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Bella PoV Prologue

When I came home for the summer I didn't ever expect this to happen. Well in reality I hadn't expected much to happen. I figured I'd spend the summer between my sophomore and junior year of college with my father who I hadn't seen since I was sixteen and then only for a week. We'd eat at the diner or I'd cook Charlie never could cook and we'd hang out around the house. I might go down to La Push and hang out with Jacob Black who I'd been friends with as a child but besides that I wasn't expecting anything. Man was I wrong. Instead of coming home to a comfortable two bedroom house I'd live in from the age of birth to 10 in Forks Washington I came home to find Charlie was married and living in La Push.

That I might have been able to handle if it wasn't for my new step brother Sam Uley and what happened the first time I met him. Oh how I wish I could have ignored the over grown 30 year old but he was living right next door so that wasn't possible. Even then I might have been fine accept for the fact that I was pulled into some strange world of imprints Vampires and Werewolf's this isn't the summer I was expecting that's for sure.

A/N so this is my new Sam and Bella story this is the prologue then we'll see how it goes from here. It will most likely slip between Sam and Bella's POV's with a bit of other people mixed in. please review.