Chapter 19


She was incredibly nervous to go into the hall, she felt self-conscious because she felt it in her gut that Tracy had said something… and now she'll be the fool that took back someone who cheated. Draco hadn't said anything, but every time she would look at him, he would look at her with longing.

No, she has to think

They walked into hall and it was stunning, white Christmas trees at each corner, mistle-toes everywhere, she subtly glanced up and breathed a sigh of relief when there was none under them. The colour scheme was white, red and green. There was a long table against the wall which had all types of food and drink. A few small tables were scattered about as well.

All most everyone was there, dancing to the Weird Sisters, Hermione walked forward and pulled her arm from Draco who tightened his. She looked at him and shook her head. She looked around and saw Harry standing by the food table, she was starving. She didn't even care that Ronald was there, she pressed forward and smiled at Harry who looked quite dashing, she saw that it was a suit from his father's collection. "Harry you look dashing."

"Hermione, wow you look beautiful." she hugged him as he handed her some punch. "There are some red velvet cupcakes; I know those are your favorites."

Hermione smiled and placed some on her plate, she placed a small bun and lamb onto her plate and walked to a nearby table. She thought to herself that she was always that person who wanted someone to sit with her, but these days; after being alone for so long, she didn't mind being on her own. It was lonely however.

She looked to the side and found Ginny staring at her while talking to Harry who looked exasperated. She felt bad but she tried not to feel guilty. It was her fault after all for not being forth coming.

She heard McGonagall on loud speaker saying that the Head Boy and Head Girl must step forward and dance, so she pushed her plate away and was startled when Draco was right there, his hand out to her. She smiled slightly and held his hand as he led her to the middle of the dance floor. The music started once again and Hermione felt awkward in the limelight, being watched by everybody and glared at by many too. Draco gripped her tightly and pulled her closer, she tried keeping her distance but the smell of him and the feel of him, it was overwhelming her.

She was responding to his touches that she didn't even hear what song was playing, her smile widened as she heard a muggle song from her favourite children's movie; the Lion King. Can you feel the love tonight?

She glanced up at Draco and found his eyes on her entirely, and she really wanted to kiss him but all she could remember was him telling her that, that slag Tracy had her mouth on him, her tongue was probably in that mouth.

She wasn't giving up on him but he had hurt her tremendously. As soon as the song was over, she stepped back and turned around only to find Blaise standing there, his hand extended to hers. She smiled and took it.

"So princess, how are you?"

He whispered in her ear as he took her across the room in a fast waltz, hardly keeping up on her part.

"I'm fine."

"Hmmm sure you are, but I'm sure Draco's feeling much worse."

She wanted to stop him and tell him that she was hurt worse, she was betrayed.

"He's never cheated on you, never even looked at another since he started becoming friends with you and then he was in a relationship with you… for Draco that's something difficult to achieve, but he was so happy with you."

"I never said I was breaking up with him Blaise, I'm just confused right now and… embarrassed."

"Why are you embarrassed, Draco is the one that gets heat for this… some in Slytherin cheer him on and talk shite about you, and all he can do now is walk away because he doesn't know if you'd want him to defend you?"

She didn't know this, it had only been a few days and she had not seen any of this going on. "It's usually in the common room; he's slept there for the past few days because he can't live with you if you won't let him near you or Elle."

The song ended leaving Hermione standing alone on the dance floor. As she turned to leave the hall, Ginny stood there, her hands wringing in front of her.

"Hermione, you look nice."

"Thank you, so do you." she moved aside and walked to the table with the drinks and poured her a non-alcoholic beverage.

"Can we be friends again?"

"Ron told me that George sent you a letter saying he wants nothing to do with you, so if you want to be my friend, deal with the consequences of your actions Ginny."

She watched her ex-best friend huff and clench her hands, she wasn't afraid of her, she never was. "But I hardly did anything, I may have hit you but that was just anger and I do feel horrible."

"No you don't, you never felt bad, you are just apologizing for the same reason Ron did, to get out of trouble. I refuse to be blamed for your actions."

She wanted to carry on saying that she would give them a chance one day but Ginny's drink had drenched her, head to toe. She grimaced feeling the sticky liquid between her breasts and between her fingers. "Grow up Ginny." She spoke calmly, devoid of any emotion. Sighing she carefully placed her drink on the table.

She looked around and saw that the music stopped. She cleared her throat and with her head held high, she lifted her dress slightly and walked out of the hall, ignoring the laughing that went around her.

She didn't cry, until she got to the bathroom around the corner. She closed the door and started pulled her dress off, she had to soak it. She took a cloth and started wiping her face.


Her breathing became loud until she saw that it was Draco, standing by the shut door, she forgot that she was in her underwear. Muttering a spell her knickers became visible. But that still didn't stop her humiliation. Why was Ginny being like this?

"Are you alright?"

"No! Why in merlin would you ask such a stupid question Draco, I am currently the laughing stock of the entire school! I am in the limelight again! You! Get out! Can't you see I'm not dressed for fucking company… definitely not yours!" she snapped, still staring at the mirror. But Draco didn't move, he locked the door and just stared at her. His face was brightened by the dim light above her, his expression was hard and void of emotion.

She pressed the wet cloth to her sticky arms, trying to ignore Draco's presence but it was particularly hard when she could feel him behind her. "Let me help." He smelled divine


She couldn't stop the weakness in her voice, the choked sob of her anger and embarrassment coming through.

He didn't listen to her, he took the cloth from her, wringed out the water and carried on where she left off, slowly rubbing her chest clear of the sticky liquid, she stifled a moan as he massaged her hip.

"Why are you doing this to me Draco, why can't you leave me alone to think?"

"Because I promised myself that you will never be alone, and that I would never hurt you, I want to at least keep one promise."

His voice was soft and husky; she could feel the beginning of an erection against her bum. She could faintly hear knocking on the door but she couldn't bring herself to say anything.

"Please forgive me Hermione." Her eyes opened widely when she felt his lips against her neck, his hand on her hip holding her against his hardness. "I'm only ever hard for you."

She shook her head and pushed away from the sink and away from him. She pulled her soaked dress from the sink and magically dried it, she dried her hair but it became frizzy once again. She quickly threw the dress on.

"A girl was sitting on your lap last night, making you touch her; I'm smart enough to know that she wasn't making you think of me, because I've never done that with you. She made you excited at the prospect of finally getting some, and Pansy must have come in and you stopped."

"No- I stopped when she mentioned you, I stopped it and pushed her away, and that's when I found Pansy staring at us, I'm sorry Hermione, what do you want me to do, and I will do it."

She moved towards the window trying to catch her breath and slow her beating heart. "Look, I'm also smart enough to know that men get those reactions when something like that happens, but… I don't mean to say that you're a wretched person, I just… you're mine, I love you… and hearing that and imagining it… it just makes me sad that I'm only to give you some bloody fore-play and that's it." her arms at her sides showing her exasperation.

She thought about it a lot and she and Draco were hardly active on the physical front, he… deserves a fucking medal.

She felt his arms wrap around her, holding her tightly, his lips by her ear. "You are mine, I'm yours. I love you… please know that and I only want you… and like I stated before, only when you're ready than I'm yours whenever you want. I am stupid for letting it get that far and I'm sorry." his lips came crashing down on hers, momentarily catching her off balance; it felt wonderful to have his lips on hers. His tongue stroked her lips and she opened her mouth and let him melt her bones. She almost wished that she wasn't in her dress at that moment.

"Dance with me?"

She nodded, and he pulled her from the lavatory and towards the sound of the music, she ignored all the sniggers that was surely still from the drink incident, she even had Davis glare at her but all she could do was smile smugly, she got him, he was hers. Draco spun her out and brought her flush against him; she sighed and placed her head on his chest, breathing in his familiar smell. Hmm, he smelled delicious.

She glanced up and saw a mistle-toe hanging above them, Draco was just staring at her and she laughed which caused him to blush slightly. "Am I going to kiss my self here." he snorted, twisted her around that she was dangling over his bent leg and his lips were on hers once again. She giggled as he pulled her up again.

They were interrupted by Harry who looked ready to kill. "Hermione, could I speak with you please."

She nodded and followed him outside the hall; Draco had met up with his Slytherin friends at the drink table.

"What is it Harry?"

"I- I've broken up with Gin, she- when she did that to you, I lost it, she came over looking so smug as if she was a courageous being who defeated a traitor. And even after the cat was out of the bag, they've still treated you like shite. I can't anymore."

Hermione placed her hands on his shoulder, he looked like he was about to cry. "Harry- do you still love her?"

"With all my heart, before school started I picked out a ring, I was planning to propose after we finish school and have her live with me at Grimlaud place or even buy a new one… but…"

"Then don't break it off, she is angry with me, not at you. I never wished this Harry. She and I will hash it out one day… I'll go speak to her quickly." she left him standing against the wall; she picked up her dress and walked with a mission towards Ginny who was venting to Ronald who looked angry. She got there and tapped Ginny on the shoulder. She turned and her eyes widened. Hermione heard what she just called her… a Slytherin Slag.

She waved her wand and cast a silencing charm around them so no one could hear them; Ron was left out looking lost and angrier than before.

"Just to make it crystal clear, I haven't shagged any of the Slytherins, Draco and I have only been as far as I am comfortable considering my 17 months of hell. I came over here to tell you to stop acting like a snobby little bitch and apologize to Harry, he is not the one at fault; you and I have the issue here."

"How can I side with him when he's always on your side?"

"Because I have not gone Voldemort on you three Gin, all I did was get pregnant and have a child without telling you because I thought you all would hate me, because I was supposed to be with Ron. I've moved on, I'm in love with Draco and he loves me. I know you love Harry and all he is doing is trying to keep all his friendships intact, considering we lost so many fucking amazing people in the war, he deserves some fucking peace and quiet. I will never stop being friends with him; don't think you will get in the way of our friendship. He's my family. Now go over there and fucking apologize, he wants to be with you merlin sake!"

"You could have told me Hermione, I- I would have understood."

"Yes, I realize me waiting to spring it on all of you was not the best idea, and I am sorry about that but please give me the benefit of the doubt, I was not right in the head. All I was back then was a broken, girl with a baby in her arms, more terrified than I was in the war. But now I am happy again and I don't wish to jump off a very high building. I am a mother now. I'm done with this childish nonsense. Have a good night." She walked back to Harry who was still leaning against the wall with Ron who was yelling at him for breaking his sister's heart.

"Excuse me for not wanting to deal with childish, nonsense. I've grown up!"

"You broke her heart!"

"NO! She broke mine."

"Why because she was mean to Hermione, you know as well as I do that Hermione deserves at least some reprimanding for how she acted, how she didn't write, floo or visit, thinking she couldn't trust her family."

Hermione was on the other side of the open door, her heart broke. She really wished she had a time-turner.

She heard a smack and flustered whispering. "Do you think Ginny would have told us anything if that happened to her? Haven't you heard that people who suffer from that feel dirty and ashamed and lost! Yes I was angry, but now all I can do is be her family again. You've already given her punishment the first time you bashed her head against the fucking window. She doesn't deserve your hatred."

She decided to make her presence known and cleared her throat, she saw Ron holding his jaw and Harry with his fists clenching.

"Um… Harry, I've spoken to Ginny, she seems to get the point now. I hope you take her back, she really loves you."

She glanced at Ron but he was looking at the ground with a pained look upon his face.

"Have a good night Harry, Ron." Then she left. She decided to go back to the dorm; she wasn't in the mood to celebrate anything.

She yanked off her shoes that hurt her feet terribly and sat down heavily on the sofa warming herself with the fire, the walk left her frozen and she forgot to bring a cloak.

She was sitting in front of the fire with Elle who was sleeping in her arms after she relieved Sara. The door opened and she saw Draco stepping in and closing it behind him.



"I was looking for another dance but Potter said you left."

"Yes, I just didn't feel like staying long and besides my feet were hurting terribly."

"I saw you talk to the Weaslette again? Reconciling?"

"No, I may have shunned them for those months when I was home and didn't tell them about Elle but- I never touched my friends in a violent manner… ever and I can't just sweep it under the rug like it never happened, despite all the drama, I have a good crowd of friends and an amazing boyfriend. I'm happy." she watched his serious face break out into a smile and he made his way over to the sofa and gently sat down as not to disturb Elle. She handed the baby over, and she felt guilty for not allowing her near him while she was thinking. She could see the happiness in his face as he held her against his chest, his index finger held tightly by her tiny hand.

"I love you Hermione, and I love Elle, I promise I'll never hurt you again." He pulled her into his side and kissed her temple.

"I love you too."

Hermione woke in bed, green silk sheets wrapped around her; she wiped her eyes trying to figure out how she got there. It was 9 in the morning, where was Draco? She turned to find him sitting back against the head board with a smiling Elle in his arms, already dressed. "Morning."

He smiled and leaned over to kiss her. "Morning miss sleepy; Looks like both of you were late sleepers, I only just woke up myself and Elle had also.

"Wow, did she wake during the night at all?"

"Nope, not at all."

"That's good, she's been sleeping through the night since she turned 3 months but when she doesn't it's a nightmare." Hermione sat up. She started unbuttoning her top, hardly thinking of what she was doing when she heard a sharp intake of breath coming from Draco. Her brain caught up to her actions and her fingers froze, luckily she was still sluggish so she didn't have her breast exposed but it was still very embarrassing.

She didn't even want to look at him, her cheeks were burning.

He cleared his throat and placed Elle on the bed and left the room, still in his bed she felt awkward feeding her, before she decided to leave the room to feed her in hers. He popped his head in from the bathroom door looking at the ground as he told her that she shouldn't move. She sighed and cleared her dry throat, she pulled Elle onto her stomach and felt terribly awkward doing it in his room so she accio-ed a small blanket and placed it over Elle to give her some privacy and to keep Hermione's modesty, she wanted to hit herself for being so dim witted. She peeked outside and saw Draco in the kitchen making tea so she walked towards the kitchen and felt her dry throat becoming drier, she was so embarrassed.

"Oh hey."

"Hey, um_"

"Don't- it's fine, not a big deal." She could only nod; his cheeks pink as well. She smiled and kissed them.

"I do believe I see you blushing; Draco Malfoy blushing?" she winked at him when he looked at her, his cheeks going redder.

"Shut up, I am not blushing, Malfoy's don't blush, I- it's warm in here."


She sat at the table, and waited for Draco to join her, she had placed Elle on her other breast because she still looked hungry, she felt eyes on her and smirked knowing Draco was blatantly staring and she felt too bad to bring it up.

As Hermione was packing her trunk to leave that afternoon, Draco sneaked up behind her and she yelped and jumped only to be stopped by Draco's arms around her waist, he was only wearing his vest and trousers and she didn't realize how big his arms were. They were so strong and it felt really good to have them around her. Her back flush against his chest, his lips were on her neck. Nipping and biting at her neck. She knew he was probably turned on from this morning. "You look beautiful." smiling she turned in his arms and pushed him back until he fell over on the bed, he yanked her arm and she fell on top of him. It was really one of those romantic scenes you would watch in a movie. It was glorious to have it happen to you.

His hand held the back of her neck as his thumb caressed her face; from her jaw to her lips, pulling them open. She did something that shocked even her when she sucked it into her mouth. She smiled when he growled, grabbing her hip and pushing up against her heat, merlin she was so turned on, she was certain that he could feel her wetness. But she kept sucking as he grinded up against her. She never thought an act like this would be so erotic but she guessed that all men imagined it happening elsewhere. Soon they were gyrating against one another just like they had done in that abandoned classroom. She felt Draco's warm hands on the back of her knees, caressing them softly.

"We have to pack Draco- Oh… merlin." His hard member not letting up on its assault on her now very wet heat; she moved her hands over his smooth, hard muscled arms only to be stopped when her hand was on his left forearm and then quickly tugged away. She thought Draco would carry on, but she was disappointed when he easily lifted her off of him and he jumped up. "Yes we should pack." She wanted to call to him but he had already closed the door behind him.

So she packed.

He didn't come in and she found him waiting for her in the common room, she magiked her and Elle's bags small and placed them securely in her robe's pocket, she wrapped Elle in two blankets and a red and gold beanie. She was very embarrassed about what happened earlier; he looked to be too, his cheeks were red and his eyes were distant. What did I do?

She made her way to the door he held open for her, still not saying anything.


He was really turned on when she sucked his thumb, imagining those lips around his rock hard cock. Her hot fingers moving up his body and a very uncomfortable thrill went through his spine when she held onto his forearms; her eyes were closed as she rocked against him. All he could think about was her delicate, innocent hand gripping his arm tightly, not even noticing what marred his skin; he could see the snake coiling under his skin. Yes the evil monster is dead but this happened every time her hand would be in contact with it, it terrified him.

Not even his horniness could help him forget the evil eyes staring at Hermione; all he wanted was a shower to at least rid him of this dirty feeling.

He felt really bad leaving her like that, he knows from what Pansy had told him… that leaving a girl like that means trouble.

He couldn't look at her with that on his arm; it only stopped coiling once she wasn't touching his arm anymore.

He left the common room completely forgetting to shower; his head was all messed up.

"How can this still be happening, he's dead."

"She isn't a pure-blood Draco, that's why. I'm not saying break it off or whatever but that will keep happening, until it's faded completely ad that I'm afraid will be a long time. The magic is too strong. It won't move if you have it covered however so I suggest you stop whining and do that."

Draco glared at his dead step-father who had a portrait in the basement close to his classroom; it was his way to make sure the Slytherins house wasn't causing anarchy. His main portrait was in the Headmistress's office though, it was definitely bizarre watching two Snape's converse.

All he could do was nod and wander back to his room, he needed to finish packing.

He was waiting nervously in the common room for Hermione and Elle, he knew he fucked up but merlin he felt weird staying there ad continuing when he felt like that, what he used to be; a cold, senseless fuck wished Hermione dead one point in his life.

She looked really beautiful; she wore one of his white buttons up shirts with black leggings, and black leather boots. She quickly pulled her robe over her body, covering it from his view.

It was a silent walk towards the entrance, he was walking besides her trying to figure out what to say until she moved and stopped in front of him.

"Why did you do what you did?"


"Don't lie either, did I do something wrong?"

"No, merlin- you were doing everything right. I- it's hard to explain."

She looked at him as if daring to leave the conversation until later. "I am pretty smart so try me."

"You touched my mark,"

Her eyes widened then narrowed. "I've touched it before."

"No, no you haven't. You touched it now and it felt off, I felt it move."

"But – it's… Voldemort is dead."

"The magic isn't though, I just spoke to Snape and he said because the mark is only meant for pure-bloods, it reacts negatively to muggle-borns."

"Are you seriously bringing up my heritage again?!"

"Yes I am, I don't care if you were a werewolf Hermione, it's just fact, that my mark will react if you touch it, and it felt wrong to keep doing what we were doing!" he lowered his voice when he realized a few people graced the halls.

"So you don't want to do what we were doing again?"

He felt so sad looking at her face, her lips pouting… "Merlin no, no one can't stop us from doing that again, I just have to cover it."

He cupped her face and kissed her gently, wiping away the stray tears from her eyes. "No one will stop us alright. I love you and you love me and I will try and find a solution to this."

"Alright, but next time talk to me, don't bloody leave me like that."

He smiled slightly, and kissed her ear. "Like what? Were you wet for me?" he smirked when he felt her shiver. He looked back to her face and found it giving him the answer. Yes, yes she was.

He kissed her cheek and grabbed her hand.

They made their way to one of the open carriages that would lead them to the train. When they got there it was so full, they reluctantly joined the Weasley brats and Potter who looked just as awkward. Hermione's hand was gripping his tightly while he had Elle on his lap. He was not going to have a repeat performance of last time with Weasley and Hermione in the train compartment.

"Hermione what are you doing this holiday?"

"Well my mum wants to spend it at the house, we are re-doing a few things and then Elle and I are joining Draco and his family in Cyprus."

Draco grinned; she didn't tell him that she was joining him. He would tell his mother right away; so that she can have the elves prepare the cottage.

"What are you doing Harry?"

"I'm going also re-doing the house and surprisingly enough, if you can believe it, the Dursleys' sent me a letter asking if I could join them for Christmas day."

"What do you think they want?"

"I don't know, we left sort of on good terms, Dudley said thank you and Aunt Petunia had told me sorry for my mother's loss and all that."

"That's wonderful; maybe you can salvage something from them."

Draco felt very uncomfortable being there. He didn't do this, friendly chatter, he enjoyed hexing and threatening his friends, they did the same. He even saw Pansy run past the door giggling like an absolute child as Theo chased her down.

"Draco, do you want to go join Pans and the others?"

"Will you be coming?"

"I think I'll stay and chat with Harry."

Draco didn't want to leave her but maybe his company wasn't making things easier.

He kissed Elle, not wanting to leave her either. "You can take her if you want."

He smiled and grabbed a bottle and made his way through the train towards the Slytherin compartment, placing a protection charm around her.

He walked in to find chaos. He swept the room and found Blaise sitting and chatting to Astoria Greengrass, Davis was sitting next to her and leered at Draco, he glared back at her.

Fucking bint, causing fucking problems

He made his way towards Blaise and sat on the one chair that was furthest away from the bint.

"Hey Draco, thought you'd be with your wife?"

Draco sneered at the whore. Merlin how he ever fucked her was beyond him. "Behave Davis or leave."

"I'm not the one who is getting comfortable with a Gryiffindor mud-blood."

Draco didn't look as threatening especially when he had Elle in his arms but he didn't have to because Pansy had just come in and had her wand at the bint's throat.

"Say that again and I will burn all your hair off. So will you stop being jealous, we all know you've hated Hermione, even more than me. You hate her because she's everything you wish to be."

"Oh really, I don't want to have dirty blood, or a child on my hip, or that merlin awful hair!"

Draco sat down and moved Elle over to an awaiting Blaise; Daphne was even playing with her.

"Yes you may not want that, but you wish you had her courage, her bravery, her beauty. You should also give her some respect, she saved your life along with the rest of ours, so stop being bitter."

"No she did NOT!"

"Oh really, weren't you the one sobbing about how your family was all terrified having Voldemort rise again, you wished he never existed, or should I bring out truth serum and confirm it, we all wished that and Granger, Potter and that Weasel all saved us from being lap dogs, so shut up. Merlin you're pathetic."

Draco smirked at a flustered Pansy who plopped next to him, a tight fit but he allowed it. "Was I like that?"

"Yes, but you were worse, you wanted me."

"Well, merlin I do apologize, does Hermione know you're corrupting her daughter." She pointed to Blaise and Draco lunged at him before he could give her a taste of what was in his flask.

"Really Zabini, are you trying to get me killed?"

"What it's just pumpkin juice."

"Sure, and I'm really not a pure-blood, merlin, Hermione will kill you."


Draco turned towards the voice; it was Hermione by the door. Draco eased up when he saw the love of his life.

"Oh Hermione, coming to join the snakes, we have corrupted you!" Theo screamed out pulling her in deeper. Draco smirked at her red cheeks.

"Why would I kill Blaise?"

"He was trying to feed your daughter Fire-whiskey."

"Oh… don't do that Blaise; I wouldn't want her turning out like you do I?"

Draco pulled her over to him and placed her on his knee and kissed her. He never thought that he would have Hermione Granger on his knee in the Slytherin compartment.

Hermione was holding his hand as he rubbed up and down her back. "Why is the mud-blood in our compartment?" Draco turned quickly and saw one of the younger years splutter. He lifted Hermione and turned her around and placed her on his seat, he moved quickly towards the 5th year, he grabbed him by the collar. Draco saw red; the little 5th year almost wet himself. "You will say sorry right this instant, or I will throw you out this window."

"This window isn't open you twat!"

Draco smirked; he pulled out his wand and made it disappear. "How about now, is it open…? I can't tell?"

"I'm sorry."

"Not to me you fucking twit,"

He pulled the boy towards Hermione; she was still sitting in the chair. "Sorry."

Draco knew this was taking it too far, but every time he heard that word he was reminded of how he was. It was silent until Theo made an obscene gesture at the 5th year and people started laughing. Hermione moved over and Draco moved over to her and placed her in his lap again while she cooed at Elle.

"That was really not needed." She whispered in his ear.

"Yes it was."

She smiled and kissed his cheek.

After that the train ride went rather smoothly, most people glared from a distance not wanting to be near Draco after his display of protectiveness.

All he did was hold her closer, fuck everyone else.

Draco was irritated that he had to leave Hermione at the station, she was going to apparate back home, he gave her a very long, kiss that left him needing more. That was not a good idea. He pecked Elle's cheek and waited for her to apparate. He greeted his friends and apparate home.

He was greeted by his house elf.

An empty house.


He was really missing Hermione and Elle right now.

Giving his trunk to his house elf he made his way towards his father's office. He saw a few house elves working around the house. They greeted him with deep bows. He felt nervous at the front of his father's office.

He knocked and heard a stern, clipped 'come in' and walked in. he crossed his arms behind his back and waited. He was taught very early on that he had to speak when spoken to, merlin he remembered the beatings he got when he spoke out of place.

"How was your term?"

"It was fine."

"Beat that mud-blood yet?" Draco grit his teeth as he watched his father smirk as he dipped his quill in ink once more.


"Then why are you here?"

"Where is mother?"

"She is shopping in Malan for this coming trip, I was told that we will be having company, I really do hope that twit will not be joining us."

"She will be."

"Oh, I'm sure she'll want to leave quite quickly."

"Why will that be?"

Draco hated his father; he wasn't even sure how he was able to ask for permission to leave this manor on house arrest.

"I've invited a few family friends along; you remember the Davis's and the Greengrass girls?"

Draco's head was spinning, merlin.

"Does mother know?"

"Of course I had told her that your twit will get along as she is so… influenced by the Slytherins. Tell me I do hope it won't be too awkward, I'm sure Hermione won't mind being in the company of your previous bed buddies."

"I will not go with you if you bring them."

"You will. There is no discussion."

"Then pray tell why we are discussing it then?" he managed through gritted teeth, he lost his temper and quickly stepped back and stared at the ground. Fuck.

He saw the cane swing in his peripheral vision, SMACK hitting him just on his cheek bone, well aimed; practiced over many years. His father didn't even have to stand anymore.

"I want no attitude from you do you understand."

"Yes sir."

"Go down to the den and await your punishment."

He nodded and left. The pain in his cheek throbbing, he was sure it was broken. He hated the den, every time anything was mentioned about the den he knew his body would be broken soon. He was just happy that it wasn't in the dungeon or Aunt Bellatrix was alive to join.

He waited by the wall, the room dark with all the colours. The sofa looked very comfortable but he wasn't allowed to touch.

"You surprise me Draco, your… cowardliness vanished… not at all impressed. You must always respect your elders. Turn."

Draco breathed in deeply, as he turned to look at the near black wall he could hear what was being done behind him. His father had gotten out the chest. The chest contained all his torture toys. He stared up at the ceiling biting his lip.

"Your shirt off if you will."

He shivered as he divested of his sweater and shirt quickly, he was freezing, it felt like icicles scraping against his skin.

"What have you done with your back? I told you to wear those scars proudly." Draco held back his snort, no his father never told him that, he believes scars hinder a Malfoy, make him look nothing like a Malfoy.

"Concealment charm father, I am on the Quiddich team and if they see it, you will go to prison."

"Well I'm sure it wasn't really for my benefit. It is probably to hide away from the mud-blood whore when you would fuck her. Tell me I heard from your mother that she has a mud-blood baby too? How whorish of her, the gal of that monstrosity to even show her face.

Draco clenched his fist in front him. He has never been able to stand up to his father. He thanked merlin that his father had his wand confiscated though, at least he wouldn't have to endure the cruciatus.

The first SWISH then SMACK caught him off guard, he leaned against the wall, he braced with his hands as the whip met his skin quickly and painfully. He could feel the heat of the whip smack his flesh; he could feel his skin peel off in thick pieces. A warm liquid flowed down his back, but he knew this was just his father's warm-up.

"You will not play house with a mud-blood whore! You will not marry her! Or have a child with her! I forbid it! You're mother just wants us all to be one big happy fucking family, that will never be! You destroyed this family Draco! You failed me and your mother and you must now suffer the consequences, you don't deserve happiness! If all of merlin could help me now I would wish for Bella to rise from the grave and teach you a fucking lesson."

Draco shuddered to think what that witch would do, his tongue as well as his lip were bleeding from him trying to hold on to something else. He couldn't have Hermione and Elle join this Christmas, his father will eat them alive.

What felt like hours passed by, he was losing consciousness, too much blood. He was told to turn around he did so and was roughly shoved against the wall, he cried out at the pain in his back. He couldn't see the oncoming fists from his father pounding down on him. "You were my only regret in this life."

Draco seethed; his eyes in slits as he watched his father's shift to one of disgust, with all his might. He shoved his father back and took one swing and wanted to cry in joy as he hit the target.

"I am your biggest regret? You are the biggest mistake that's ever fucking happened to us, I couldn't care if I wasn't even born, and I wish you never met my mother. You are the coward; you wished to bring power to our family by following a fucking nose-less Half-blood." He kept swinging and kicking, blind with all the blood that was dripping into his eyes. "You are the pathetic fuck that is fucking this family into the ground. You are the one without a fucking wand! So fuck you. If you come near me again I will kill you! Don't you dare call Hermione a mud-blood again or I will kill you! I will not have you fuck this up for me do you understand?"

He was pointing his wand at his father who was on the ground, covering his head from the blows. He didn't answer. He huffed as he walked over his father, a boot in his gut as he went.

He slammed the door to the den hard that a few priceless artifacts crashed to the ground, the portraits were all yelling at him for disobeying his father and that he is a disgrace, he silenced them all with a well-placed hex.

"I will burn all of you!" he screamed and they all seemed to think to go somewhere else then. He would do it, he wished all the Malfoy's and Blacks were dead apart from his mother.

Speaking of which, she was standing in the doorway, her hand clutching her chest and her shopping bags strewn all over the ground.

"Draco." She breathed, her eyes watering.

She ran over to him and pulled him tightly to her chest and all he could do was hold her back not saying a word.

"Where is Lucius, why did he do this?"

"Does he need a reason mother, he's always hated me since I could use a wand. He wasn't too happy that Hermione was invited and he tricked you into thinking she was best mates with Astoria, Daphne and Tracy."

"They will not go then."

"No mother, I will not go, I refuse to have father anywhere near Hermione and Elle, even you. If he lifts a finger towards you or me, I will send him to Azkaban."

"He's your father."

"Yes, but that hasn't stopped him from doing this has he?"

He pulled her off of him, his back feeling worse than before, he nodded to her and walked away. He faintly heard her gasp. She must have thought his face was the only beating he received.

She was so blind when it came to her husband.

He apparated to his room and quickly sent Hermione a letter asking if she was home and if he could go over.

Calling his house elf he asked for some ointment. A received a quick response from Hermione saying she was home until the next day when her mum would arrive back from Paris. He pulled on a shirt and apparated to her door. He missed her so much.

He felt terribly woozy, he looked around happy that it was evening and no one was out on their front yards. He knocked quickly.

His face brightened when he saw her, her face first a happy glow and then a horrified expression. "No hug?"

"Oh my lord Draco, what the merlin happened to you?" she pulled him in, he winced as it just ripped his back open again.

"My father isn't pleased."

He was dragged over to the sofa, it was white. "I'm going to mess on the sofa."

"Have you heard of magic you idiot, merlin your back. Can I take your shirt off?"

"Buy me dinner first." He smirked at her face; it was so funny how it contorted.

"Stop being a cad, now take it off so I can heal your back!"

He started pulling at it, breathing heavily as he did so, it hurt so much. He didn't want to be here to ask for help, he wanted to be here without looking like Death had just kicked his arse.

"Why aren't they mending?" she panicked, all he could hear were soft gasps and soft whispers and then nothing at all.

When he came to it was quite dark, he could see a low candle flickering. He opened his eyes wider when he heard whispers next to him, he tried turning but his neck was too stiff.

They were low, and some were male. He groaned. Fuck.

He pulled himself up using his very weak arms and turned to see people conversing in the kitchen, the light streaming in. He could see Hermione, her face was lined with worry, her hands wringing in her lap. Two people stood in front of her talking too low for him to hear. He maneuvered himself off the couch; he grimaced at the sight of it. He searched for his wand; it was laying on a pile of… his clothes. He looked down and found he was bare from the waist up and only in his boxers. His chest was covered with bandages. Grabbing his wand he placed a cleaning charm on the living room, and watched all his blood disappear.

He stretched out as much as he could and walked towards the kitchen. He peered in and saw a few people in the kitchen. Clenching his jaw he saw Potter, the Weasley prick, the Weasley's father and another man in formal dress robes.

They were talking about the manor. He opened the door and saw Hermione stare at him. "Draco… you're awake?"

"Yes, and I see you have company, I'll be on my way."

"Mr. Malfoy, you will not be going anywhere as of yet."

Draco stood up straighter, his hand with his wand behind his back ready for a fight. "I know you aren't forcing me against my will now?"

"Draco please…"

He turned sharply to Hermione who looked much to pale. "I'm going home. Thank you for helping."

"I- I didn't do it, I couldn't do anything and then- Harry called at the worst time and saw me panicked and then rushed right over with Arthur, I didn't have time to move you, you looked dead Draco… I'm sorry."

Draco sighed inwardly, glad that she didn't run off and tell her merry band of halfwits about his home troubles.

He looked back at the people in the kitchen, Ronald fucking Weasel looked ready to kill but he had… pity in his eyes. Fuck no, Draco Malfoy pitied the Weasley's not the other way around! He suddenly felt sick, merlin everyone will know now; everyone will know that Draco Malfoy gets beat up at home. Potter having a fucking horrible life looked at him with even more pity. He groaned and left the room.

"Draco you're bleeding again!"

"Yes, and Hermione, it will stop in about two days, it's fine. I'm going home; I'll owl you later yeah."

"No Draco you aren't, your manor is under observation and your mother has been contained. Draco only heard what they said about his mother. With speed he didn't know he had die to his injuries he had the robed man against the wall, his forearm against his neck, his other hand curled into his dress robes.

"If you have hurt her in anyway, I will kill you with my bare hands. I don't give a flying fuck what happens to my father; leave my mother and the house elves alone. Do you understand?"

She shook off Hermione's hand that pulled at his arm. "Mr. Malfoy, unhand Mr. Shretan, immediately."

Draco glared at the red headed Weasel. "I want to see her, take me to her."

"Unhand him."

"Not until I have your word that my mother is unharmed. I saw what they did to her last time!"

"She is unharmed. And no harm will come to her under my watch."

Draco pressed a little harder into the man's throat before letting go, he hurried to his shirt that was on the table, completely ignoring everyone he pulled on his shirt and apparated away.

He couldn't even think what they were doing to her.