He's Mine And I'll Prove It!

Summary: Draco and Harry are dating. Other guys are such flirts! But Draco has a plan…

Warning(s): Mpreg

Author's Note: I just keep looking through some prompts that I would love to read but sadly, no one takes them. So I just have to write them (even though most of the time I just don't do it any justice).

This was written for dracotops_harry fest 2011. This was the prompt by renleek: Draco, insecure of his relationship with Harry who's glowing with confidence and sensuality plots to get him pregnant so he won't leave him. Jealous!Draco jumping to conclusions, misunderstandings, desperate sex... Happy ending! Mpreg!

Chapter One—Draco's Plan

"Bye Draco!" Harry called out before strutting out of the Ministry cafeteria. Draco was mesmerised for just a teensy moment. Harry was just so…perfect.

Draco sighed.

When did he start acting so Hufflepuff? He was Draco Malfoy, Slytherin Ice Prince and Former Death-Eater (though he wasn't proud of the latter title), for crying out loud! And here he was, waxing soppy poetry about his boyfriend in his brain. Weren't only Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs supposed to do that?

Oh but Harry Potter was always a special case wasn't he? Call the press! The Saviour has melted Draco Malfoy's icy exterior!

Either way, as his boyfriend liked to remind him, House dynamics should not matter anymore since they were out of school.

As you've probably gathered by now, yes, Harry Potter was Draco's boyfriend, and yes, it's perfectly possible, close your mouth. But it's understandable why one might think it was a joke; the Weasleys, Draco's parents and heck, the entire Wizarding World thought so too. However, since they were still together after two long, blissful years, Draco would say they were in a stable, loving relationship. Harry was his. And Draco was Harry's.

Are you convinced yet?

Good. Now if Draco could only convince those thickheaded bastards that keep chasing after his Harry…

Post-war life was not what Draco expected. Though considering the fact that Draco technically never imagined that he would make it out alive—he couldn't even muster enough courage to complete the simple task of killing a disarmed old man—that wasn't really saying much.

Draco could not believe his luck! While most of the families that fought on the Dark side were given a one-way ticket to Azkaban, the entire Malfoy family was left scot-free. Thanks to one testimony from one Harry Potter.

Now, Draco should probably feel resentment at that fact but to be honest, he was too tired of fighting and hateful emotions to care. His pride had taken a beating since the war and Draco didn't believe he could get it back.

Sure he's still got his parents, his family fortune, the Manor and a fascinating job (this information is classified and cannot be disclosed to anybody—he's an Unspeakable. Shhh…) and he wouldforever be grateful to this, don't get him wrong! After all, things could have ended up a lot worse; he could be rotting away in Azkaban if things turned out differently! But the fact remains that Draco's life felt incomplete. No, was incomplete.

But that was until that faithful day he bumped into a harried-looking Harry Potter in the Ministry…

"Ouch! Watch where you're going!" Draco shouted as yet another Ministry lackey knocked into him.

"I'm sorry, so sorry! I'm in a rush. Sorry!"

Huh. It wasn't a random Ministry worker after all. It was Harry Potter. Draco stared as Potter dashed off after the quick apology.

Wow. Had Potter always been that fit?

Potter has certainly changed quite a bit since Hogwarts. Draco had quit reading the useless garbage known as the Daily Prophet long ago but had heard from some of the people at work (eavesdrop more like, as if the other Unspeakables would speak to the likes of him outside business matters) that Potter was an Auror (so expected of the Boy Wonder) though Draco had never seen Potter at the Ministry before today.

Must be too busy out saving the world, Draco thought idly.

Potter had always been quite the runt back at Hogwarts, so scrawny and always looking drowned in his massive clothes. The glasses just sealed the deal back then—Potter used to be a speccy git.

Potter sure filled out since he had returned Draco's wand. Still not very tall (he could barely reach average height, let alone compete with Draco's six feet two), but what used to be skin and bones finally had some muscle on them. Who knew he was hiding such an enticing figure under the baggy clothes? Lean and agile. Just Draco's type. Although, Draco's type usually consisted of one-night stands and short flings, now that he thought about it. Whatever. This time, Draco wanted something lasting.

Draco had been drifting, so lost in his thoughts that he'd almost missed the folder lying inconspicuously on the ground right next to him. On it were the words in bold 'CLASSIFIED INFORMATION', and in tiny chicken-scratch handwriting below it was 'Auror Potter and Auror Weasley'.

Quickly picking it up, Draco cheered inside. He hadn't felt so alive in years! He'd always thought it was his bruised ego but now…Potter… and he'd been conveniently handed the key to fill that empty part of him.

It looked like Draco was paying the Auror Department a little visit.

It was surprisingly easy to get in. Just a flash of his Unspeakable badge and entrance was instantly acquired. Goodness, if the Auror Department was so easily infiltrated, what did that say about the safety of the Wizarding World?

Draco walked briskly down the long hall, trying to locate the one door that belonged to Potter.

Ah. There it was. That innocent-looking wooden door with the gold plated plaque stating, Auror H.J. Potter & R.B. Weasley. Attached to it was a doorway into a new future for Draco, hopefully one with Harry Potter by his side.

Draco kept lifting up a tight fist, preparing himself to knock, before bringing it back down to his side. Why couldn't he just do it already? He attempted to knock a couple more times before he was broken out of his routine by a soft cough. Turning to look for the source of said cough, he realised that, behind him in all his glory, stood Auror Potter.

Potter appeared bemused and a bit concerned. Though the latter emotion was probably due to the unhealthy colour of red that was currently tinging Draco's pale cheeks.

"Uh, hullo Malfoy. May I ask what business you have here?" Potter enquired politely, arching an eyebrow at the folder in Draco's hand. Staring down at Potter, all that was going through Draco's mind was, He's perfect—so beautiful.

Snapping out of his reverie, as the pause grew longer and more awkward, Draco struggled to regain his usual cool composure before shoving the folder into Potter's hands.

"Here," Draco blurted out. "You dropped this when you bumped into me earlier. I was just trying to return it."

Draco wanted to hit himself as Potter stared speechlessly at him. Smooth move Malfoy, smooth. Now how was he going to convince Potter to go out with him?

Thinking up different scenarios in his head, Draco didn't notice when Potter thanked him. Then Potter's face was suddenly a delightful shade of pink. That caught Draco's attention.

"Hello Malfoy? Did you hear me? I'm just going to assume you didn't." There was a hesitant pause. "Would you—um…perhaps—like to grab lunch or something? Not that you have to…it's just a suggestion! But I would like to—uh…well," Potter was babbling. Draco's heart thumped louder in his chest. Did Harry just…

"Did you just ask me out on a date?" Draco questioned aloud. Harry's blush deepened.

"Well…it's not one if you don't want it to be! It's just…it's awfully close to lunch and I'm starving and I wondered if—" Draco interrupted Harry's jabbering by pressing a finger to his lips.

"Of course I'll come you berk," Draco answered with a wide grin, which caused a shy smile to form on Harry's perfect chapped lips.

The rest of it, let us say, was history. They got to know and accept one another, good and bad. They dated. They fought. They made up. And repeat. Just like any other couple (though they did have to get over their schoolboy rivalry from Hogwarts). However, Love was never a straight path. Which brings us back to the story…

Recently, since Harry and Draco's relationship was outted to the press, guys have been flocking around Harry. Draco sneered at the very thought. They better keep their filthy hands off Harry unless they wanted a trip to St. Mungos.

Turns out no one—excepting the Weasleys and Draco of course—had known Harry was gay. Harry had not dated anybody after the mutual parting with Ginny. So when news got out…Harry had gained male admirers atop his female ones.

The press had found out because Harry had wanted the world to know that he was in fact dating Draco Malfoy. He had seen how the public treated Draco and had hoped that once they knew Harry believed Draco had changed then everyone would slowly start trusting Draco. The Weasleys had—though warily—changed their former opinion of Draco after all and had accepted him into their ranks, albeit mostly for Harry's benefit. Also, Harry wanted to be able to go out with Draco like ordinary couples and he secretly wanted to stop receiving marriage proposals from random girls.

Draco had agreed with Harry but now fully regretted his decision. Previously, when only girls fawned over Harry, Draco didn't really care since Harry couldn't find them appealing. But now, as if every single gay bloke had been waiting for a 'to go' signal from Harry, guys were constantly surrounding Harry, practically begging for his attention. Didn't they get that Harry was already dating Draco?

Draco could understand why other guys wanted his Harryhe was perfect after all. Beautiful (Draco supposed handsome would be a more appropriate word choice since Harry was a male but no one could deny Harry's natural beauty), confident, and on his way to becoming Head Auror in the near future, Harry was the complete package. Still, Draco could not stop his jealousy, which always growled in his chest whenever a bloke came close to Harry. Aside from his possessiveness, Draco also felt fear. Harry never looked twice at the females but what if another male managed to steal Harry away from Draco? Wouldn't Harry prefer another guy to Draco, a disgraced Death-eater? Those were some of his unspoken worries. And Harry's constant reminders that he loved Draco and would never leave him didn't sooth his concerns.

Draco needed a way to ensure that Harry would never leave him but how? It's not like Draco could just chase all Harry's admirers away with a stick, no matter how compelling the idea was…

"Oi Malfoy! A new book was just brought in. Destroy it won't you?" Willis Horton, Draco's fellow Unspeakable and boss of this particularly part of the Department of Mysteries, commanded.

Draco nodded, absentmindedly taking the book and plopping it down on his desk. He was still inwardly seething at the image of numerous men blatantly flirting with his boyfriend. His brain was out to torture him for sure as the memory kept on repeating over and over and over again…

Draco groaned. He knew he couldn't blame Harry for the attention he was getting, hell if Draco didn't already have him, he would have been single-mindedly pursuing him. It was only natural when a sensuous man was on the market. The only problem was that Harry wasn't on the market for other men to paw. Some days, Draco didn't know if it was better for Harry to be oblivious to other's attraction to him or not.

The only way now since he couldn't count on the other men leaving Harry alone to be happy with Draco, Draco had to find a way to tie Harry to him.

But how?

Marriage was a solution but was it a permanent one? People who got bonded could always dissolve it… No. What Draco needed was a part of him to always be with Harry.

A baby. A baby could solve all of Draco's problems in a snap. But male pregnancy was rare, and the instructions for the specialised male fertility potion have been lost for centuries—

A loud bang struck Draco out of his reverie and brought his attention to the nondescript book currently sitting on his desk. It was open.

Draco stared at it, confused. He didn't remember opening it.

Well, wouldn't hurt to look.

The Unspeakables had a rotation (except for the unique few who were working on a particular project) which they changed duty every week. However, Draco always seemed to end up in the G.U.A.R.D (Getting Useless Artefacts Reduced to Dust) department, the one job that most Unspeakables hated to do. When other Unspeakables got to remake Time Turners and work to slow Death, Draco was stuck with sorting out the junk Aurors brought in from raids. Draco was fine with it though; he enjoyed skimming through some of the 'Dark' books and learning new spells (most were curses). Draco was never going to use them.

Until now.

The book had opened to a spell that got men pregnant.

How convenient, Draco thought, ignoring the niggling voice at the back of his brain screaming too convenient!

Draco read the information greedily, drinking in the newly found knowledge like a dehydrated man. This was a way, a way to keep Harry by his side. Despite the fact that this spell was found in a Dark book, he didn't find any negative side effects in the information given, which meant Draco had a plan.

Cast the spell on Harry. Get him pregnant. Live happily ever after.

It was as simple as counting to three.