Bob's Burgers

a/n; i think boz burgos is acshutally a gay show so i wrote this story to give it a peace of my mind! and its not funny

like family guy but i don't think it was eva meant to be funny it was just ment to be gay!bob was eating a corn dog or something.

'uh linduh could u turn on the heat im fucking freezing hear." bob said.

he was being a harry douche.

but also cold was he

bob for it was wintder and we was very much cold in the home that was his house and his resteraunt.

"bobby why are you eatding that corny corn dog? is it because it looks like a penis?" linda says. she sounded like a dude

and it was really creepy. like what the fuck bro its like bob is gay or some shit because his swife sound like a dude man


"fuck you bitch!" bob said.

he tried to take his corn dawg out and throw it at linda but she ran away and bob already ate


so he stucked his arm down his throat and felt around for his corny dog dawhg.

it was a hotdog but corn.

'ITS GOTTA E HERE SOMEWHEAH BUT WAHEA?" BOB SAID he felt around inside his stomack and grabbed something but it wasn't his

corn dog it was the korn dog that is his penis and he ripped it off by acksident. "OW! oh well where my corn dog?" bog said. he feel around more inside his stomach and then he realized something bad had

just happpened.

his gut juice was melting his hand!

"ah MY FUCKING SHIT NO" bob said as he thru his arm up. he ripped his arm off too because it hurt so bad.

"oh shit i have no arm or a penis oh wlel time to make burgers." bob said. he throo his arm and penis in the burga grindor

and made burger meat. his burgers were ugly like his fucking face. "ooh boigahz" his fat fuckin son jeen said. him and teena cooked the burgers and they were delicious

"kids im dying" bose said.

"fuck you dad" teena said.

"yeah literally" gane said.

"no not literally" looeez said.

"fuck you" boza said.

Then a cool ass muthafukka came through tha door. it was andy (not the gay kid with the gay twin) and he had a fucking badass machinegun that shot out pistols.

"FUCK YOUR BURGERS" andy layd waste to the place then ate some lays chipz. THE END

Bob's Burgers