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Chapter 3

"And here we are," I announced as I pulled into the garage at the Avengers tower.

"Great," Percy said sarcastically,"just what I want to be doing on a friday. Getting kidnaped be a crazy billionaire with an ego problem and getting dragged to his tower where he's going to hold me captive until I show him my powers. Yep, the perfect friday night."

If I said I wasn't a little insulted I would be lying. In fact I was a lot insulted.

"1: I do NOT have an 'ego problem', and 2: most people would pay to be kidnapped by me."

"I pity those people," he replied.

I huffed and got out of the car. I walked around the car remembering I had tied Percy to his seat. But before I could open the door it opened and hit me in the stomach. I fell backwards and hit the ground with a loud THUD.

I looked up to see Percy standing above me with a smirk on his face.

"How-how'd you. I thought. Huh?"

"I keep a dagger in my pocket for emergencies," He said as if everything were perfectly normal. I stared at him for a second, but I just shrugged it off.

Its probably normal where he comes from. I thought.

"Okay then," I said keeping my cool and collected features,"lets go upstairs and see the other Avenger shall we?"

Percy crossed his arms and fixed me with a glare that could rivel Natasha's.

"You go upstairs. I'm going home,"he turned to leave out the open door, but before he could take a step I tackled him to the ground.

"And up stairs we go," I said as I lifted us both off the ground.

He once again started to punch and kick me. Well this is going to be a long walk.

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"Oww! Bruce that hurts!" I yelled.

"Well if you would sit still it wouldn't hurt as much," Bruce yelled back at me," how did the kid give you a bloody nose anyways?"

"How am I suppose to know!" I yelled back in frustration.

"He deserved it!" Percy yelled from across the table.

"No!" I yelled," You stay quiet your in a time out!"

"Time out," he yelled," you can't just drag me to your tower, against my will, than say I'm in a timeout for giving you a bloody nose!"

"Yes I can!" I yelled back," your in my house!"

"Not by chose!"

"Both of you shut up," Natasha yelled from her seat at the table," your giving me a headache!"

I sent a glare in Percy's direction. I expected him to shrink back, but instead he countered my glare with one of his own. Witch was by fare more scary. But I couldn't let him know that.

"Tony I have a question for you," Steve said," why'd you bring him here anyways?"

I just shrugged, witch did not help my injured shoulder," I just wanted him to show us his water powers."

"You could of just asked," Steve said.

"I did ask many times but he always said no. So I took more drastic measures."

"Okay, not that this isn't great, but I have homework to do and I'd like to get to camp before dinner. So came I leave now?" Percy asked.



"In a minute."

"Is that a stab wound?"

"Yes," I yelled," he keeps a dagger in his pocket and he stabbed me with it!"

Bruce looked confused and he looked over at Percy," why do you keep a dagger in your pocket?"

Percy just shrugged,"for emergencies." He said it like it was the most obvious thing in the universe," can I go now."

"No," I said," I didn't get stabbed, kicked, punched, and shouted at to NOT see your powers and your not leaving until-" I was cut off when I got a mouthful of water.

"There you go," Percy said as he stood up," you can kidnap me again on Monday, but right now I have to get to camp. So yah bye." And with that said he walked over to the elevator and left.

I began to grumble under my breath. Oh well there's alway Monday.

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