Cruz sat at the computer screen with Carson, Lily, Tiffany, and Rodman behind him.

" So, what's the point of this game again?" asked Cruz slightly nervous.

" You have to run up the hill and hide," simply explained Tiffany trying not to laugh.

" Ok, but if this game scares the crap outta me, you're the one who's gonna die," threatened Cruz.

He then started the game, the screen showed a safari park, his player was waking up from a nap and a weird voice was talking to him.

" Dude, this reminds me of that horrible mansion, I can't believe I died second,"

Cruz's player then ran up the mountain, but he then heard a giant gunshot which scared Cruz out of his mind.

" WHAT THE F*CK!?" yelled Cruz as he hid behind his seat.

Lily and Tiffany then burst out laughing, while Carson and Rodman were horrified.

" What happened?" asked Carson, with his eyes widened.

" I THINK I'M HAVING A HEART ATTACK!" yelled the hypochondriac hysterically waving his arms in the air.

Cruz then moved his player behind a rock, and he then made him try to crawl up the hill.

" IM GONNA MAKE IT!" yelled Cruz with enthusiasm.


Those gunshots were coming from all over the place, Cruz was screaming his head off, as well as Carson, Rodman fainted, and Tiffany and Lily collapsed to the floor in laughter.

The screen then turned fully red, implying that the player was dead.

Cruz was hiding behind his seat, shaking.

" I-I-Is it o-over?" asked Cruz scared out of his head.

" I th-think-k soo," muttered Carson in a fetal position.

Lily then spoke up.

" You guys are scaredy cats," laughed Lily.

" Yeah, nothing scares me," said Tiffany cockily.

Gunshots were then heard, and a man in a safari outfit ran into the room.

The two girls screamed in terror and ran through the wall, leaving a puff of dust following their path.

Carson then started cracking up.

" Man, I got them good," laughed Carson wiping a tear from his eye.

The safari man's clothes fell off, revealing Raggedy, Orb, and Nick. Raggedy was on stilts, Nick was holding up the clothes, and Orb acted as the head.

" Nice one ghouls," said Carson.

" Thanks, and our payment," said Raggedy holding out his hand.

Carson then took out some pokédollars and gave them to Raggedy.

Carson then faced the camera.

" Well, that's all for today, next time we will see who will crack under pressure when Zwei, Spade, Avian, Dime, and Inkley play, eyes," said Carson pointing to his eyes.