Rosalie was just about sick of her family. They were all too happy go lucky. Too kissy and huggy. They acted as if this was the best thing that could have ever happened to them in their lives. Being a vampire that is. There was nothing good about this life in her opinion. They couldn't do anything that was worth living for. They couldn't eat human food. Go out in the sun. Or even have kids, the one thing Rosalie had always wanted from life. Instead she was handed a vampiric life where she had to drink the blood of other living creatures to survive, and avoid anything that made her seem less human. Not only that but she was given a new family.

It wasn't like she disliked her family it was just that they were always there. Always calm and happy. Maybe it was because they all had mates. Maybe it was because she didn't. Maybe she was bitter because of the circumstances that led up to her new life. Whatever it was she needed a break from it. That's why currently she was traveling in the forests of Oregon hopping for a reprieve.

She was running through the trees at a fast pace when she stumbled across a surprising sight in a clearing. There in front of her were two snow leopards relaxing in the shade. One was obviously a young kit and the other was in her opinion a young adult. What was odd to her was the size of these cats. She'd hunted snow leopards before but these guys were huge compared to them. The big one was of a bluish color while the kit was greenish in comparison. They kind of reminded her of the wolves in La Pushe.

The biggest leopard must have sensed her presence and growled at her. Taking a step back she leaped in a tree figuring that this was good a place as any to rest.

"Easy there I'm not going to hurt your baby" she said as she sat down cross legged.

The leopard seemed to look insulted at the comment.

"What is it not yours?" she asked confused.

The leopard nodded it's head in answer surprising Rosalie even more.

"You're pretty smart for a jungle cat"

To that the leopard just huffed.

Rosalie leaned back against the tree and relaxed in the rays of sun that hit her body. Somehow in the presence of these cats she felt more at peace and calm. Her eyes snapped open when she heard a type of whining cry come from below her. She looked down to see the kit trying to play with the older cat. She laughed when the little thing pounced on the older ones head and slowly slid off.

"Why don't you play with the little thing?" she asked laughing as the kit continued to antagonize the older cat. "He must be bored lazing around."

Suddenly the kit looked up at her in the tree and blinked its eyes in wonder. It made to approach the tree when the older was suddenly on its feet growling warningly.

"Hey calm down it's okay" she said standing up, for some reason angry at this older cat for scolding the babe in such a cruel manner.

The older cat glared up at her and then turned to the younger cat. It picked the little thing up by the scruff of its neck and carried it towards her tree. It then proceeded to climb to her branch. When it made it about a foot away for her I made a motion as if telling her to hold the small kit.

"You want me to hold it?"

It grunted what she believed to be a positive answer in response.

"I'm taking that that's a yes" she said an eyebrow lifted.

Again the leopard grunted a positive.

"No" Rosalie said. It wasn't like she didn't want to hold the little thing but she wanted to know what would happen if she were to say no.

At the one word the kits ears lowered to its head, and it whimpered in a pathetic tone. The bigger cat growled angrily at her.

"Fine I'll hold him" she said reaching out for the kit. "He's kinda cute anyways" she said bringing the kit to her face. "Don't pee on me little boy" she said calmly.

The kit growled an adorable and in a few years threating growl at her.

"What are you potty trained?"

The kid looked so sad so she looked to the older one for answers. The oldest seemed to sigh at her before taking the kit back and tilting it so its stomach was visible.

"What do you want me to rub his belly" Rose asked now completely confused.

The older cat growled now annoyed and the baby whined. She took a closer look at the kit and at first saw nothing wrong. That was until she noticed something missing.

"Little girl?" Rose said slowly in wonder.

The older cat seemed happier now and handed the female kit to her to hold. It then turned around and leapt out of the tree and into the forest.

"Hey! Where are you going!" she shouted after it. There was no response which she should have suspected and she sighed. "You better be right back" she murmured.

A rustling came from the bushes where the leopard had disappeared and out stepped a boy with what looked to be dark blue hair. He had on a pair of black jeans a shirt with a Hollister logo, and a light jacket. He looked to be about seventeen to twenty one years old.

"Who the hell are you?" Rosalie asked in surprise unconsciously bringing the baby closer to her.

"I'm the leopard that just handed that kit to you, though my name is Alexander. And the kits name is Isabella." He said calmly.

"Well listen Alexander" she started.

"I don't use my name, everyone calls me Xander and her Bella" he said cutting her off.

"Okay Xander what do you want, and why'd you hand me this kit?" she asked confused.

"Come with me" he said turning away from her. I'll explain when we make it to the pride" he said leading her through the forest via tree.

"You're pretty good at this" Rose said leaping from branch to branch.

"Less talking more jumping" he said

"Yeah, yeah, yeah" Rose growled out in annoyance.


When they arrived at the prides hideout there was a meeting called for the family of the young kit, and the elders of the pride. Six clouded leopards jumped down from the trees with lions, lynxs, pumas, and other large cats.

"What's going on?" Rose asked backing away with the kit in her arms.

"There is to be a meeting. Your presence is mandatory. Hand her to our mother so that she may shift to her human form" Xander explained calmly.

"What do you mean?"

"She's too young to shift on her own so we control the shift" Xander said.

Rosalie nodded in understanding and handed Bella over to who she assumed was her mother. After taking her the group split up in and ran off. She guessed that they needed clothes on. They came back out a minute or two later with three females plus Bella and three males plus Xander her hair a deep shade of green that could easily be mistaken for black.

"So you are her?" one man said walking up to her. He looked at his face and then sniffed the air around her.

"Well Elder Tomas?" one of the younger shifters most likely Bella's siblings asked.

"She chose a good mate" he said grinning.

"She is pretty"

"And blonde"

"She a vampire though"

"It's not that odd for our kind to imprint of vampires, it'd be worse if it was one of those dogs"

"and a beauty like that would drive anyone insane."

"Can she handle Bella, she looks soft"

"Yeah she might be too gentle towards her."

"Excuse me!" Rosalie snapped past annoyed at the hundred and one statements floating around her. "Who the hell are you people and what are you talking about?" she asked coldly. She was starting to become annoyed with these cats as well.

"Oh yes of course it was very rude of us not to introduce ourselves. My name is Mitchell but I go by Mitch I'm Bella's father." Said a young man with a blackish green kind of hair.

"I'm Bella's mother and my name is Katherine but I go by Kathy" she said. Her mother had a blackish red shade of hair.

"I'm Alexandra, Xanders' twin sister and Bella's older sister. I go by Alexa" she said calmly. This cat looked just like Xander except she was female.

"I'm Sampson and I go by Sam. I'm Bella's oldest brother" said a boy with a type of dark orange hair color.

"I'm Harrison triplet to Sampson but I go by Harry. I'm Bella's second older brother." Said a boy with a hair shade close to Sampson but not exact.

"And I'm Skylar the last born triplet to the boys and Bella's older sister. I prefer to be called Sky." She said. Sky also had a hair type like her brothers but hers was closer to blond.

"And we are the elders" said a woman with brown almost black hair. "I am Kyra and these are my fellow elders Tomas, Vexa, and Leon." She said pointing to each. They each had a hair color close to each other.

Rosalie was surprised. Bella had a big family. She seemed to be the only one borne without a sibling with her. It was kind of sad.

"That's nice and all but what are you talking about. Imprinting I mean?" Rose asked.

"Our kind imprints, the same as those dogs. When we look into the eyes of our soul mate we instantly know it's them and want nothing more than to please them and protect them. Bella imprinted on you. It means that she is your soul mate and you are hers." Kathy said calmly.

"Are you trying to tell me that the one I'm destined for is a baby cat shifter" Rosalie asked disbelief in her voice.

"Yes" they all said together.

"No" Rosalie said rolling her eyes. "I don't want her or this" she said turning to walk away when a cry sounded in the air. Bella was crying and she couldn't handle the sound. It was like someone was trying to rip her heart out while at the same time cut it into little pieces.

"Do you see?" the elder Vexa asked in a patient voice as if she were speaking to a child.

"May I?" Rosalie asked reaching out for Bella. Kathy handed baby Bella over and watched Rosalie's face carefully. Baby Bella seemed to purr in Rosalie's arms and Rosalie unconsciously let a soothing growl out.

"Rosalie?" Sky asked.

"How old is she?" Rose asked as Bella cuddled into her.

"three months" Mitchell said proudly. "Daddies smallest angel."

"I want her to grow up. To live a normal life without a mate in the shadows. To be like a normal child." Rosalie explained calmly.

"But she's already mated she can't" Xander protested.

"It'll hurt you both" Harrison protested.

"When she turns sixteen your family is welcome to stay with mine" Rosalie said. "This is what I want"

The elders talked it over with the family before agreeing on a decision.

"We find your choice as harmless and if it's your wish to meet your mate again at the age of sixteen then so be it. All that is required is that you have an item with your scent on it for Bella. Something that won't fade over time." Elder Kyra said calmly.

"I have a hair brush on me. I've been using it for years" Rosalie said handing it over.

"In return something of Bella's will be given to you as well" Elder Leon stated.

Bella's mother handed her what looked to be Bella's hair brush. Rosalie took it gratefully and then looked down at Isabella. She kissed her on her forehead and whispered in her ear. Baby Bella began to cry as Rosalie handed her back to her mother.

"I live in Forks Washington, I'll see you all soon" she said before speeding away. She heard when Baby Bella's tears increased.

'See you soon little mate, grow up strong and kind.'