Me: I'm bored so I'm going to write fan fiction. Its a good way to pass the time.

Percy: (appears out of no ware)WERE AM I!? WHO ARE YOU!?

Me: I'm Miss. Magic Girl and this is a fan fiction.

Percy: Oh I don't get it.

Annabeth:( walks through door) Its simple Seaweedbrain. A fan fiction is when people write about books or movies they like.

Percy: Oh. We're in a book?

Annabeth: I guess so.

Tony:(appears out of no ware) WERE AM I!? WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE!?

Me: Ha thats what Percy just said.

Tony: Who's Percy?

Percy: That would be me. Who are you?

Tony: *Gasps* You don't know who I am! I'm Tony Stark genius. billionaire, playboy philanthropist, and IRON MAN!

Percy: (Stairs at Tony blankly) Who?

Tony: (Screams out of frustration and try's to exit the room only to be pushed back by an invisible wall) WHAT THE!?

Me: Oh that was an invisible wall built to keep you inside. Now. TONY DO THE DISCLAIMER!

Tony: Why me why not him(points at Percy)?

Me:Because I said so now DO IT!

Tony: *Gulps* Miss. Magic Girl doesn't own the Avengers or Percy Jackson. Can I leave now?

Me: NO! Enjoy the story.

(Tony's POV)

"Please friend Tony surely a man with your skills can track the boy down," Thor begged. He had been begging me to track down this kid Percy Jackson for the past month. Apparently he's some big deal on Asgard. All I know is what Thor told me about him (which isn't a lot). But I don't know why Thor wants to meet him so badly.

I made the mistake of looking up from the new suit I was building. As soon as I saw Thor's puppy dog eyes I knew there was no winning this battle.

I sighed and put my tools down," I'll see what I can do, but I'm not making any promises."

Thor smiled and walked out of the room muttering something about poptarts. I walked over to my computer and typed the boys name in the search bar. Yep I had already hacked into S.H.I.E.L.D.'s network this morning. Why? Thats not something I should say out loud. Anyways When the kids file popped up I was very impressed.

This kid blew up the Saint Louis Arch, he was the kid they were looking for on that nation wide man hunt 5 years ago. He even faced a kidnapper with a gun, and he's blown up more schools then you can count. Now I wanted to meet him. I quickly found his address and printed it out. Then I ran down to the kitchen to find Thor.

When I got dow there I found Thor and the rest of the team eating lunch.

"Hey Tony," Steve said," I made you a sandwich, but Clint ate it."

I sent Clint a glare before returning my attention to Thor," so I found out where the kid lives do you want to go and meet him?" I asked even though I already knew the answer.

Thor nodded, because his mouth was full of pop tarts.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa time out," Clint said waving his arms around," what kid and why dose Thor want to meet him?"

I gave Clint a look that said seriously dude.

"The kid Thor's been talking about for the past month. Have you not been listening?" I asked. He just shrugged. I rolled my eyes," well Thor convinced me to track him down, and his file was very interesting, so who wants to meet a 16 year old kid we barely know anything about." I said with fake enthusiasm causing Natasha to roll her eyes.

"I'll go but only to make sure you two don't do anything stupid," she said.

Everyone else agreed so we decided to go to his apartment when he got out of school to day. You know I just thought of something I really hope the kid doesn't freak out and attack us. Man that would be embarrassing The Almighty Avengers taken down by a teenager.

(2 hours later) Still Tony's POV

So we were walking to the kids apartment. Why weren't we driving? Well Capsickle decided we needed to do some 'team bonding'. Everyone else said no, but we ended up walking anyways oh well. But it was a good thing that we walked or else we wouldn't have met the kid.

"So how much farther to his apartment?" Clint asked.

"I don't know, but if we had driven we would already be there," I said shooting Steve an accusing look who just shrugged. We walked in silence for a few minutes until Thor, who was leading the way, stopped suddenly.

"Thor why did you stop?" Bruce asked.

"Shhh," Thor shushed him.

"Um... Thor?"I started but he shushed me too! Then he turns towards the alley on our right. Thats when we heard it a low growl and a yell. We were too far away to hear what they said, but I could tell it was a male. Without a warning Thor ran down down the alley leaving us no chose but to follow.

As we ran down the alley the yelling got louder, but I could only make out a few word," Over here... flea bag... not... chew toy."

I looked over at the team and by the odd looks on their faces they heard some of what the boy said too. I saw Thor at the other end of the alley. Once we all managed to catch up with him we saw why he had run down the alley.

The alley opened up into a part of town that looked to be abandoned. With an old factory and some other buildings that looked to be unstable and falling down. But that wasn't what we were interested in. What shocked us was the kid standing in front of us with a glowing bronze sword facing a gigantic black dog-like- thing.

"Do you know him?" Clint asked Thor.

"Only from the stories," was his response. Thats when it hit me this was Percy Jackson the kid Thor had been talking about. He was different then I had thought he would be.

For one I thought he would be taller, and I definitely hadn't expected him to have a sword. What was that thing he was fighting. I was so caught up in my thoughts that I hadn't noticed the dog had swatted the sword out of the kids hand. That is until the sword landed in between me feet.

The kid said something in a different language and I'm pretty sure it wasn't a complement.

"We have to do something," Cap yelled

Thor shook his head," no, no we don't."

"What are you talking about!?" Steve yelled.

Before Thor got the chance to answer someone cleared their throat. We turned to see the kid now covered in golden dust with a shield. Where did that come from? He was staring at us.

"Umm... if your done arguing can I have that back?" he asked pointing at the sword that was still at my feet.

Thor smiled," of course you can Perseus," the boy slightly moved so that the shield was in a defensive position.

"How do you know my name?" He asked.

Thor laughed," everyone on Asgard knows of you. We enjoy telling the stories of you and how you defeated Kronos the great titan of time in the second Titan war."

Perseuses face paled a little, so I guessed he didn't like being reminded of the 'second Titan war.' Who lets a 16 year old fight in a war?

The boy took a few steps back. I think we might be scaring him. Maybe its not such a good idea to give him a sword, but Thor didn't seem to care. He picked up the sword and handed it to the boy hilt first. Perseus cautiously took the sword.

"Its nice to meet you Perseus I've heard many great things about you," Thor thundered," the hero of Olympus defeater of Kronos." Perseus looked shocked like he couldn't believe this random person knew so much about him. He was so shocked he actually lowered his shield.

Thats when I realized he didn't have a scratch on him, but there were a few rips in his shirt. How did that happen?

"Who are you?" He asked. I was shocked that he didn't know who we were.

"We're the Avengers!" I said. He nodded.

"So your the people who were running around New York in those costume things fighting the alien people." Just the way he said it made us laugh even Natasha.

"Yes," Clint said after we had gotten control of ourself's," that would be us."

"I have a question," Bruce stated.

"Yes?" Perceus asked

"How do you walk around New York with a Sword and Shield," Bruce asked, and I'm glad he did so I didn't have to.

Perceus just smiled," I don't."

"What-," but I stoped asking my question when I saw Perceus tap his shield and we watched as it turned watch. Then he took a pen cap out of his pocket a put it on the tip of his sword. I was amazed.

Perceus clapped snapping us out of our shock," I should probably go," he said.

"Okay well it was nice meeting you," Steve said.

Perceus smiled," you too."

"Far well Perceus I hope to see you again," Thor said.

Before he disappeared down the alley he turned around," you can call me Percy." Then he ran off, and I have a feeling this wont be the last time I see him.