After that whole Edward episode thing outside the family came inside to settle down and get to know each other more. I took the chance to grab my mate and truly get to know her. I led her up the first flight of stairs and down the hall. This was my room, and when she got comfortable with the idea, her room as well. I ushered her in, making sure to close the door behind me before taking a seat next to her on the bed.

I didn't know what to say and realized that we were stuck in silence. Not the awkward type of silence when you find yourself barging into a room of unfamiliar faces, but the silence that is accompanied with meeting up with someone that you've longed to see for so long. That relieved silence. The silence that was so full of questions that you had no idea where to start off first.

"I…" we both said before she blushed and looked away. It was adorable and I found myself falling even deeper in love with her.

"It's okay you go first" I tell her. She looks at me and nods after a moment. She takes a deep breath as if trying to taste the air before proceeding.

"I-I don't know a lot about you" she starts of lowly and I'm filled with fear. I didn't want her to be uncomfortable or weary of me. I don't know what I'd do if she was. I felt a warm and gentle touch to the back of my hand. I looked down and saw it was her hand, so warm, so soft. "I don't know you but I know you" she said and then scrunched her eyes at how odd that sounded. "What I mean is I don't know you but I've missed you. Even though I don't know you I know you." She tried again and sighed as it still sounded weird.

"I understand" I tell her cupping her cheek in my hand. She was so warm, so soft, and kind. Not only that she was cute as well, innocent even as she blushed brightly when my hand came into contact with her face. I was in awe that this beautiful creature was the small babe I'd met years ago and even more that she was mine. "I know exactly what you mean" I tell her nodding my head. "I don't know you but it feels like I've known you for hundreds of years" I tell her.

"Just promise that you aren't already sick of me"

It would seem that my mate has a sense of humor as well.

"I'll never tire of you, or your presence." I tell her. She smiles and her eyes light up with the rest of her face.

"Tell me about yourself?" she asked.

"What do you want to know?" I ask. I want to tell her everything about me, the good and bad, but I know now isn't the time to reveal everything.

"What are you willing to tell me?" she asks and I can already tell that this girl is going to take a lot of work. Is it weird to say that I can't wait?

"Lets' see I was born in 1915, and changed in 1933. I was eighteen when I was turned, my maker being Carlisle. I've only turned one person in all my years and that Emmet." I tell her. "I enjoy shopping but not to the extent that Alice takes it and I get along great with the Denali sisters. Oh and I'm a mechanic" I tell her as an afterthought.

"A mechanic?" she asks.

"Yeah why not into grease monkeys?" I asked with a grin.

"Not the problem, actually I find the thought of you in a tank top and short shorts with oil and grease stains on your face and shirt hot" she says to me and I have to keep myself from growling and tackling her.

"What else do you find hot?"

"Well I've got an NCR M16 and you out in the rain sitting on it sounds pretty damn good" she says to me and I find myself aroused not only by her words but also that gorgeous bike she has. A lot of images flash through my mind of what I'd like to do to her, and what I'd like to do to her bike. The one image that's most prominent however is the image of her riding her bike. No not the way it sounds I mean literally 'riding' her bike, grinding back and forth against the seat as the engine purrs. I don't realize how long I'm stuck on that image when I feel her against my ear.

"What's wrong, cat got your tongue?" she asks and I launch myself on top of her pinning her down to my bed.

"I think you're getting just a little out of hand there" I warn her subtly. There's no way I'm gonna tell her that if she keeps talking like that I'm gonna strip her down naked and take her hard, fast, slow, soft, and every way in between until the sun sets tomorrow.

"What can I say" she asks me purring deeply in her chest. "I'm a cat and I love toying with my prey" she said. She looked me straight in the eyes before arching her back pushing her breasts into my own and I couldn't stop the growl from leaving my mouth.

"I always find cats to be in over their heads in certain situations, you can believe you're in charge for now but keep toying with me and you'll quickly become the hunted." I warn her. She arches her back and fucking purrs underneath me with a shit eating grin.

"That isn't much of a punishment if you ask me" she mumbles nuzzling her head into my chin giving me a nip to my collarbone. That's it, I'm going to… is just about as far as I got before Alice barged into my room.

"Alice!" I yell glaring at her for a few reasons the biggest reason is that she ruined my plans. The second is because she most likely saw this happening so that means she ruined them on purpose. The last is because she most likely had no intentions of leaving anytime soon.

"Sorry Rose but I was told that if I saw you going to far that I was to interfere and bring the both of you downstairs with at least your underwear on." She said shrugging her shoulders. I arch a brow at that when my little mate proved to me that not only did she have a sense of humor but that she was also a smart ass.

"Mmm then do you think you could step out the room until we get to that part?" she asked and her voice was so fucking hot; husky, panting, and all and I guarantee that the moment Alice stepped out that door I wouldn't even bother with clothes, I'd just dive in under them to reach my goal.

Alice grinned and gave me a look so I know that what I wanted wasn't going to happen. I sigh and bury my nose in her neck to get in one more good smell before getting off of her.

"You know she can watch if that means you'll get back over here?" Bella said standing up and I couldn't control the snarl that came from my mouth. If anyone saw her naked they'd die in the most horrifying ways possible.

"That's not a good idea" Alice said calmly shaking her head.

"Hmm, guess I'll give it a few years, but trust me you'll love it one day, cats are really kinky" Bella answered with a snicker. Before the words even fully register in my mind I'm on her pinning her against the wall of my bed room snarling in her face. She turns her head from me raising it slightly and looks to the ground. One of my hands slip behind her and I grab her ass squeezing and pulling her roughly against me while my other hand snakes in her hair and yanks her head further away from me.

"MINE!" I snap clicking my teeth together near her ear and she whines in a soft tone letting me know that she has accepted my dominance over her. I released her and stepped back unsure of what had just come over me. I know that vampires can be possessive when they find their mate but this felt more bestial than I was used to.

"Rose?" Alice asked at my silence.

"Let's go downstairs before your brothers come up here" I said looking at Bella with a grin. I had to be careful around her, I didn't want to hurt or scare her.

Alice led the way downstairs to the family room which had two three seat couches, one two seat, two love seats and two singles. The triplets were sitting on one of the triples, while the twins took the double, Emmet was in one single, while Carlisle and Esme took up one love seat, with Bella's parents in the other. In the other three seat were the Denali sisters. I decided that we'd take the last single. I plopped down in the seat when Bella plopped into my lap turning to give me a grin. It was quiet for a moment until Kate started laughing.

"What's so funny?" I ask her in confusion.

"Can you get anymore dominating, god Rose I wish we'd gotten you in bed before you met Bella there, it would have been so hot, but then of course we would have spent so much time putting you in your proper place." she said with a smirk.

I stared at her in slight annoyance. The three sisters were succubae and brought out the best in the partners sexual abilities. The three had tried to get me in the bed before but I just didn't feel in the mood when asked.

"Kate please try to behave yourself" Esme said calmly with a smile.

"Of course, sorry Esme" she said after a glare from Tanya.

"So Rosalie" Kathy said drawing our attention to her. "What have you been doing these past sixteen years?"

"I've been staying with the Denali clan up in Alaska" I tell her. "While I was there I worked as kindergarten instructor." It was fun and I enjoyed watching the kids whose lives I'd been a part of grow up.

"Did you miss me?"

It was so quiet the question that she asked that I almost believe that it was in my head but when I turned to look at her I could see that it was indeed real.

"For the whole sixteen years" I say honestly unsure if I could even lie.

"What would you do to repay me?" she asked and I was confused. She wanted me to repay her for letting her grow up. That was strange but I'd do it.



"Yes" I tell her with complete honesty. I'd give her the world if she asked me for it.

"Good because I have a list of sixteen years' worth of fun for us to do. The first thing we're going to do is go to an amusement park let's say Disney world, then we'll be go to the beach and go surfing" she said counting off on her fingers.

"Damn you just got reunited and she's already got you on a short leash Rosie" Emmet boomed from his couch with a grin plastered on his face. He won't be grinning for long when I get through with his video games I bet.

"See I told you that she'd be too gentle on her" Harry said with a sigh.

"What do you mean by too gentle?" Carmen asked turning to Kathy for an answer. I'd like to know the answer to that as well.

"Well for cat shifters the relationships that we hold with our mates are complex and in some situations become violent" Mitchel said with a calm voice.

"What do you mean violent?" Esme asked nervously.

Did he mean that Bella and I would get into serious physical fights. That sure didn't sound good.

"Not violent in the way that you're probably thinking" he assured. "As you know the average house cat is extremely moody, and when in a group of other cats they fall into a type of caste system going from top cat to bottom cat" he started.

"So when the cat finds itself a mate the relationship is in a way a game of tug of war between the male and the female. The male being more dominant when it comes time to mate, and protecting his family, and the female when it comes to everything else" Kathy said and I think we were all beginning to piece together this picture.

"In truth the male sets a list of rule that the female is to abide by and she can do anything she pleases as long as it is safe and within her limits." Xander said.

"And sense we cat shifters are considered to be the descendants of the Egyptian cat goddess Bastet we are more in tone with our animal instincts that the dog shifters of La Pushe." Alexa said before she turned to look at me with a knowing look in her eye. What did she know that I didn't? Well it seems that I didn't have to ponder the thought long as she opened her mouth to continue. "And sense Bella's the girl cat in this relationship, you are going to start behaving in a sense the way the male cat behaves" she said and my eyes widen.

"But I'm a girl" I tell her.

"Well yeah but sense Bella is already filling the position for female cat, the only position left in the relationship is male" Sky said.

"So what you're saying is that Rosalie is one of the guys now?" Irina said with a small smirk on her face. You see everyone likes to think that Irina is the best behaved sister out of the three but she isn't. When she wants to be a smart ass she says something that blows everyone away.

"Wow who knew?" Alice said grinning at me and I know she knew what was coming next.

"Who knew what?"

"Rosalie you are the man, I always knew you had a dick bigger than Edwards" Emmet said with a laugh. The cat shifters all started laughing along with Carmen and Elezar. The Denali sisters decided that this would be the best time to move to the other side of the room while Alice walked over to Jasper to sit in his lap and enjoy the show.






Kate counts and you've got to love her for knowing me so well.

"Emmet" I say calmly standing up and looking at him.

"Yes Rosie Posie?" he asked with a shit eating grin. He knew what was coming.

"Prepare to die" I say before launching myself at him but he was already up and running.

"It's so good to have everyone home" Esme sighs and I get the image of her resting her head on Carlisle's shoulder.

"Yes it is dear, yes it is"