A/N: So, just before I ended Let It Be, someone sent me a message or left a review saying they'd love to see what would happen if Ronnie actually was Katy's Mum, rather than her sister. I cannot for the life of me remember who that was, but I loved the idea so this fic is dedicated to them! You probably know who you are! :)

Anyway, this is set mainly after Ronnie is released from Prison and shows how different things could have been if Katy found out she was Ronnie's daughter. It deviates from the other fics somewhere around chapter 60 of Not Another One? :)

Hope you enjoy it, anyway! :D


Katy stared in the mirror, desperately wondering what she should do about the situation she had found herself in. There were only two options as far as she could see; there was the right thing to do and there was the easy thing to do. It was so tempting to take the easy path and that was the route that Roxy and everyone else was telling her to take. But Katy knew, deep down, that she couldn't take that option. That would mean abandoning what her heart was telling her to do.

She couldn't betray Ronnie like that. She wouldn't abandon her mother.

A soft cry from the other room brought her out of her reverie and the young woman sighed, turning away from her reflection with a frown. The Katy in the mirror hadn't been any help in making her decision anyway.

Ronnie hadn't been there for the birth of her granddaughter. She had missed Ruby's first birthday. She had missed her second birthday, too, just a week and a half ago. There were so many things the woman had missed in the lives of the daughter who had been taken from her and the granddaughter she barely knew. Whatever had happened and however anyone else felt about Ronnie, Katy refused to let her miss out on anything else.

But, as well as that, the young woman was selfish. She wanted her mum back.

Early 2011

"I thought, at first, maybe Danielle had been lying about who she was after all. I thought maybe YOU were my Amy. When Auntie Peggy told me… I flew off the handle because the idea of you being actually related to me made me think that maybe I was right. Maybe I've been grieving for a daughter who was alive and well after all. Then Roxy showed me your birth certificate… But then I started thinking; birth certificates can be easily forged and there's something about you that I just..."

Katy and Ronnie stood in the middle of the road, staring at each other. The teenager wanted to believe that it could be true; that Ronnie really was her mother. But optimism wasn't something she was good at and she had other things to focus on. She needed to get to Connor at the hospital and sort things out once and for all.

"Ronnie… this is crazy."

When the blonde spoke again, the teenager knew that she had upset her. Ronnie's tone was hard and cold and she barely looked at the younger Mitchell. "You're right. Let's get to the hospital and sort this out. Then we can go home and get back to normal."

For the rest of the day – during their trip to visit Connor, dumping the contents of the bag and muddling through the everyday things that needed to be done when they got home – Katy wondered whether Ronnie was angry with her. She barely looked at her, barely spoke to the teenager. Jack, still angry, almost refused to acknowledge her existence.

Things remained tense for days; neither of them bringing up the conversation that had made things awkward between them. Slowly life got back to normal and by the time Katy returned to school after the two weeks she'd missed she felt as though Ronnie had put the idea that perhaps she was her daughter out of her mind. After walking home with Lauren and letting herself into the flat after her first day back at school, Katy decided to make a start on the pile of homework and catching up she had after her unplanned absence. She had just started making a dent in her History essay on the Battle of Bosworth when her older sister banged through the front door and announced that Phil was in hospital after having a heart attack. After asking Katy to watch James for a while, the blonde seemed to hesitate. Then Ronnie smiled and shook her head, leaving quickly.

Not long after that the subject of their connection entered her mind again as, after Ronnie's protective fussing over her began to get irritating, Katy sarcastically called her Mum. That, in turn, led to an awkward conversation with Lauren about Ronnie's theory about their relationship.

"Maybe she is your mum." Lauren had responded casually, earning herself a glare from her best friend. "I mean, she acts more like your mum than your sister, right. Roxy always acts more like a sister. You look a lot like her and sometimes you do or say things exactly like she would."

"Oh don't start, Lauren." Katy had snapped back. "I'm not her daughter."

And with that the subject was closed for another couple of weeks.

It wasn't until the day Katy and Lauren returned from their English trip to Stratford – the day Katy revealed her pregnancy fears to her best friend – that Ronnie admitted to her younger sister what she had done.

"What's silly Auntie Katy done now, hey? And what's silly Auntie Katy going to do?" The teenager had muttered to James, rocking him gently in her arms. Her attention was so focused on her worries that she didn't notice Ronnie returning to the room.


"Oh, nothing. I was just talking to myself, nothing new there." Katy replied quickly, her smile not meeting her eyes.

Ronnie took the baby from her and bit her lip nervously, not meeting the younger woman's gaze. "She's a funny one, isn't she?" Looking towards her bedroom she seemed to take a breath. "I'm going to settle James down and then there's something I need to tell you; something really important."

That's when Katy started to worry. She was on tenterhooks until her sister reappeared, perching on the edge of the sofa and chewing on her nails as she waited to hear what Ronnie was going to tell her. All sorts of ideas were running through her mind; various things that could be wrong with various people. Her unease only grew when Ronnie perched on the seat beside her, looking as nervous as she felt.

"Katy… I should have said something before… I should have told you as soon as I found out." She said in a quiet voice, completely avoiding meeting Katy's eyes.

"What? Ronnie, what?"

"I'm your Mum."

Katy sighed, shaking her head. "Don't, Ronnie. Just tell me whatever it is you should have told me before."

"That was it, Katy." Ronnie said slowly, finally meeting the teenager's eyes. "I've been thinking about it ever since we talked about it and… I got in contact with some people. I called in some favours and got some people to make some calls and… this birth certificate," she carefully smoothed the folded piece of paper that Katy had originally used to convince her family of her identity on her knee, "it's fake, Katy. This is a faked birth certificate."

Katy's hands clenched around the paper she had snatched away from her sister. Her grip was so tight that one of her nails pierced the flimsy sheet and made a hole in it, right beside where it stated that Karen Parker was her mother. Tears stung in her eyes as she realised that either Ronnie was messing with her head or her whole life had been a lie.

"How can you be sure?"

Standing, Ronnie walked over to the cabinet on the other side of the room and opened a drawer. Pulling out an envelope, she returned to sit beside the teenager. Slowly, she pulled several sheets of paper out and laid them carefully on the coffee table in front of them.

"These are mine, Rox, Amy and James' birth certificates. Look at them. They look different."

"I don't… that doesn't…"

"Look at them, Katy. Someone faked your birth certificate." Ronnie clenched her hands into fists. "I'm guessing it was my father… Karen and Archie aren't your parents."

"Even… E-Even if that's true… what makes you so sure that I'm your daughter?" Katy demanded, unable to look at the papers anymore. With a flick of her wrist, she sent her birth certificate tumbling to the ground.

"How could you not be, sweetie?" Ronnie asked gently, chuckling lightly and reaching out to lay a tentative hand on the girl's cheek. "I knew it… the first moment I saw you. I knew, deep down, who you were."

"But I... how can you… I…" Standing abruptly, Katy walked away and leant heavily against the far wall of the room, looking at her hands so that she wouldn't have to meet Ronnie's eyes. "I can't deal with this…"

"Please, Katy… let me–"

The brunette shook her head fiercely. "No! How can you be OK with this? You are… were… I thought you were my sister? I thought the woman I looked after for years, sacrificed so much for, was my mother. I thought I was an orphan."

"But you're not." Ronnie told her gently. "You have me and Jack and Roxy and Phil and everyone."

"That's not… that's not the point. I don't…" She started to laugh mirthlessly. "Oh, I really don't need this now…"

Ronnie looked at her for a moment, seeing that there was something serious bothering her. "What's wrong?"

"I think I'm pregnant, OK?" Katy screamed back, before bursting into tears. "I think I'm pregnant and I really, really needed my big sister."

"You've got something better." The blonde said, moving to the eighteen-year-old's side and cradling her tenderly in less than a second. "You've got a mum."

That had been how two of the biggest bombshells to hit the Mitchell family had been revealed on the same day, within minutes of each other. The cynical part of Katy hadn't been convinced until she and Ronnie had taken a DNA test which had, beyond all doubt, proved that Ronnie's gut feeling had been correct.

The transition in their relationship had been hard; especially as Katy's pregnancy fears were confirmed and the realisation that there would be another baby in the family before long hit them. When Ronnie's behaviour became more and more erratic and worrying, the teenager tried to help her newly-discovered mother as she had helped her adoptive mother. The similarities in Ronnie and Karen's behaviour scared Katy, but no one seemed to take her seriously; or want to believe that she might be correct.

Katy was the only one who didn't seem surprised when Ronnie revealed the truth about James' death and her baby's true identity. When everyone else struggled to cope with the revelation and shockwaves that reverberated through, not just the Mitchells and Brannings but the entire Square, Katy stuck by her mother and offered her as much support as she could.