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Bella's POV

I stared out the window as the plane landed on the runway. Back in Forks I was actually back in Forks. Okay really Seattle but it would soon be Forks for me. I got off the plane and found my luggage and looked around the airport for Charlie. Hoping that he didn't forget me. I sighed my bag by my tapping foot. I saw a man coming towards me but didn't think much of it until he stopping in front of me.

"Are you Bella Swan?" I looked at him but not really at him he was big that was for sure.

"Who wants to know?" I demanded as I tried to look over his huge frame and spot my father.

"Sorry I'm Samuel Uley your father sent me to get you."

"Who What?" I still hadn't looked at him

"Sam Uley Miss your father sent me to get you."

"I finally looked at him straight in the grey blue eyes and froze. My breath caught in the back of my throat and I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. I stumbled backwards and felt a pair of strong arms come around me.

"Bella are you okay?"

"Let me go this instant." I demanded trying to struggle out of his arms which quickly released me. "Why in the hell would my father send a stranger to pick me up?" I demanded.

"Your father never told you did he?" the man named Sam asked me.

"Told me what?" I was really getting pissed now the guy seemed to have some weird pull to him but I wasn't a police chief's daughter for nothing if this crazy man thought I was going with him he had another thing coming.

"Listen Bella call your father and ask him." The man's honey smooth voice almost had me melting but I wouldn't let it.

"Don't think I won't I snapped grabbing my phone and punching in my fathers number.

"Chief Swan." I heard from the other end.

"Dad where the hell are you?" I barked into the phone unnerved by the way the man was looking at me.

"Isn't Sam there." Charlie's voice came through the phone.

"Yes there is some idiot named Sam here who by the way I have no idea who he is but where are you?"

"Sweetie I had to work Sam will bring you to La Push I'll see you when you get here."

"La Push." I sputtered. As the phone went dead. I looked at the man. Sam I guess I should start calling him if even just in my head. "Why La Push?"

"I see we have a lot to catch you up on Bella." He sighed grabbing two of my bags and leading me to a pickup truck throwing them in and grabbing my third one. I scowled at him as he opened the car door for me. I slipped into the late model Chevy as he walked around to the driver's side slide in and started the car.

"Are you going to answer me?"

"We're going to La Push because that's where your dad lives now with his new wife my mother." I'm sure my mouth was hanging open as my brain tried to process everything. I was so going to kill my father.