Chapter 1

"I'm pregnant."


"Mum please say something, please I'm so sorry." Hermione pleaded.


Hermione cringed, she was never ever yelled at; she was a good girl… maybe not at her school, Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but she was. Well… maybe not when she reversed her memory charm on her mum and dad.

"Mum I don't know what happened, but I'm going to get rid of it okay!" she said matter-of-factly. There was a deafening silence; it hurt her so much to stomp all over her dear mother's heart.

"Oh no you are not young lady, you can't blame something so innocent and small for your mistake, you are going to be a mother… and look I'm not going to disown you, I'm sure it was an accident especially with you being such a responsible girl. Look, you only start that school back up next year, September. It is still early in January. You will be a good mother, you will make mistakes but I did when I was a mother. It's just all about prioritizing. And you my sweet are not a quitter."

Hermione was crying, she was really serious about getting rid of it, but her mother was right. A small innocent baby is not to blame… that sick pervert is.

Hermione and her mother sat in the kitchen all morning, and devised a plan of everything, and it almost went smoothly when he showed up.

"Good afternoon young ladies, have you been here all morning?" he went to miss my mother sweetly and ruffled her hair and kissed her cheek, she cringed… wanting his spit nowhere near her person.

"Well we've actually got something to tell you." He looked curious and sat down. Hermione really wished he wouldn't need to be told, she will be paying for it. Because it's never his fault, NOOOO it's hers, he shouldn't buy any protection, it's all on her.

"Hermione is pregnant."

Hermione and her mother could feel the intensity flow out of Drew, her mother's boyfriend after her father passed. Just after the war started, Hermione's father Richard had died of a heart attack. It broke Hermione as she was still in war when it happened and she only found out afterwards. Now Drew has been in the picture for 18 months and immediately taken an interest in Hermione and it was disgusting.

She shivered as he glared at her, "How long have you been pregnant?"

"I… I have to go the doctor to check, maybe 4 weeks."

"Well then its early enough to stop then too, I'll make you an appointment this afternoon." She almost felt glad but realized it was nothing to do with her well-being, he just doesn't want to look at the evidence of his sinful ways these past 18 months.

She watched her mother stand up, her eyes had frozen over. "No she will be going for a check-up, she hasn't mentioned who they father is, and so he is obviously not in the picture. She will be taking responsibility and not ending this child's life. That is final."

The whole scene before her was scary, she moved across the room towards the door, ready to get her wand if need be but Drew doesn't know about her magical abilities so she would probably be arrested for attacking… or defending herself against a muggle. Her mother was at his throat demanding why he was being so cold; all he said was that they weren't in that place to raise a child.

She seethed at this, it was not his child; the baby will never know the real truth. "EXCUSE ME!"

That shut them up.

"Mum, I am not a quitter, I… I will keep the baby, but he or she will be going with me to school next September, since I am his or her mother I will do it gladly, it is my responsibility, this does not fall on the two of you."

Hopefully she made herself clear on who won't be raising her child.

"I will make an appointment myself and I will go on my own, mum you are welcome to join me."

She left an absolutely furious Drew in the kitchen while her mother started on dinner.

She sat at her desk in her room; her door locked and was reading about pregnancy in witches. Since she didn't have advice from Madam Pomfrey; she was going to have to read up on it herself.

Basically it is the same as a muggle birth although through the use of magic, the age and sex can be determined after a day.

She breathed in a sigh of relief. Holy fuck I'm pregnant. A small baby inside of me, a whole other person to take care of beside myself… OH no what about Ronald, oh he will hate me. He said he loved me after the war… like really truly in love. I love him too. He won't accept this! He'll want an explanation!

She started hyperventilating and quickly rushed for her inhaler.

She was pregnant with her mother's boyfriend and she had no idea how to handle this.

The next morning she pulled her mum into her room and told her she didn't need to go to a doctor that she could do it herself.

"Won't that hurt the baby?"

"No, I'm very good at spells. Where is Drew?"

"He's at work; he said he'll be home much later." Hermione shuddered to think what would happen then.

"Okay well, do it, I want to see how far a long you are… can you tell if it's a boy or girl."

"Yes, but you can't say anything until a few months in."

She nodded and hurried her 18 year old daughter along. The wand movement was precise and the incantation was spot on. She knew she was pregnant so she is just worried something may have happened to the baby during other times… during the long nights Drew came home drunk.

"Well what does that purple low mean?"

Hermione looked back at her book and said "I am in my first trimester, about 8 weeks along…"

"Oh well I hope you haven't been drinking or smoking or any of that?"

She had to smile. "No mum, I'm not a drinker neither am I a smoker. I am however stupid and ashamed, what would daddy think?" She fell on to the bed and burst into tears.

After a while of cooing… and shushing her mother brought her back to reality.

"Honey, he would be happy that you are taking responsibility, and he would be proud that you are at least worried. But sweetie, I am here, maybe Drew, but I will be here every step of the way, even if I might be a bit young to be a grandmother." She smiled and they both fell into a comfortable silence. "Did you see if it's a boy or girl?"

Hermione looked at her mother who had a smile upon her face and a twinkle in her eye.

"It's a girl."

"Oh precious! I can't wait! Okay so I will only tell people after a few months, and shouldn't you be telling your friends from school?"

Her smile fell from her face instantly.

"OH GOD! Mum what about Ron, it isn't his! I… can't talk about it… but oh no mum…"

"Hush now, you are a mother to a baby girl, if he was your friend he would support you. Okay we won't tell any of them, but maybe wait till school, I mean if you're taking her with you, they will find out eventually."

She could only nod.