This is set about two years after red death, main ships are Rufflout, Hiccstrid is implied but that's about it! Please enjoy :)

"Just leave me alone!" screamed Ruffnut squirming out of Snotlout's grasp and marching away heading for her house. Snotlout's eyes narrowed and he followed her grabbing her arm. "Let go!" yelled Ruffnut trying to push him away.

"Ruff! Stop, why the hell won't you speak to me!" he yelled in anger and desperation.

Ruffnut felt tears coming to her eyes and she tried to push him away again. "Get away from me!" she cried. Why couldn't he just leave her alone! Why couldn't he let mistakes go?

Flashback two days before

Ruffnut smiled to herself as she let her feet dangle into the cool water of the docks and the setting sun shone a beautiful light on the ocean's water the best part was that only about two other Viking's where down at the docks at this time. It was the perfect time for her to get away from Tuffnut and relax, something Ruffnut rarely ever did. With a small smile Ruffnut lay down on her back closing her eyes she sighed.

"Having fun Ruff" Came a snort of amusement. Ruffnut opened her eyes to see Snotlout looking down at her with a smirk.

"Shouldn't you be trying to get into the pants of Astrid Snotface" said Ruffnut in annoyance as she sat up. She hated it when other people disturbed her only time of peace! Not that she would let anybody know that she wanted some peace in her life.

Snotlout gave an angered huff as he sat down next to her, "Shouldn't you be trying to get in the pants of Hiccup" he said in a smug tone. Ruffnut acted instantly and slammed her fist into his stomach winding him.

"Shut it!" she yelled.

"Okay, Okay I'm sorry" he puffed clutching his stomach. Ruff grinned satisfied with her punch.

"Why are you here anyway" she asked looking at him with an eyebrow raised.

Snotlout looked back at her recovering from the punch. "Got bored, I was heading home when I noticed you at the docks, my original plan was to push you in but I decided that I didn't want to ruin such a pretty moment" he said grinning.

Ruffnut felt her cheeks start to burn. "I... ah well you better be glad that you didn't or you would of ended up with your head stuffed between your butt!" she said trying to cover up her embarrassment.

Snotlout grinned, "Figures... hey why do you come here anyway?" he asked. Ruffnut glanced over at him with a hard glare.

"None of your business! Go poke your nose in somebody else's life!" she snapped. Snotlout smirked. "What?!" snapped Ruffnut.

"Your life seems pretty interesting" he said looking out at the ocean.

Ruffnut felt her cheeks start to burn again. Snap out of it Ruff! She told herself. You like Hiccup! Before she could reply Snotlout spoke again.

"Do you really still like Hiccup?" he asked. Ruffnut looked at him shocked.

"Why do you wanna know?" she asked

"Just do" said Snotlout.

Ruffnut looked at him. Should she really tell him….. I mean this was Snotlout after all. She made up her mind… what harm would it do anyway… right?

"Well… I guess so" she said looked at her feet.

"Oh… well I don't really like Astrid that much now anyway" said Snotlout looking at Ruffnut.

"Then who do you like now Snotface Tuffnut?" said Ruffnut with a grin. Snotlout smirked.

"Close" he said.

Ruffnut froze. No… he didn't mean her did he! No it can't be. Not the Snotlout that had mistaken her for her brother two weeks before! Ruffnut didn't know what to do, push him in to the water? Act as if nothing happened…. Instead she said, "Who?"

Snotlout smiled at her and then…. He leant forwards and placed his lips on hers. Ruffnut tensed up completely…. Her first kiss was Snotlout?! This wasn't what was meant to happen! She was meant to share her first kiss with Hiccup. Wasn't she? All this time Ruffnut had been focused on Hiccup, it was quiet obvious that he and Astrid weren't thinking of breaking up anytime soon and well Snotlout was kind of cute… she and him did spend a lot of time together, now that she thought about it wherever she was Snotlout was with her and wherever Snotlout was she was always there to! Then Ruffnut slowly started to kiss back. She felt him smile when she kissed back and she couldn't help but smile to.

When air became important again they pulled apart and Ruffnut let her head rest on his chest. They sat in silence for a while, Snotlout resting his chin on the top of her helmet. "You still like Hiccup better than me?" he asked with a smile.

Ruffnut chuckled to herself, "Hiccup can go eat rotten fish for all I care" she said turning her head around and planting a quick kiss on his lips.

Snotlout smiled down at her, "Whatever you say babe"

"Don't call me babe" said Ruffnut with a smile.

"Ok… babe" said Snotlout. Ruffnut grinned before shoving him into the water.

"See you later babe" said Ruffnut standing up and spinning on her heels heading back towards her house, leaving a star struck floating Snotlout gazing after his new girlfriend.

End flashback

"Ruff answer me first! Why won't you talk to me!" he demanded, "You won't train with me, talk with me or look at me! Ever since that day on the docks" Ruffnut glared at him.

"That day never happened!" she yelled.

"Yes it did Ruff! It's like I'm a complete stranger to you now!" he yelled.

Ruffnut shoved him almost knocking him over before banging her fists on his chest "Just let me go! I hate you I hate you!" She screamed.

"Ruff stop! I can't keep living day in and day out Ruff with you ignoring me!"

"Why not! What does it matter that I never talk to you again!"

Snotlout looked at Ruffnut with a hurt look on his face, he let go of her and looked away. Ruffnut looked at him her eyes still glistening in tears, "I've already made it clear…. I love you" he said. Ruffnut stared at him in shock. "So stop making me out to look like the bad guy because you're the one hurting me Ruff!" he yelled.

Ruffnut glared at him and then slapped him as hard as she could, "You loud mouthed little cockroach! How dare you say that to me after what you did!" she snarled.

Snotlout put a hunt to his cheek and looked at her, "I haven't done anything!" he yelled.

Ruffnut let the tears flow again, "You idiot! Does this ring any bells?" Ruffnut put on a bad version of Tuffnut's and Snotlout's voices. "Hey Snotlface who do you think is the ugliest girl in the village?" Snotlout froze. Ruffnut continued, "Eh that's easy Ruffnut! Duh!" Ruffnut stopped breathing heavily as she looked at Snotlout her eyes puffy from crying.

"Ruff, babe it's not what you think!" said Snotlout starting to sound despite.

"DON'T CALL ME BABE!' Screamed Ruffnut in complete anger.

Everything was quiet. Ruffnut turned and hugged herself, "Just stay away from me Snotlout. Whatever we thought was there obviously isn't. It was a stupid mistake that's all" she said as she started to walk away.

Snotlout stared after her, his heart broken in two. "Ruffnut…." He whispered as he watched her disappear into her house. She was gone.

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