The Death Gate, 8:02 am (21 hours after the Exodar Impact)

Lor'themar Theron, Lord Regent of Silvermoon City

The city was rife with talk, as one of the Saviors of Silvermoon camped outside the City Walls he had mere weeks before helped rebuild. The rumours were not helped as said saviour was at the head of an army of elite warriors and Heroes that made the previous enemies of the Blood Elves seem almost manageable in comparison.

Though Lord Potter's presence was only confirmed through second hand accounts, which in many ways was worse than openly confronting Lor'themar about whatever the issue was at the end of the battle.

Something was wrong, brought about by the arrival of the blue skinned creatures from the meteorite, and was serious enough that he and the other Blood Elves had been escorted back to Silvermoon City like lepers or criminals.

"Lord Regent, we found you! The Nobles are demanding to know what is going on, why aren't we pressing the attacks against the Scourge?" And now the Council had finally worked out where he was, jumping straight to asking questions he didn't know the answers to.

"If the Nobles want answers, they can put their lives on the line for once and send some volunteers to be envoys, though I'm not sure I would want to risk what little good will we seem to still have with their idiocy." His response drew a gasp or two, but given he was approaching almost a week without sleep now Lor'themar couldn't summon up the patience to waste energy on a more measured reply.

"Envoys Lord Regent? You make it sound like we are under siege rather than amongst friends…" Champion Balic caught onto Lor'themar's implication quickly enough, more than one Council member clearly struggling to understand what was being said as they stuttered and tried to compose themselves.

"But what could cause such animosity amongst those that just yesterday were helping to reclaim our homeland? And cause both Horde and Alliance to set aside their differences?" High Priest Wavestrider was clearly exhausted from all the healing he and his Priests had been required to carry out after the battle, but the man was clearly awake enough to ask the pertinent questions.

"It looks like we're about to find out…" Looking through the spyglass he held with his good hand, Lor'themar could see the gathering of a group at the front of the camped forces.

He could make out Lord Potter, Lady Windrunner, Warchief Thrall, as well as King Bronzebeard and High Priestess Tyrandre amongst the multi-racial group.

Lor'themar had always wondered what sort of threat could once again unite the Horde and the Alliance, and it turned out rather ironically to be his own people for some reason.

"High Priest Wavestrider, Champion Balic, Lady Liadrin. You three will accompany Magister Rommath, Ranger General Halduron and I to meet our allies out in front of the gates, hopefully we will be able to sort out whatever mis-..." Lor'themar winced as suddenly Lord Potter's voice echoed across the distance between them, his voice carrying well into the city if the volume was any indication.

"Blood Elves of Silvermoon City! No doubt you are wondering why you are currently stuck behind your City walls, feeling somewhat betrayed with your allies now camped outside like a besieging army." There was a coldness to Lord Potter's tone, one which Lor'themar had previously heard aimed primarily at the Burning Legion and their followers, which made him move towards the stairs down from the Death Gate all the faster.

He could see hundreds of Blood Elves that had been gathering in the open space behind the gate that had once formed the Dead scar, many of them with improvised flags and other celebratory equipment they had been able to scrounge together.

"Having worked so hard to help recover your city from the traitor Dar'khan, as well as the foul Scourge, I thought we had a certain understanding between us. A shared history of loss to the servants of the Burning Legion that would unite us against them as allies." He could already see Lord Potter's words taking effect, the muttering of voices reaching a dull cacophony as he reached the base of the Death Gate, and Lor'themar suddenly had a sinking feeling in his gut that he knew what was going on to cause this current animosity.

"So imagine my surprise when the meteorite that impacted on Azeroth yesterday ended up carrying another race which was fleeing the persecution of the Burning Legion on another world. And, more importantly, fleeing their minions that wished to use them as mere cattle or animals to trade for magical power." Magister Rommath stiffened, something Lor'themar caught as he turned to face Prince Kael'thas' 'emissary' while he waited for the Guards to open the main gate.

They wouldn't be able to hold the walls against the man that had effectively shaped them, even if his people were united in the defence of their home which was clearly not currently the case, so there was no point in opening the smaller gate and trying to maintain their security.

"Despite the requests of the Draenai, who in my opinion have a very good reason to be demanding retribution for the horrors inflicted upon them, I have been persuaded to be diplomatic in my approach… for now." The foreboding the last two words elicited made Lor'themar shiver down to the base of the very base of his spine, even as Lady Liadrin of all people whirled on Magister Rommath with the righteous fury she was now becoming known for.

"You swore… You swore that Prince Kael'thas and his forces were combatting the Legion at every turn on Outland! That the crystals of power were from the Demons that had been defeated and captured by your mages." Rommath recoiled as if physically struck, though the glares of the other Blood Elves around him probably didn't help.

How much of these glares were to redirect the guilt that many of the Blood Elf leaders had long done their best to ignore was something that they would have to wrestle with later. Wilful ignorance, out of desperation for something, anything that would help them against the Scourge, was not going to be an acceptable excuse for the gathered leaders outside.

"Regent Lor'themar has one hour to meet with us and explain the actions of the Blood Elves we have captured, and where the true allegiances of the Blood Elf People lie. With Azeroth? Or the Burning Legion?" Even as Lor'themar tried to comprehend the next nail that had just been hammered into the increasingly sturdy coffin being built around his view on Prince Kael'thas, there was a sudden spike of magical power as Anveena appeared not five feet away from him, arms folded and questioning disapproval already written all over her face, thunder rolling overhead as the weather of Quel'thalas responded to her mood.

"Halduron, take your men, I want every Blood Elf that returned from Outland taken in for questioning and their own protection." Unfortunately, a pissed off incarnation of the Sunwell wasn't even making the top five list of his current concerns.

The crowd, whose confusion was rapidly turning to anger as they seemed to realise quite what allegations Lord Potter was throwing at their feet, was probably five minutes away from a full blown riot.

And while the forces Prince Kael'thas had sent back from Outland were far less in number with the reinforcements they'd sent through when Dar'Khan had been defeated, there were enough of them that had been creating their own 'district'. There could well be a civil war on his hands if the mob decided to believe everything Lord Potter was saying.

"Lord Regent, you can't honestly believe these lies about…" That was as far as Magister Rommath got before Lady Liadrin cut him off, hands resting on the hilts of her swords as she stalked up to her superior and benefactor.

"You wish to talk about lies Magister? By the Light, you either don't realise the betrayals you are heaping upon our people, or you just don't care. He has prisoners, which means that it's your word against theirs!" There was a note of hysteria in Lady Liadrin's voice as she spat on the ground in front of Magister Rommath, which given her barely recovered faith was based on the Knights of Blood and Rommath's artefacts was understandable if dangerous.

"Enough Lady Liadrin. As much as Magister Rommath has deceived or misled us, it was only through his actions and the actions of the other Outland veterans that we survived here as long as we did." It was a truth that made the bile threaten to rise from his stomach, but it was a truth nonetheless.

"And he now has the time until we reach Lord Potter to educate us on what exactly the true situation is on Outland, and what other 'truths' might be waiting for us." Rommath was white in the face now, clearly considering whether to try and run for it.

But the proximity of Lady Liadrin made such an idea inadvisable at best, and he managed to control his fear for the moment.

"I'm coming with you." Lady Anveena's statement was hardly unexpected, Lor'thermar nodding as the migraine he had been fighting off for the last 18 hours roared to a new greater intensity.

"Somehow Lady Anveena, I didn't expect anything less…"

The Death Gate, 8:05 am (21 hours after the Exodar Impact)

Lady Jane Proudmoore, Ruler of Theramoore

As Harry finished projecting his voice, wand moving away from his throat as he coughed a couple of times, Thrall spoke up in an appreciative tone.

"That… was certainly an impressive way to get your message across Lord Potter. You certainly can emphasise a threat without explicitly stating your intentions very well, I was almost worried you were going to lose your temper there for a moment." The Orc Warchief stood next to prophet Velen, something that was giving the Draenei honour guard conniptions even as the Prophet nodded in cheerful agreement.

"Wasn't expecting to be standing here for at least five more years, though I think your threat of Draenei retribution might have been a little much? Given the recovery work around the Exodar, as well as all the mouths we need to feed, my people will be rather busy for the next decade or so."

"That wasn't a threat, it was a promise. If the Blood Elves are really working with the Burning Legion, then our forces aren't here for Harry's protection..." Hermione's words backed up what Jaina had been thinking.

Both men were either missing or ignoring the underlying tension in Harry's posture, and the literal heaviness of the air around them, as if the Earth around them was literally pulling it down. This was a sign of a man who was ready for violence, and not too picky about who decided to provoke him into action.

"Well, given the laddie's reputation, he may find that there are a fair number of Blood Elves that don't like the answers we get here either, wouldn't be the first civil war caused by the Burning Legion. Just consider that, afore you start tearing down walls and sending death bolts all over the place lad." Jaina has no idea what reputation King Bronzebeard was talking about, but given the pace of events going on around them, it wouldn't be too surprising to find he'd done something on a grand scale to earn the respect of the residents of Silvermoon city.

"It looks like the Blood Elf leaders aren't wasting any time… wait, are those." Tyrande's eyes were better than any of theirs by a considerable margin, so Jaina was forced to accept an eyeglass from her second and turn it towards the opening of Silvermoon's main gate.

There were half a dozen Blood Elves moving towards them at a quick walk, but behind them was a large group of guards trying, and failing, to prevent what looked like civilians from coming through the gate.

"Children, and other civilian workers judging by their clothing. Judging by how quickly they tried to exit the gate, it seems they were probably waiting on the other side. Perhaps Muradin has a point about this reputation of yours Lord Potter." Jaina's words seemed to finally find a crack in Harry's angry armour, the Terran Lord seeming to tense up for a moment before relaxing slightly with a sigh that carried the weight of the world, the heavy feeling lightening as he stepped towards the slowly gathering crowd of people moving towards them.

Lor'themar and the other Blood Elf leaders slowed their pace slightly as the first group of children raced ahead of them, followed by what Jaina could only assume were their frantic parents trying to stop them charging towards a semi-hostile force. Still, as the first child reached them, a young blonde girl that was a little too thin to be completely healthy, Jaina could see Harry's demeanour change almost entirely.

"Faria Quintellen, I know your sister wouldn't approve of you being outside the walls, even if you aren't by yourself." It was like watching an older relative teasingly berating the youngest member of their family, the now named Faria squirming away from Harry's attempted head rub with a small growl.

"I'm not a baby anymore! I helped out with the clean up after you cleaned the Dead Scar, and I've been practicing the magic you've shown me, look!" The girl raised her hand imperiously, the other children who had followed her crowding round as she summoned a small ball of light, many of them letting out small sounds of awe or jealousy.

It wasn't exactly difficult magic to cast, but for a child of 11 or so it was definitely a good start.

"Something Harzleen was not happy with learning, I have no doubt. And it's not as if your little ball of light would protect you from a wild Scourge." This time Harry's aim was true, an index finger landing in the middle of Faria's forehead in a poke that broke her concentration, the girl finally looking guilty as he gazed down at her.

"Sorry Master. It's just… with all the things you said, I was worried you didn't like us anymore." The other children echoed these comments, with various levels of volume and clarity given the range of ages present, the parents and other adults stopping a little further away and clearly wary of antagonising anyone further.

The pleading looks and childish pleading certainly seemed to have an effect, Harry's stern expression wavering in a matter of moments

"Well, I certainly like you lot enough to get some of my friends to put on a magic show while I talk to the Lord Regent and the other leaders. Let me introduce you to Hermione, my better half. Jaina, as a relatively neutral party, it's probably best you meet with the Blood Elves first."

'Because if I meet them now, I might not be able to rein in my temper…' The unspoken message was clearly understood by pretty much everyone there, Jaina stepping forward even as she indicated Kinndy should go with the children.

It would be good for the children to see the wonder in Azerothian magic as well as Terran Magic, Jaina doubted the Blood Elf Magisters had the time or the spare mana to do so themselves.

"Lady Windrunner, Warchief Thrall, King Muradin and High Priestess Tyrande, if you could follow me then, and I request we leave our guards here. I think the six of us should be a sufficient deterrent to any potential 'disagreements', and having two members from each faction should prevent any complaints about bias." Whether Harry had actually thought of that when he had 'gated' them to Quel'thalas was something Jaina wasn't going to question right now, for now she would just take advantage of it.

"Agreed, though Harry might not be the only one that has to manage their temper…" Thrall was obviously referring to the leader of the Forsaken, who was quite literally glowing with dark power as she stalked along next to him.

Jaina wasn't quite so sure that Sylvanas was just furious at the revelation of what her former people had done. If anything, Jaina imagined she was feeling similar to how Jaina had felt during the Kul Tiras invasion of Kalimdor, anger tempered with no small amount of guilt and self doubt.

"Leave her be Warchief, what the lad showed us was not exactly easy for any of us to digest. And from what Jaina has reported to us about that incident in Theramore, none of us can claim to be 'clean'. By the ancestors, I know I will be heading back to Khaz Modan to go through the actions of my more… unruly clans with a fine tooth comb. If the Burning Legion have their claws in this deeply then we'd better act fast or we'll be up to our ears in demon shit."

And with that delightful inspirational 'speech' from the King of the Dwarves, the group were close enough to the Blood Elf leader group to 'greet' them.

"Lord Regent, I hope your people are recovering well from the battle yesterday." Jaina knew such previcating was at best an insult, but she couldn't think of a better way to start the conversation.

"They are recovering as well as might be expected Lady Proudmoore, though there is more than a little confusion I am hoping to clear up given the… restrictions you have placed on our ability to leave Silvermoon City." The elderly priest snorted rather furiously at the Lord Regent's diplomatic approach, using his staff to push one of the other Blood Elves forwards with no hint of grace or subtlety.

"As if Lord Potter's words weren't clear enough. I assume you are one of these members of this new race we are supposed to have wronged?" These words were directed at the Prophet Velen, who nodded with a little uncertainty and a lot of anger in his posture.

"I am Prophet Velen of the Draenei, and given the tens of thousands of my people hunted down by your Prince and his forces on Outland, I would say it is more than mere supposition. You would do well to remember that, many of my people would not take kindly to the suggestion that we would lie about such atrocities Sin'dorei." The priest seemed to consider arguing for a moment before shaking his head and prodding the other Blood Elf once more.

"Well, given you say you have Blood Elf Prisoners, we thought you'd like to talk to our liaison to our forces in Outland. We're also putting all the Blood Elves who returned from Outland under guard for the time being, until we know more. It's not that we don't believe you." The Priest raised his free hand to stop the further protests from Prophet Velen, his single remaining eye flashing as he glared across at the still unnamed Blood Elf he was offering up as a sacrifice.

"You're talking about almost 1/5th of our remaining population, who have been supporting us surviving here for months. Many are brothers, sisters, mothers and daughters. If they have done what you say, then our trust in The Prince and his 'advisors' is clearly more than slightly misplaced, and it will be our entire race that will pay the price. If Warchief Thrall was to turn around tomorrow and ask that the Dwarves pay such a price for siding with the Scourge, or Theramore with the Burning Legion, would you not be similarly cautious about reacting too hastily?"

It was clearly an impassioned plea, rather than a prepared defence, and it was working to a certain extent as Jaina remembered the issue with the Burning Blade, and how close that had been to bringing her people to disaster.

"Which is why I thought I would bring proof Frennic, you should know by now I am a man of demonstration rather than relying on words alone." Harry had joined them, and thankfully the Blood Elf Children had seemingly helped his mood, his casual shifting of a series of Earthen tombs behind him the 'proof' he and his Terran forces had gathered on Azuremyst.

"Magister Rommath, Lord Regent! Summon the forces of Silvermoon and help us kill these enemies of The Prin…" That was as far as the female Blood Elf imprisoned in the pile of earth got before Lord Potter silenced her with a wave of his hand, the half a dozen other captured Blood Elves remaining silent, obviously having realised the magnitude of their current position if nothing else.

Their eyes still glowed green with accursed Fel energies however, emphasised by their pale and drawn features that made them look like possessed corpses rather than proud Blood Elves.

"That won't shut her up for long unfortunately, she'll devour the magic of the spell in a couple of minutes, but I think you get the idea. There are still several hundred Blood Elves and their Demon allies at large, near the Draenei ship where it crashed into the Isles North West of Teldrassil, though we haven't yet managed to determine who is leading them yet." Lord Potter paused, offering without speaking the option that he could transport them to see the Blood Elves working with the Burning Legion if they wanted more proof.

"I can't quite remember her name, but I remember her face. She was one of the first we sent through as part of the first wave of reinforcements Prince Kael'thas requested when we returned to Silvermoon. She had barely graduated as a Ranger when she left..." The frustration and grief on Lor'themar's face was clear to see, and given Lord Potter wasn't calling him out on it, it seemed it was at least partially genuine.

"Her name is Fenissa Redwing, though that was before she succumbed to… this." Ranger General Halduron was somewhat more stoic, but even he was clearly struck by the revelations being dropped at their feet.

"I know her father, he's a Senior Guardian. Lady Liadrin, NO!" Halduron's call almost came too late, Lady Liadrin's sword whistling through the air to claim Rommath's head, the Blood Elf Magister barely managing to duck under the attack and away from the woman who was now glowing with Light Energy.

"How many more lies have you told Magister! The 'Artifact' that you used to restore my connection to the Light? The energy shards 'taken from defeated Demons'?" Summoning a wall of water rather hastily, as she had not anticipated stopping the Blood Elves from trying to kill each other, Jaina tried to regain control over the situation.

"I don't think the Magister will be able to answer your questions if you take off his head. So if we can all put the weapons down, perhaps we can determine the truth of the situation peacefully…" As if on cue, there was a large explosion from the direction of Silvermoon City, the sounds of screaming and shouting carrying across on the wind a moment later.

"Well, there goes the attempts at doing this quietly, but at least I know that not every Blood Elf is a hostile combatant. Permission to enter and deal with your 'Fel problem' Lord Regent?" Harry didn't look upset that violence had broken out in the slightest, his grin as he readied his wand an obvious sign of his anticipation.

At Lor'themar's wearied nod, Harry grabbed Muradin with his free hand, Sylvanas laying a hand on his shoulder having moved to his side so quickly Jaina had blinked and missed it.

"Jaina, handle crowd control! I think we can handle the rest!" And then the three of them were gone, King Bronzebeard's face as they disappeared showing a similar smile to that of his companion, leaving her with the difficult work again.

Why had she wished for a more adventurous life, rather than being stuck at her desk in Theramore again?


The Dark Portal, The Blasted Lands, 4:01 pm (29 hours after the Exodar Impact)

Lord Kazzak, Commander of the Azeroth Burning Legion Remnant

The slow, thunderous hoof falls alerted Kazzak of the arrival of his most trusted lieutenant, several minutes before Kruul reached the base of the Dark Portal, where Kazzak and his minions had been working.

"My lord, some survivors have found their way here from the impact point of the meteorite we encountered earlier. The information they have provided has been... fascinating." As he finished inscribing the last set of sigils that were required for this portion of the Dark Portal's reactivation, Kazzak paused for a moment before grinning in triumph.

With the retrieval of the Bones of Gnor, an ancient demon who had once for with the Old Gods on Azeroth before the Shattering, his plans to reactivate the Dark Portal were nearing completion.

"And what information is so important that you would come deliver it yourself? There are preparations to be…"

"There are Terrans and Draenei on Azeroth now. And not just one or two lucky escaped slaves. These are trained warriors." Kazzak was glad he had finished his work, as his snarl and barely restrained fury were clear signs he would have messed up something if he had tried to continue.

Neither race were of great concern by themselves, given the decimation of the Draenei by Mannaroth's pets on Outland and the successful Legion invasion of the Terran home world. But both had great reason to hate the Legion, and more importantly the Terrans would be able to tell the other races of Azeroth about the continued fighting forces the Legion still had available.

"Ready the Ritual!" His bellowed order forced tens of thousands of Demons into action, many of whom were all too eager to bring the date of their planned exodus to Outland forward.

"Kruul, get Razelikh and his sheep here. There can be no mistakes." Looking to the East, where he had long 'deigned' for the blasted humans of this world to maintain a fortress overlooking the Dark portal, he pointed a long finger to make his intention clear.

"It is time to remind the sheep why we are called the Burning Legion…"

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