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Chapter One: A New Evil Arises

Middleton: sixteen years into the future

A teenage girl slouch herself on her queen like throne chair, kicking her feet up to fold them as she looked at the men before her sparring. Her long jet black hair swayed with the wind as her dark brown eyes narrowed themselves to the men. Unimpressed, as she normally was, she let her bright red lips pout of boredom.

"Come now Augustus" the teenage girl spoke "I've seen better from you."

The teen's soprano voice echoed in the space, for such a young girl her voiced boomed with commanding authority and the right amount of venom needed to intimidate.

"Honestly, Jasper could easily have had you with one blow if he wanted to" the teen rose as she walked down the staircase.

The men glanced at one another from the corner of their eyes; they knew what she intend to do once her foot touched the floor. Right when her foot was about to touch the floor, the sound of the doors opening boomed the surrounding area.

"Let me go!"

The teen girl's vision was fixed on the African American man being dragged in by her Hench people; her red lips formed themselves into a smile.

"You two are dismissed" she said as she shooed the other two men away, not once taking her eyes of the captive.

"Let me go or -"

"Or what Mr. Load?" The teen said as she interrupted Wade. "Kim Possible will come rescue you?" She laughed as she snapped her fingers.

One of the men holding Wade quickly punched Wade in the stomach, causing Wade to look down to the floor and groan from the inflicted pain.

The girl bent down, letting her long pointy nails touch Wade's face to make their eyes met. "How cute, that old hag is no matching me."

Again Wade felt the sharp pain of the punch when the teen snapped her fingers once more.

She rose herself, letting her eyes coldly stare at the men before her. "You know how I feel about failure so I best not hear you two failed in this one simple task I asked of you" She said.

"We did not Great One" one of the men said while the other handed the teen Kim's battle suit.

"Marvelous" She said smiling, not bothering to take the battle-suit away from the man.

"Now burn it" She said as she walked her way back to her throne like chair.

"But Great One-"

"I have no need of the battle suit Hans" She said taking her seat once more. "All I wanted is for you and Curtis to retrieve it and you did."

"Yes But-"Curtis said.

"Are you questioning me Curtis?" the teen said placing her feet on one of the arms of the chair looking at her blood red nails.

"No Great One" Curtis said.

"Did I stutter Hans?"

"No Great One" Hans said with both him and Curtis bowing their heads.

"Then why aren't you doing what I asked?!" She yelled. "Burn the stupid suit! I'll not have any trace of it here, is that understood."

The men nodded.

"What shall we do with him?" Hans asked with both men lifting Wade up.

"Must I always tell you nenies step-by-step instructions? Put him to holding cell, don't much care which one it is as long as he under lock and key, got it?"

"Understood Great One" the men said nodding. As they dragged Wade away from their leader's presences, Wade continued to struggle.

"You won't get away with this!" Wade yelled.

"But I've already have" She said looking at Wade and laughing her villainess laugh.

Hearing the teens evil laugh reminded Wade of one of Kim's past villains but Wade shook it off, it was impossible…

Middleton: Present

Kim and Ron were entering the Possible House, coming from their two-year anniversary date, with smiles on their faces. They both couldn't believe they have already been together for two years.

"Best. Date. Ever." Kim said, still having her arm wrapped Ron's letting her eyes close as she let her head rest on his shoulder.

"Only the best for my lady" Ron grinned letting both their lips met into a passionate kiss.

"Ronnie, I'm going to change something… more comfortable to wear upstairs, why don't you make yourself comfortable for the meantime uh?" Kim asked placing her hands on his chest, smiling a seductive smile. Ron, clueless to what Kim meant, smiled at her as he lessens his grip on her.

"Yeah sure KP, I'll be in the living room if you need me then. I'ma go see if they still have the Brick's of fury trilogy playing" Ron said walking to the couch.

Kim smiled as she knew Ron hadn't the fondest idea of what she had in store for him. The rents' weren't expected to come home from their double date with the Stoppables for another three hours and the tweebs were babysitting Hana over at the Stoppables', which meant Kim had three rents' and tweeb free hours alone with Ron.

She could hear Ron flipping through the channels as she walked inside her room. Kim untied her hair, shaking her head a bit to let her flow down as it normally would. She kicked off her heels and was about to unstrapped her dress when she heard a soft 'Ow.'

Kim, in mission mode, looked around the room in battle stance trying to spot the source of the 'Ow.'

Kim opened her closet door to find a red-headed boy with ocean blue eyes staring at her with nervous smile. Kim let her hands lower themselves as she continued to gaze at the young boy. He looked no more than Ten-years-old, having his red-hair styled similar to the tweebs.

"Who are you?" Kim asked.

The boy quickly made his way out of the closet, jumping onto Kim's bed. Kim, stunned by the boy's quickness, grabbed him from the leg causing him to fall on the floor face down before he made his escape to the window. You can hear a loud 'thud' as the boy fell and would try to bring himself up again. Kim quickly had the boy pinned on the ground struggling herself to get the boy to stay still.

"Okay kid you gotta lot of-" Kim started to say until she saw what the kid had in his hand "is that my battle-suit?!"

"Whacha oh!" Ron yelled as he jumped inside Kim's room holding on to his monkey style stance.

"What's going on here? Who's the kid?" Ron asked as he looked at the Kim and the boy.

"I don't know but I'm going to find out, hand me that cord!" Kim demanded pointing at the cord near Ron. Ron did as he was told as he helped Kim place the boy onto the computer chair and tied him up with the cord.

"Okay you have some explaining to do kid. What are you doing here trying to steal my battle suit?" Kim said folding her arms not taking her glance of the kid.

"Yeah and it better be good one" Ron said narrowing his eyes at the kid. Rufus, on Ron's shoulder, folded his mole rat arms also giving the kid a cold glance.

"It's not stealing, its secret borrowing. I wasn't planning on stealing it. I was gonna bring it back, honest!" the kid said.

Kim and Ron both looked at each other, stunned by what the boy just said.

Secret borrowing?

"What did you just say?" Ron asked the red headed kid.

"Secret borrowing, now please let me go! I have to leave now!" the kids plead trying to lessen the cords grip.

"No way Dude" Ron said "You still haven't explain why you needed to secret borrow KP's battle-suit"

"Believe me, I would tell you but I just can't" the boy said.

"Why can't you?" Kim said trying to reason with the kid. She lowered herself to his level as she spoke "we can't just let you go, we need some answers."

"I'm sorry but I can't even If I told you I doubt you would believe me" the kid said.

"Try us" Kim said rising an eyebrow bring herself up again.

"Yeah, we've seen and heard stranger things" Ron said.

"Not like this" the kid said still struggling to get out of the chair. "Now please let me go! I'm going to be in major trouble if I don't get back home." the kid pleaded again.

"Then it seems you're running out of options dude" Ron said.

"Now tell us" Kim said.

"Fine" The kid said sounding utterly defeated. "My name is Derek and …and I'm your son" He said looking at Kim straight in the eye.

"What!?" Kim said utterly stunned letting her mouth drop.

"Well I guess we haven't heard stranger things" Ron said awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck. He looked at Kim who looked like she was about to faint, luckily her bed wasn't too far away.

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