning to wonder if it ever would.

She hopped out of bed and tore open the balcony doors and stepped out into the warm Parisian summer air. She had hoped to find something here, maybe a neighbour, a peeping tom across the street looking in through his telescope, but she found nothing. There was no other apartment building or townhouse or even a storefront. All she could see was a beautiful small park that was illuminated by the street lamps that lined its paths.

This was getting ridiculous, Bella thought, there was obviously nothing and no one watching her yet the feeling was still so strong.

Bella blinked once, twice and then she felt a calm wash over her from out of nowhere, she became so tired that she dreaded having to walk all the way back to bed, she barely made it and as soon as her head hit the pillow she fell into a deep slumber.

In the corner of Bella's room the demon came out of the dark. He stood over her sleeping form and gazed longingly at the beauty before him.

He had seen many beautiful women since his creation, but they were nothing compared to the sleeping creature in front of him. He wanted to touch her, but he dared not, because he feared if he did, he would not be able to control his urge for the sweet thing.

He had seen a photograph of her in Alice's living room after Jasper had invited him over one night. Since that fateful moment that his eyes landed on that one picture, he felt something strong tug from his insides, the likes of which he had never felt before, and it was in that moment he knew he needed to have her no matter the cost.