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Chapter 3: Revelations

Middleton: Future

The teenage girl had her hair pulled back into a ballerina bun, her red lips formed their wicked grin as she readied herself to spare with Jasper. Jasper gulped as he knew what the teenage girl was capable of and wouldn't hesitate to make an example of him to the others. There was a good amount of space between the two. They both bowed their heads in respect. The teenage girl's grin still remained plastered on her face as they charge at one another. The girl quickly jumped, placing the palm of her hands on Jasper's shoulder. Jasper had no time to think before he felt the sharp pain of the teen's heel on his back as she flipped behind him. He fell face down but not before the teen rapidly went to the front of his body and punched him on the jaw. She smiled in satisfaction folding her hands near her breast. Jasper got up and readied himself for yet another impact from his leader but was saved when Augustus stormed in.

"Great one!' he said with urgency.

"Augustus, what is the meaning of this?" The teen said with a hint of rage.

"Please do forgive me but someone is here to see you." Augustus said kneeling before her.

She raised an eyebrow. "Who, you know I don't …"

"My great one, she knows your name." Augustus said with his head still bowed.

The teen's eyes widen. The only person of her Hench people who knew her real name was Augustus. She turned her attention to Jasper. "You are dismissed and you" she said looking dead straight at Augustus. "Bring in whoever it is who wishes to speak to me forth immediately."

The men nodded and rapidly did what they were told. The teen sipped some water as she waited for her unexpected guest. The doors opened to show Augustus and a brown haired, brown eyed teenage girl beside him. She was a slim girl styling a pink non-sleeve blouse and black cargo pants. The teen blinked as if not believing what her eyes were telling her. The brown haired girl instantly smiled when she saw her.

"Bella!" The girl exclaimed as she rushed to hug the teen. "Bella it's really you!"

"Ellie?" the teen said as she felt the tight hug the other girl was giving her. "Wh-what are you doing here?" the teen said finally embracing the hug. It had been awhile since she had someone this excited to see her.

"And here I thought you will happy to see me" Ellie said pouting making Bella laugh. That was Ellie alright, her Ellie.

"You may leave" Bella command, finally addressing Augustus and making him bow before he made his leave. He silently closed the door behind him leaving the two teenage girls alone.

"Not that I'm not happy to see you Ellie but how on earth did you find me?"

"I followed the guy who let me in. I saw him at the supermarket not far from here. I remembered him from the day you left…"

"Ellie, you followed a man who may or may not have brought you to me?" Bella asked. "Do you know how idiotically stupid that was of you?"

Ellie nodded as she looked down only occasionally glancing at Bella. "Uh…Yeah."

"Same old Ellie" Bella smiled. Ellie sighed in relief, as she brought herself in for another hug. The two girls let the hug last a little awhile longer.

"Bella, you don't know how much I missed you" Ellie whispered, her voice sounding if it was about to crack.

They let go of the hug as Bella began to speak. "You know El, I've missed you and Auntie Nancy and Uncle Ben and …."

"And Auntie Ally" Ellie added.

"Yes and her" Bella said. The teen folded her hands behind her back and walked towards the door. She opened the door to see Augustus at his post. "Bring me refreshments and snacks Augustus. Also have Curtis and Hans bring in the table and chairs."

Ellie just looked at Bella in odd wonderment. She wasn't the same Bella she knew before she left, not even her appearance was the same. Bella was taller, more confident, scary…

It took the teen's loyal followers no more than 5 minutes to do what she had commanded.

"Thanks" Ellie said to them as they all walked out of the room.

"Want some water, soda, food?" Bella asked as she grabbed some Doritos.

"No thanks but what I do want is to know why you left home." Ellie looked straight at Bella, "You had us all worried."

"Why?" Bella answered angered, "Because I'm 'ugly Bella''? 'Ugly Bella' who could never do anything by herself, the weak leak that wouldn't be able to fend for herself, that's why I worried you?"

"Bella you know that isn't what I meant." Ellie replied. "You left us like nothing; your mother took it the hardest."

"Please Mother was the one who unstinted on my leave of that dreaded town."

"That 'dreaded town' as you called it is my home, our home, the place where we both raised remember?" Ellie said. "And don't lie telling me that this was your mother's idea. She died at the institute worrying about you!"

This struck the teen hard; she looked confused and angered at Ellie. "How dare you accuse me of lying and making such ridiculous claims my mother is dead!"

"But is isn't a lie!" Ellie stated. "That's the main reason I've been so desperate to find you! Your mother's dead Bella! Auntie Ally is dead!"

"No you're lying!" Bella yelled through her tears. Ellie brought her friend into her arms. She hugged Bella with force. "I wish I was Bells. Auntie Ally…"

"No Ellie" The teen said. She wiped her tears from her face and recomposed herself. "Ellie my mother's name isn't…wasn't" she corrected herself, "Ally."

"What are you talking about Bella?"

"Ellie" Bella said bringing their hands together. "I've known you all my life and I've always trust you with all my secrets. This is way I'm telling you my mother's name isn't Ally Hall."

"Then what is it Bella? What's your mother's name?" Ellie asked.

"Amy, Amy Hall, also known as DNAmy…"

Middleton Present

It's was early morning at the Possible house, James and Ann Possible were deep in slumber when their noses sensed something out of the ordinary.

"Hon" James said," Do you smell that?"

Ann turned to face her husband, groaning as she talked. "Smell wh-." Ann's nose began to smell what had awakened her sleeping husband.

"Do you smell… something burning?" They both glanced at each other before quickly getting out of bed. "The kids!" they ran outside of their room. At the same time the tweebs opened the doors of their room.

"Boys, what did you?!" James and Ann yelled at their twin boys.

"Hey we're innocent!" Jim said. "We just woke up" Tim added.

"Then who-?" James began when he heard the fire extinguisher being administered. The family all raced downstairs and followed the sound leading them to the kitchen. They found Kim in her pajamas with the fire extinguisher in hand over the stove.

"Kimmie what happened!" Ann said as she looked at the mess in the kitchen. Kim turned rapidly around, her face petrified.

"Mom, Dad!" She said. "I…uh… wanted to make some breakfast for everyone when um… this happened."

"Oh Kimmie-cub" Mr. Dr. Possible said, looking at the mess.

"How was I supposed to know the water would catch fire?!"Kim argued.

Everyone looked at Kim baffled. "Hon let me get the straight; you started a fire … with water?" James asked with his eyebrow arc.

"Anything is possible for a Possible" the tweebs said laughing at Kim, who narrowed her eyes and grunted.

"Enough boys" Ann ordered. "Why don't we go out to eat breakfast this morning? I think this kitchen seen enough action for one day."

"Your mother's right, you kids get dressed and we'll go out to eat this morning." James agreed.

"Fine" the boys said as they felt the room still snickering at Kim.

"Um Dad not that I don't want to go but I've kinda already told Ron to come over for breakfast today and…"

"Nonsense Kim, Ron is always welcome to join us" Ann said.

"Yeah but you see he has Der-are I say a cousin staying with him" Kim said nervously.

Ann and James glanced at each other from the corners of the eyes, not sure what to make of Kim's odd behavior.

"His cousin can along as well. The more the merrier right hon?" James said to Ann.

"Yes dear, it's okay with us Kim" Ann smiled. Kim sighed, her parents were on to her and she needed more time to set her parents and the tweebs onboard about-. There was a knock coming from the door. Kim eyes widen as she looked at her parents.

"It's Ron; he was supposed to help me set up breakfast. I'll go open for him." Kim raced out of the kitchen and into the living room. She didn't know why she was so nervous having her parents know about Derek. Derek was her son and therefore, her parent's grandchild so why was she so nervous? Too much of Kim's dismay, she wasn't lying about who was at the door. She opened the door to see Ron and Derek standing outside. Derek was very cheerful as he hugged his mother. "Morning mom!"


The teens and Derek all saw the shocked expressions Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Possible had. Derek smiled as he let go of Kim and went to hug Mrs. Dr. P.

"Nana! Woe, you look so young and Grandpa" Derek said looking at James, "you haven't changed." Derek hugged Mr. Dr. P with a huge smile on his face. As James embraced the hug from his grandson, he saw Kim's face was covered as she face palmed and Ron just nervously smiled as he stood next to her.

"Kim!" Mr. and Mrs. P said looking dead at Kim. Kim smiled nervously at her parents.

"It's a long story…"

Middleton: Future

Kim yawned as she felt the brightness of the sun awaken her from her slumber. She turned her head to see Jason wasn't in bed but instead a piece of paper his place. Kim gently grabbed the piece of paper and read it.

Kim, I got an urgent call from the hospital. Sorry I didn't wake you to tell you. I'll see at dinner later tonight.

-Love you with all my life, Jason.

Kim smiled as she placed the letter on her night stand. She touched her hair, stretching out her arms as she got up from bed. Kim was completely unclothed after last night "couples therapy' with Jason as she walked into her closest. She began her search for her outfit of chose for the day, pulling out clothes like mad. As she tried taking a blouse out from the clothes hanger, she managed to pull the hanger hard enough for an orange shoe box to fall down onto the floor. Kim sighed as she bent down and pulled the box up. Kim was surprise to see most of the context that had fallen out of the box was mostly pictures of her and …..

She picked up and stared at her prom picture. She stared at the photo a few minutes as she thought back to that day. She let a small smile escape her lips and placed the picture back inside. After all those years, she still couldn't cope with the loss of Ron in her life as she fought back tears when she picked up at her old pre-k picture and spotted Ron's engagement ring on the floor. It was a beautiful 6 carat diamond ring. Kim lifted the ring up, admiring the ring. She slowly took off her 16 carat diamond wedding ring inside the box and placed Ron's ring on her finger instead. She stared at the ring on her finger in wonder…

How different would her life have turned out if Ron hadn't left? Would they have had the life they always talked about together? Or would they have started new dreams together? There was so any 'what if' if Ron had still been with her that she couldn't help but imagine the possibilities. Don't get her wrong, she loves Jason, her son Derek and the life they have formed together but Ron will always have a special place in her heart that luckily for Kim, Jason understood. He knew how important Ron was to Kim and never showed any hint of jealousy when his name would slip into conversations from time to time or when Kim would become touchy on certain subjects that remind her of him. That's what made Kim love Jason even more, his unbelievable consideration he had for her. Sometimes Kim didn't know how Jason could've put up with her for so long….

The house phone began to ring; Kim got up and answered forgetting she still had Ron's ring on.

"Carmichael residence, Kim speaking….Oh Joss Hi what's-…. Okay that's weird but I don't think it's anything to worry about. Has he-….Okay, okay chill Joss, I'm on it….. Don't worry; I'll call you if I find out anything okay." Kim placed the phone down onto the receiver. She grabbed her mission clothes and started putting them on. She thought it was going to be a quiet day in at home but no. Now she'll be on her way to Wade's office and find out why he wasn't home last night…..

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