"Umm…Williams, Matthew Williams." Gilbert said looking around his class, his eyes landing on a small petite boy with wavy blonde hair that just went past his ears, and the most stunning violet eyes. When he got no response from the boy he walked up to him and snapped his fingers in front of the boy's eyes.
"Huh... oh , I'm sorry what was the question?" Matthew said looking down his face slowly turning red in embarrassment. Gilbert walked back up to the front of his classroom.
"I asked are you free after school?" Matthew look up at his teacher confused,
"Umm I think so..." He started to say but got cut off, "Good because you have detention after school with me." Gilbert said with a smirk as the class went 'ohh' "y-yes, sir." Matthew said looking down again.

*Scene Change-Lunch*
"What? What do you mean you have detention after school today?" Alfred, Matthew's twin brother said looking at his twin for answers.
"Yea I wasn't paying attention so said I have to come after school for detention." He said taking a bite of his sandwich.
"Not paying attention? That doesn't sound rike you Matthew, is something wrong?" Kiku a small petite Japanese transfer student, who the twins befriended, said looking at Matthew with concern.
"Yea Kiku's right what's up Bro? Is someone bothering you, cause you tell me who and they'll be sorry." Alfred said cracking his fist. Matthew smiled at his brother and friend, sure someone was bothering him. And that someone was Carlos, a Cuban student who likes to pick on Matthew for being so quiet and passive. But he wasn't about to tell his brother that.
"No, don't worry Al. My head was just in the clouds." Matthew said reassuring his brother. Alfred looked at him skeptically but sighed and nodded.

*Scene Change-After School*
"So Matthew, what happened your one of the best students in this class. How come you weren't paying attention?" Gilbert asked his student as he sat in front of him. Matthew debated telling his teacher about the bullying, but thought against it. I mean if he wasn't going to tell his brother why would he tell his teacher?
"My head was just in the clouds today, . I promise it won't happen again." He said looking at his teacher then moving his gaze to his desk. Gilbert just smiled at him, 'He's just so cute, no you're his teacher stop thinking like that!'
"As long as it doesn't happen again, ok birdie?" Gilbert asked smiling at his student; Matthew looked up at his teacher.

"Birdie?" He asked, "Ja, it's your nickname. You look fragile like a bird." Matthew blushed at Gilbert's words, 'Why do I have to like my teacher?'
Matthew's had a crush on his teacher Gilbert Beilschmidt since freshman year; he always admired how his teacher was so honest, and bold. Of course he never acted on his feelings, because Gilbert's a teacher and he's a student. And this isn't the first time Gilbert had noticed his almost invisible student Matthew Williams. He first noticed the small boy, the boy's freshman year. He had watched as the boy's brother took the spot light, and he was forgotten. He always thought the boy was cute, and he loved the boy's quiet and passive behavior. But made no move to confess because he was Matthew's teacher and he was his student.

"Ok you can go now, just make sure to pay attention in class birdie. Got it?" Gilbert said standing up and packing his stuff. Matthew stood up and nodded his head and got his stuff to leave.
"Of course , it won't happen again, I promise. Well bye now." Matthew said as he left the room. Gilbert just shook his head at the boy's behavior, while smiling. 'Oh my little birdie, how I wish you were mine.'