Even Forgiveness has a Price

It started out as something innocent. It started out as Marie Kanker tackled Edd(ward), Double-D, into the ground. It started out as a pubescent girl wanting to mess with her 'boyfriend.'

She never intended it to involve an ambulance.

But there she was, standing behind everyone as Edd's best friends, Ed and Eddy, begged to know if he was going to be okay. The Paramedics could only say that for sure his arm was broken, but until they get to the hospital they won't what else is wrong. They had to sedate Edd, because he wouldn't stop screaming. Marie felt awful, heart broken to be more exact. She never intended to hurt him severely. She didn't cry, at least not visibly. Not yet.

"I hope you're satisfied!" Eddy shouted through the crowd, spotting Marie just standing there. "Hey! Leave Marie alone!" Lee Kanker shouted, but Eddy's wrath turned to her. "Oh yeah? What are you gonna do? Send all of us to the hospital like the ungrateful, uncaring, pittiful excuse of a human being as all three of you are?" Lee's eyes widened behind her hair as Eddy's words sank in. "Well congradulations! You have all of our attention. Did you hear him scream? Did you hear Double D's cries of agony. His pleading to make the pain stop?!" Eddy did what he never thought he would do. He shoved all three girls back away from him as he charged them.

He wasn't alone. Ed came up behind him with the look of vengence all over his face. "You caused this!" Ed pointed right at Marie. The Kankers, though they were tough, were still children. They were still human. They were still able to be scared. "If you take Double D's soul, I swear to all that is holy I will cast all of you to the next dimension." Ed then walked away to make his way to the hospital. "For years, you've said how much you loved him. You said how much he's your boyfriend. If this is how you treat those you love, then you'll die a lonely, bitter, pittiful woman. You hear me Marie?! Edd will not be by your side when you die, Marie. You will die alone!"

Eddy's words were filled with all the hate he could give to another person. Scams aside, his personality aside, Eddy cared for his friends like his brothers. Not even his older brother classified in that group, especially after what happened with his older brother. When he finally said what he wanted to say, he turned around and caught up with Ed, making their way to the hospital. May and Lee were silent. They couldn't come back with anything. It was like being scoulded by their father all over again. However, this was different. This was completely different.

"It, it was an accident." May started, trying to rationalize what happened. "Right?"

Lee nodded, "That's right. It was just an accident. Nothing more, nothing less. Right Marie?"

Marie was silent. When they looked down on the ground. They saw Marie crying with her knees to her chest and her arms wrapped around them. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry." She repeated those words, no matter what her sisters did to try and get her to stop. Lee, the eldest sister, got down onto her knee to ask Marie, the middle child, a serious question. "This wasn't an accident. Was it?" Marie tried to breath, but she shook her head. May then got down to her knee and asked her, "Did you want to break his arm?" Again she shook her head. "Then what happened?" Lee asked.

Marie took a deep breath and said, "He saved my life."