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Even if one wasn't the slightest familiar with Raven and her character, anyone could assume just by watching her that downing hard liquor at a busy and noisy club on a Saturday night wasn't exactly her favorite pastime.

There were the tell-tale clues: for example, the way in which she gathered her dark sapphire-colored cloak around herself protectively, as if to ward off the loud bass pumping through the speakers, or social interaction in general; the seemingly-bored-yet-secretly-curious look in her dark eyes as they darted about the stuffy room, watching the various club patrons as they groped around each other and acted as though the intensity of the music was giving them the highest of highs, like they were in another world, another dimension where only good things happened, and tonight was the only night that mattered.

Azar, how she envied them.

Even the subtle way she tucked her short hair behind her ear blew her cover in this environment. Though she was a beautiful girl, and curvaceous at that, she was alone at her seat at the bar, so the action served no obvious purpose in flirtation. The habit, therefore, simply indicated that she was nervous, which also would allude to the possibility of her being a naturally shy individual, as well.

So what was a girl like her doing in a place like this?

Raven was still wondering that herself.

It hadn't been her intention to be end up in a place like this, alone, on a Saturday night. Especially when she could have been back at the Tower reading a book or meditating, doing things that actually mattered to her. But Beast Boy just had to make that last remark before he and the rest of the Titans went out for the night...

"C'mon, Raven, come out with us. Get to know Jump City and have a little fun at the same time!" he'd teased lightly. The other Titans, Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire, nodded in agreement, hopeful smiles adorning their excited faces.

"No thanks," Raven dismissed bluntly, her eyes glued on the ancient text in her lap. It was nothing personal, she just didn't feel like going out and watching her teammates get wasted.

The other Titans began to shuffle out toward the Tower's garage, disappointment obvious on their faces, leaving a dejected Beast Boy to hang back. Raven had only joined the Titans a few months ago, so they were all still in the phase of really getting to know each other. She knew they just wanted to see what she was like on a Saturday night out on the town, and she also knew this was precious team-bonding time she was kind of blowing off, but once Raven had made up her mind about something, it was nearly impossible to change it.

"Fine," Beast Boy snapped. "Enjoy another boring night here alone with just you and your nasty old books, Raven."

He'd disappeared out the door after that, leaving her no room for her own sarcastic retort. She'd continued reading for a while once they'd gone and tried to push Beast Boy's somewhat hurtful comment from her mind, but eventually she couldn't ignore what he'd said any longer. Who the hell was he to say that to her, anyway? And what was so bad about her staying in while the rest of them went out?

The craziest thing was, Beast Boy had actually sounded hurt when he'd said that to her, like she was ruining his night by not going out with them or something.

But never mind that.

So that's how she ended up here. In a club. Intoxicated. Alone. On a Saturday night.

Because her stubborn self just had to prove to Beast Boy that she could have fun in other ways too, that she wasn't as one-dimensional as he made her out to be. Plus, she really did need to get to know Jump City if she was going to be living here and protecting it.

Not that this really counted as "getting to know the city".

Raven giggled senselessly at the thought as she downed the remains of her copper-colored drink. Had she not been so inebriated, she probably would have gagged or made a face at the offensive burning of the bourbon splashing down her throat.

But, as was the case...

She'd switched to bourbon after getting bored with vodka a couple drinks ago, and right about now she was beginning to despise herself for being so reckless with her behavior. Somewhere in the back of her muddled mind, Rational Raven reminded her that this was not her, this was not what she did.

She was definitely stupid, her fogged mind knew that much, at least. Raven of all people should know that drinking alcohol was probably one of the worst things she could do in terms of helping her to control her powers.

Suffice it to say, when Raven got drunk, she was about as contained with her emotions as Starfire. Whatever she felt, she felt it hard.

This was why she hardly drank at all to begin with. Because when someone like her, someone with extremely competent skills of empathy got liquored up, it usually didn't end well. Sure, the buzz was great at first, because that meant the Happy inside her became more emphasized in her personality, which was probably why she was giggling like an imbecile right now for basically no reason.

But, of course, what goes up, must always come down. Alcohol was a downer, so eventually, when Happy had had her fun and was tucked away in bed for the night, Timid and Rage and all those other fun aspects of her personality tended to rear their heads in full force, leaving Raven an emotional mess.

Now that she was already pretty drunk, however, there was really no stopping the chain reaction. All she could do now was try to minimize the casualties and slip home before Happy went away.

But as Raven attempted to stand up from her bar stool, her balance teetered and she had to grip the actual bar surface for support in order to keep herself from falling hard on her face. She couldn't help but laugh stupidly at the whole scenario, and soon other not-so-sober club patrons were joining in on the fun, chortling as they asked her if she was okay. A couple of guys who stank of beer and cigarettes even asked her if she wanted to dance, but Raven declined with a decisive shake of her head, still giggling at her own clumsiness as she began to make her way toward the club exit.

She was almost to the exit when the DJ changed the song. As the heavy techno music pored from the speakers, Raven felt herself practically drawn to the dance floor. This song felt different from the previous ones, or maybe she was actually more drunk than she'd realized. The bass was so hypnotizing it was almost seductive, and with little resistance she soon found herself out on the dark and suffocating dance floor, writhing along to the music with strangers.

Who was she kidding? Happy didn't want to go home, Happy wanted to stay at the club and dance all night like she was in one of those over-glamorized music videos! And given her current state of inebriation, Raven wasn't really in the mindset to turn down any of Happy's whims, anyway.

The song continued to play, and Raven found herself being transported to a dream-like euphoria as she moved along to it. Despite the lack of personal space on the dance floor, she felt so free it was almost scary. It was probably the first and only time she'd ever enjoyed dancing.

She'd been happily dancing by herself when she suddenly felt someone grinding a little closer to her than she'd have liked. The alcohol in her system told her to just ignore them, but Raven nearly jolted when she felt him press up against her from behind.

Offended, she turned around to yell a few choice words at the obnoxious and unwelcome stranger, but her insults soon died on her lips. The club wasn't lit very well to begin with, which had been one of the drawing factors to this particular club in the first place. So Raven wasn't really all that surprised when she could hardly see her offender to begin with.

From what she could tell, he was tall, really tall. Although, since Raven herself was quite short in stature, he could've been tall or just average height. And he smelled like sweat and cheap musk. But he had this smile on his face that she couldn't ignore. It wasn't a friendly smile per se, but it wasn't necessarily psychotic or evil, either. It was more... dangerous? Yes, dangerous, but neither blatantly good or bad. Perhaps if she was sober she would've been able to read him better.

The stranger didn't even attempt to apologize for his lewd behavior, his grin arrogantly displayed as he continued to dance around her, though his movements were now less intrusive and more "come hither". The entrancing song continued to boom on the speakers, and just like that, Happy Raven was dancing with the bewitching stranger.

As they moved together, she made sure to keep reasonable distance between them (she was still Raven, after all). She felt cheesy and predictable for feeling so, but she couldn't keep down the bliss that was surging through her body like a drug. She also couldn't help thinking about Beast Boy, wondering what he'd think about her sudden transformation of character. She wasn't so boring now, was she?

She should've been asking herself why she even cared about Beast Boy's opinion in the first place, but instead she focused on the pulsating lights and music, attempting to drown herself in it as she pretended Beast Boy was her dance partner and not the muscular man behind her. Who was starting to get a little more hands-y than she would've liked.

Subtly, she tried moving away from him a little so he wouldn't have so much access to her. But he soon closed the space between them again, and without any kind of invitation from her, he began to test the waters.

She soon felt his large hands wrapping possessively around her hips, and while a small part of her may have enjoyed the attention and contact (a very drunk part of her), the rest of Raven felt claustrophobic and wary. She could tell her buzz was beginning to wane because suddenly this carefree dance was not so carefree anymore.

In fact, she was beginning to feel angry. Mostly at his audacity to touch her like she belonged to him, and the rest toward herself, for even going out and drinking in the first place and having to deal with this kind of bullshit.

She was about to excuse herself from his embrace and disappear back to the safety of the Tower when she abruptly felt his hands drift from her hips to her behind. In a fit of instantaneous outrage, her powers shot from her like a surge of lightning, sending him careening into the wall closest to them. Not enough to fatally hurt him, of course, but just enough to maybe knock him out and teach him a lesson.

She felt a little better, until she noticed the handful of people she'd plowed down in the process. Once she'd made sure they were okay, she looked back up in his direction, expecting to see him in a crumpled heap on the ground.

The man was gone, though.

The music finally changed, and the club patrons continued dancing as if nothing had even happened. Raven was beginning to question her sanity as she looked around the club and still found no sign of the man who had unapologetically groped her. She couldn't even sense him in the vicinity, which was even stranger.

Eventually, however, she chalked it up to her intoxication, and decided to leave before she hurt anyone else. She exited the club into a remote alley, and immediately teleported herself back to the Tower.

In her still-inebriated state, however, she'd teleported into the Tower control room by mistake, instead of her own room. She landed with a thud and cursed, and it wasn't until she tried to stand up that she realized how drunk she still was.

"Whoaaa, where'd you come from?"

Raven froze as his voice registered in her ears, which were still ringing from the club music. With as much composure as she could muster, she used the large couch beside her to climb into a standing position, not even wanting to think about how disheveled she probably looked.

Beast Boy was standing by the kitchen counter, making a late night snack of some kind. He didn't really look like he'd been drinking, but at this point it was kind of hard for her to tell anything, anymore.

He quirked his eyebrows at her expectantly.

"Oh!" she realized a little too loudly. "Umm... nowhere."

She figured the less she said, the better. Though she had to admit, just the sight of him was stirring something deep down inside her, like Happy was coming back for round two. But it wasn't Happy per se...

No, this feeling felt more like hunger, if anything.

Beast Boy chuckled his stupid boyish chuckle. "Really, Raven? Cuz it sure doesn't look that way," he crinkled his nose a little. "Doesn't smell that way either. Damn, Raven what'd you do tonight? You smell like a bottle of Jack."

She could deny it all she wanted, but she knew he wouldn't stop prodding until she spilled, and the alcohol was making it a little difficult for her to keep her mouth shut right now, anyway.

"It's stupid," she slurred as she made her way over to him in a haphazard beeline, nearly falling on him when she got there. "This whole thing was stupid."

Beast Boy eyed her curiously, his lips twitching as he earnestly tried not to laugh at the endearing state Raven was in. A state that he'd probably never catch her in for the rest of his life, which at this point might be cut short considering the current downward spiraling of Raven's emotions.

"What's stupid?" he asked amusedly, blushing as he felt more of her body resting against his for support.

She shook her head gracelessly and inhaled deeply, as if breathing air for the first time in her life. "Nothing. It's fine."

Beast Boy tried to be patient with her. "C'mon, Raven, you can tell me. I promise not to judge or laugh."

Immediately, Timid was up in full force, and Raven felt herself shrink back from him, "That didn't stop you earlier."

He seemed confused at first, until he remembered his hurtful comment from earlier that night. Then he just felt like an asshole.

He'd been upset because he wanted to spend time with Raven outside of the Tower, and going out as a group was the next best thing after a date. And considering he didn't think Raven would be saying yes to a date anytime soon, let alone a date with him, he'd take whatever he could get. The problem was, Raven didn't seem to like going out as much as the rest of them, and although he could understand that to a certain degree, he hadn't appreciated it when she'd dismissed the idea of it so quickly and so thoughtlessly. Which was why he'd reacted like an asshole.

She saw his eyes soften with guilt, and briefly she wondered if she was going to throw up at some point during the night.

There was regret in Beast Boy's voice when he spoke, "Raven, I'm so sor-"

"Shhhh," she interrupted him as she put her hand to his lips. "It's fine, don't worry about it."

He continued to watch her, but he just seemed more worried now than anything.

"It's not important," she continued insistently, though still slurring every single word that came out of her mouth. "What is important, is that I am a powerful sorceress-goddess and I both, both mind you, kicked serious ass tonight and had fun."

She really wanted to be serious about all this, but then a tiny giggle escaped her mouth and as Beast Boy's worried expression shifted to astonishment she began to laugh even more. In her spontaneous moment of merriment, she promptly let go of Beast Boy and fell to the ground, which inevitably just made her laugh even harder.

She felt Beast Boy's strong arms lifting her up, her body pressed comfortably against his, and again she could sense that stirring feeling of hunger in her. Oh Azar, he smelled so good. Not like that jackass in the club. No, Beast Boy smelled more like spearmint and Old Spice.

"Okayyyy, Raven, why don't you go to bed, and you can tell me all about it in the morning."

He was babying her. He was babying her and she didn't even care. She was really drunk. The effects and distractions of the club had made her intoxication less obvious to her, but now that she was back at the Tower and seemingly the only intoxicated person in the room, every movement and every sound felt more emphasized, and she wondered how she'd even made it home safely in this state.

The foreign stirring in her abdomen then made her say something very un-Raven like, "Carry me?"

Briefly, very briefly, Beast Boy's eyes seemed to bug out of his head, like the entire idea was preposterous. Then, though a little hesitantly at first, he swooped her up into his arms in one swift motion, and it took all of her willpower not to swoon like some helpless damsel in an old Hollywood film.

She was quiet after that, and even Beast Boy seemed like he had other things occupying his mind as they made their way to the elevator and up to the floor they shared with each other. She considered making a comment about his scent, the very scent she loved so much, but then the smarter part of her told her to shut-up. So she did.

And as they got closer to her room, Raven began to realize how tired she was, and how stifling her leotard was, as well.

As soon as they were inside her room, Beast Boy carefully put her down. When she seemed like she'd found her balance, Raven sauntered clumsily over to her bed, stripping her cloak and leotard off in the process. Which really just left her in her usual boots, along with her not-so-usual lacy black bra and underwear combo.

It was like she'd completely forgotten another person, let alone a boy, let alone Beast Boy, was there in her room with her, and right now all she really cared about was getting out of her somewhat-binding leotard and knocking out for the night.

And hopefully, she'd wake up tomorrow fresh and completely oblivious to all the embarrassment she'd caused herself tonight.

Beast Boy heard a small noise erupt from his throat as his breath caught at the sight of Raven in her... unmentionables. He earnestly tried to look away, but as his primal instincts began to cloud his judgement, he resolved to forcing himself stare at the floor, beet red as Raven nonchalantly continued to kick off her boots and climbed into her bed. Her large bed. With silk sheets and down-pillows.

He had to get out of there right now.

"Uhh, okay, Raven. I'm glad you're feeling better. I'm gonna go now," he stammered. She giggled again and it was all he could do to not clap his hands over his ears to keep the enticing sound from entering. Dammit, she was so beautiful. And witty and smart and a million others things, and he liked her. A lot. But he was better than this, and she deserved better than this.

With a defeated sigh, he began to turn around to make his way out of her room, cursing himself for not being wherever she was tonight.


He turned around and looked at her, and nearly regretted it. There she was, tucked away in her sheets, the only part of her really visible being her head, though her toned arms poked out as well, and with those, a smidgen of her bra was exposed as well as the soft flesh surrounding the area. Her cheeks were flushed like she'd just run a marathon, and her hair was messy, but not in a gross kind of way. Anyone else looking at this picture might have imagined Raven as a porn-star or some other kind of vulgar character.

But not him. To him, she seemed much more innocent right then. More vulnerable and honest than he'd seen her in a really long time, probably since the day he'd met her when he'd collided with her in that now-distant high school hallway. He swore to himself right then and there that someday he'd take her out on a date. Even if it ended up being a disaster. He just wanted a chance.

He knew she didn't need him. For all intents and purposes, Raven didn't really need anyone; she was such a badass she could take of herself without even breaking a sweat. But he didn't want her to need him. That wasn't the Raven he wanted.

He just wanted her to like him. Really like him. Maybe even love him.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves here.

"Yeah, Raven?" he asked her steadily, though his heart seemed to have other ideas as it hammered against his ribcage.

She seemed to consider him for a moment. "I think I'm gonna throw up."


If you felt like the characters were a little OOC in this one, I'm sorry. I really tried to keep them in character, but I also wanted to explore other parts of their personalities that we may only catch a glimpse of from time to time, play with that, and see where it goes. Hopefully it wasn't too much of a disaster.

Don't hate me if this stays as a one-shot, okay? Classes start up again in less than a week so I really don't have the time to do another chaptered story right now... but who knows? If not now, then this summer. I really loved writing this one, so there's hope.

Hope you guys had a lovely holiday break.