First things first:

I am so excited, because this is my first Zelda-Fanfcition EVER, so please don't be so harsh with me. I need to apologize for story mistakes, because it's been a very long time (11 or more years) since i played Ocarina of time and i can't remember everything that happened in the game .I have to play this game again to refresh my memories :3. Ocarina of time is still one of my most favorite games of all the time (even if it drives me crazy at some parts XD). I love it so much and my favorite character is definitely Link.
I myself had many "What if..." questions and i want to answer one of those questions with this story. I dunno how many chapters this FF will have. Maybe 4 or 5, i dunno.

For people who doesn't know me: My first language isn't english, so i am very sorry for grammer/spelling mistakes.

Please sit back and enjoy the first chapter.

The Return of a Hero

Chapter 1


Once a powerful kingdom, ruled by a benevolent king.

But the reign of this king had long passed.

Shadow had settled over the land, spread out farther and devoured everything that came into its touch.

The king was dead, just as the Queen and no one had heard anything from the only daughter of the royal couple. Nobody knew if Princess Zelda was still alive...

Seven years had passed since these cruel incidents.

Seven long years in which the darkness had been able to spread.

Seven years in which there was a new, bloodthirsty king of Hyrule and its inhabitants displaced in fear and terror. Those who do not obey him, were killed mercilessly.

Only one dared to stand against this king...

They called him a hero because he had banished the shadows from the country and has helped the people who were obsessed.

Now he had already survived so many terrible tasks.

He fought against deadly enemies.

Fire-breathing dragons, demons, who had been lurking in the darkness, water spirits, witches, even against undead he had fought.

But that was nothing compared to what he had to do now.

Now it was him who had to banish the last bit of shadow to free Hyrule forever.

He alone was able to overthrow Ganondorf, the new king of Hyrule, and thus bring back peace to this once peaceful and fertile land.

But before he would confront all these threats, there was something else that had to be done...

"Link? Hey! Link! Wait for me! Where do you go? The way to Hyrule Castle is in the other direction!"

Gentle horse steps were heard on this late afternoon, broke the beautiful silence that had settled over the land. Four powerful legs, that belonged to a magnificent mare, slowly making their way through the tall grass of Hyrule Field. Her gorgeous, white mane shimmered in the slowly lowering sun, which stretched on the horizon just before them and a contented snort came from her nostrils, as her rider gently stroked her by the mane.

A young man was sitting on her back.

His blond hair hung him lank in the face and he gently wiped them from his eyes to see better. The light of the sun reflected in his azure eyes and a smile, warm as the sun itself, lay down on his lips. A powerful shield, with had the sign of Hyrule on it, hung on his back, on his side, he wore a sword, which also bore the symbol of this country.

"I know that this is not the direction to the Hyrule Castle Navi."

"Why do you ride in this direction, if you know it yet?"

The young man's smile widened and he tapped his mare with the heels of his boots gently in the side to move her to gallop.

"There's still something I want to do. I don't think that I will return from this last mission..."

The small, white fairy hovering over Link's head, fell silent, followed him in silence, until they reached their destination.

The steppe ended in a small wooded area and Link dismounted from his horse.

"So my girl. You have to wait for me here. This is no place for a horse like you. I won't stay away for too long. Promise me that you'll stay in the area."

The mare, named Epona, responded him with whinnying and nudged Link careful with her nose which made him chuckle and he stroked her gently through the mane.

Then he turned and walked toward the tunnel.

"Come Navi, it is time that we say hello to our old friends..."