"So… basically you press that button… flick that switch and then a few other buttons… and flick another switch and then it flies?" Kurt asked, looking over to a way too hyperactive Blaine - doesn't the guy ever stand still? - who was moving around the console like he was being bitten by coals under his feet.
"Mhmm, simple, right?" he said, eagerly. Kurt raised an eyebrow as he started pressing the buttons before the TARDIS shook and caused him to lose his balance. Whilst he grunted at the impact, Blaine merely laughed. He was starting to wonder if he was stuck in a spaceship with a psycho. "That never gets old!" Blaine said, happily rolling on the floor. Kurt brought himself up onto his elbows, looking over to Blaine,
"You've taken a few more hits to the head then recommended, right?" he asked and Blaine just laughed before his face settled into a calm smile,
"Wanna see where and when we landed?" he said, a flash of excitement in his eyes as he waited for Kurt's answer. The answer came after a hesitation and then he sighed,
"Go on then…"

When Kurt stepped out, it took a moment for him to realise he had been holding his breath. Blaine toppled out excitedly before he huffed,
"Any moment in time and planet in the universe and you still pick Ohio in the nineties?" he huffed, looking around. Kurt ignored him, gazing up at the Church his father had taken him too several times when he grew up. He moved through the graveyard, noticing a large empty plot that wasn't there the last time he went and he heard voices from inside. He lingered back, taking Blaine's side and pulling him under a shaded area of the cemetery and sitting on the bench, ignoring as Blaine watched him curiously. Kurt's eyes stayed on the door, his hands gripping his knees so tightly his hands were turning white.
"Kurt…" Blaine started, his hand going to move over Kurt's but Kurt suddenly turned as he saw the doors open and he just walked out and round so he could watch as a young Burt and Karen Hummel walked out of the chapel. Kurt bit his lip, seeing the smiles on their faces and wiped his eyes furiously.

Blaine was silent, gazing up at the couple and then he looked to Kurt and silently took his hand. He knew he should make sure they weren't too obvious to mess with time but that didn't seem appropriate, it wasn't like Rose or anyone else. Kurt was a Time Lord and he knew all about it. He just needed to see his parents happy, even if they weren't his real parents. Kurt didn't react to Blaine, watching as his father kissed his mother's cheek, as he swept her off her feet and carried her down the stairs and bundled her into the car as his brother gives a lewd comment of how to spend the honeymoon and everyone laughs though they know they're going to go to the reception. Kurt watched the car until it turned the corner, and even then his eyes remained on the corner. He wanted to know so much about his life and he just needed someone to tell him everything. But the only person who knew was…

"Blaine… can we go to Gallifrey? Like… back when it was around?" he asked suddenly, noting how Blaine jumped at the breaking of the silence. Blaine hesitated, looking uncomfortable,
"I… I never wanted to go back… it will be hard… knowing what happens to them," he said, softly. Kurt nodded slowly. Some part of him was compelled to agree with him but he wanted to know his parents… he needed to know, didn't he?
"Do you remember your parents?" Kurt asked, softly. Blaine looked to the floor and Kurt hesitated, wondering if he had touched a topic that made the guy uncomfortable but then Blaine spoke,
"Yes, I do," he said, softly, "I remember I was left to make the choice of how to defend the planet and what happened was…" he started but then rubbed his forehead, "All my fault." Kurt was silent, looking to him. He knew he should be upset but he had no idea what circumstances the Doctor had been under to make that choice that he did. He put a hand out and onto his shoulder and squeezed it,
"It's okay… I just… I just want to know but I guess things will come back with time…" he said and Blaine nodded with a relieved smile, "Now… show me a place I really can't afford to miss out there in the universe and through time." He said, unable to stop himself from smiling at the excitement in Blaine's face.
"Okay!" he said, taking Kurt's hands and pulled him back to the TARDIS, flicking loads of switches as Kurt sat himself down to the side to prepare himself for the journey.

Blaine took Kurt to the future where they witnessed the last country passing a law that allowed gay marriage, celebrating with a live marriage. Kurt seemed so happy to see there was an end, though he daren't ask what year it was, he hated the thought of how much fighting people had to do to be themselves, particularly in countries where it was still illegal. Blaine then took him to another planet where the participants sang all the time – it was something in the air and after an hour, Blaine and Kurt found themselves singing without intending to. Blaine's favourite place had to be when he took Kurt to the 1970s to see a show of Roxy Music and, after flashing the psychic paper, going back stage to meet the band and he was able to give Bryan Ferry a high five.

He was becoming more and more aware that his thoughts were all about him. He couldn't stop himself from watching Kurt, trying to make him smile brightly so he could see his eyes shine. He was starting to notice Kurt wasn't innocently unaware of him. There were moments when Kurt made sure to touch his skin as they worked out where they were flying to next. He wasn't sure if this was all in his head though, the sideways glances, the flirty compliments. He wasn't as abrasive as River, meaning Blaine couldn't interpret if it was flirting or coincidence. Instead, he focussed on keeping Kurt smiling by showing him all the corners of the universe.

Soon there was a lull in their travelling, the TARDIS just travelled on autopilot, Kurt was watching the screen to see what was outside, watching the stars. He wore a tight black shirt under a waistcoat with spray on jeans and boots. Unlike Blaine, he refused to wear the same outfit all the time and he had started picking out clothes for Blaine to wear, obviously sick of the yellow suit. He hadn't really thought about it before, unlike Kurt Blaine hadn't really had limits of time, days blended into each other and he didn't have the concept of wearing something new each day. Kurt still worked to a daily schedule, he slept he woke up and he changed, then flung clothes on for Blaine to wear with a smile.
"Just because I'm a Time Lord now, doesn't mean I lose my style," he says, several times when Blaine tries to interrupt.

Blaine knew things were better with him around, he found himself smiling a lot more, looking forward to each day. He wasn't alone in the universe anymore, the Master had made him feel more alone, reminded him that he wasn't like the other Time Lords. Kurt… Kurt accepted him as compassionate, and didn't question his motives. He could sense Kurt missed Earth though, there was a look in his eyes sometimes, and he could hear the soft hum of 'Don't Stop Believing' when they were working side by side. He knew where Kurt wanted to go, even if Kurt wasn't going to admit it. Some part of him knew Kurt was worried that he'd get overemotional, that he ought to move on from Lima, Ohio and into something bigger. That was why, after enough of "Kurt's days" went past to bring them to Kurt's birthday, Blaine woke him up,
"Mm… Blaine… its late…" he murmured.
"Kurt, there is no time in the TARDIS no late, early…" Blaine started,
"Well… I'm tired…" Kurt said, rolling back over. Blaine smirked, chuckling,
"Get up, got something to show you," he said, ruffling his hair and walking out of the bedroom.

It was a while until Kurt came out in something new and moved to the doors, "Fine, where are we today?" he asked and he stepped out, stopping when he realised where he was. There was a McKinley bus next to the TARDIS and he recognised the venue as where Nationals was going to be held. He had completely forgotten about the competition, when he had left, the club didn't even have enough people to enter the competition and the whole school was against them. He turned to Blaine who was wearing red jeans and a black shirt and took his hand, "Come on," he said and he pulled Kurt to the building, his eyes sweeping around for any sign of the rest of the group.

"KURT! MR SCHU IT'S KURT!" came an all-too familiar voice and a small brunette grabbed his arm, "Oh my God you're just in time… Jacob pulled out last minute and we don't have enough people… I know you like moved schools and stuff but…" Rachel asked, looking to him as the rest of the glee club surrounded him. She then noted Blaine and Kurt holding hands, "Can your boyfriend sing?" she asked, glancing to Blaine who stopped Kurt from interrupting to say,
"Of course I can, what's the song list?" he asked, eagerly before they were whisked away into the green room.

Blaine and Kurt really enjoyed themselves, even if they were only singing backing vocals, swaying side by side. The New Directions didn't win but everyone was just happy that they got to perform and were more driven to do better next year. Kurt was more focused on one thing and he made sure to stop Blaine before he started talking about something else when they returned to the TARDIS.
"Yep…" Blaine said, trying to turn some dials but Kurt took his hand,
"Back there… Rachel called you my boyfriend and you didn't correct her," he said. If Blaine didn't know any better, there was an essence of hope in his voice but Blaine moved away a bit,
"We didn't have time…" he said, his eyes glancing to him to gage his reaction and Kurt seemed to deflate.
"Oh…" he said softly,
"Why? Do you want me to be your boyfriend?" Blaine asked, feeling a surge of confidence which only grew when Kurt snapped his head up. There was no mistaking it now, there was that look Blaine had his moment when he realised he knew what he had been searching far and wide for – he had been searching for Kurt.
"I… er.." Kurt said, astounded and before he knew it, Blaine's lips were on his in a deep kiss. "Mm… okay…" Kurt murmured, giving a small smile, "I never thought I'd be with an older man."