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First attempt at a story so I hope everyone enjoys. The pace will be a bit slow at first since I don't want to rush my story. It will pick up more and more as the chapters progress.

Ch. 1

The soft blue glow of the orbs on the surrounding shelves cast an eerie light on the group. Harry was leading at the front of his group of friends. Hermione and Luna were close by with Ron, Neville, and Ginny bringing up the rear. They were scanning through the shelves looking through the outlines for any other people among them. So far, they had spotted no one. Harry had led his friends here to the Department of Mysteries to save his Godfather, Sirius Black. When the vision from Voldemort came he saw that Sirius was going to die. So he acted. He feared that the delay caused by Umbridge and the flight here made him too late. He was his last chance to get away from the Dursleys. He was his last chance for a family and a father.

What if Sirius is already dead? Harry thought to himself.


Harry turned at Hermione's voice to see her staring at one of the blue orbs. He moved closer to her.

"This one has your name on it." She said as he drew closer.

He read the little tag attached to the orb. "SPT to APWBD, Dark Lord and (?) Harry Potter" was written on the tag. He impulsively reached his hand out to grab it, but felt a Hermione's hand grab his wrist.

"Harry, you should probably not touch it. Who knows what protections the ministry has put on it to prevent theft."

Harry rolled his eyes. "I really don't think the Fudge and his lackeys are going to worry about me picking up a ball after we have just broken into the Department of Mysteries."

"Well, we at least have a perfectly good reason for that, but this could be considered theft! We might get into real trouble then!"

"Hermione, we, organized and 'illegal' organization at Hogwarts, abandoned Umbridge to the devices of the Centaurs in the Forbidden Forrest, and broke into the Department of Mysteries to rescue the fugitive Sirius Black. What more trouble could we be in?"

It could only get worse.

"Oh, you are already in more trouble than you could imagine."

Harry whirled around, raising his wand, and pointing it at where the voice came from. He saw a man in black robes and a Death Eater mask. Despite the disguise, he knew that voice anywhere.

"Lucius Malfoy."

"Ah, I'm glad you remember me Potter. It has been some time since our last little get together in Little Hangleton. As I recall, your friend didn't fare so well there, did he? Now, if you'll be so kind as to give me that prophesy."

"Why would I do anything for you?" said Harry, now understanding what the orb was "And what concern is this prophesy to you?"

"It is not on my behalf that you will give me that prophesy, but your friends. You see Harry, if you do not hand me that prophesy, then we will have to hurt you and your friends here. Wouldn't want to be responsible for another Cedric now would we?"

Harry looked behind him and noticed the others were surrounded by at least seven other Death Eaters that he could see. His friends had their wands drawn and were in a circle with their backs to each other. He was glad that some of the combat lessons from DA were showing now.

"Why don't you just take it for yourself? No one here is going to stop you?" spat Harry, angrily.

"Why if it were that simple we would have done so long ago. No, you must be the one to take it off the shelf, boy. Do it now or else your friends will begin to understand the meaning of pain." Lucius hissed the last word.

Harry had to think quickly. Not seeing any good options, he began thinking of ways to get his friends out of there. "If I give it to you, can you swear to me that you will let us go and release Sirius Black to us?"

Lucius and the other Death Eaters began to laugh.

"Foolish child." Lucius chuckled "You pathetic godfather isn't here! It was all to lure you here by the Dark Lord. All of your efforts are in vain. Now hand me the prophesy, now!"

Harry looked back at his friends and met Ron's eyes. They stared for a moment before Harry mouthed "Run". In the low light of the room, the Death Eaters could not make out the exchange. Ron slightly nodded his head. Harry lowered his wand and made to walk over to the shelf. He began to move his left hand towards the prophesy while pointing his wand at the lowest shelf.


As soon as Harry cast the spell, he and his group sprinted towards the doors leaving behind the shocked Death Eaters. Again, Harry thanked the stars that they had taken the time to work on teamwork shelf began to collapse and prophesies on the upper shelves began raining down on the Dark Lord's followers. A cacophony of eerie voices and faint, smoky wisps began rising from the shattered orbs. As the group ran Harry began blasting out more of the lower supports for the shelves as they ran. Ginny and Luna seeing this started to do the same.

"Stick together!" Harry cried over the din of sound around them. He was worried about the mess that he got his friends into. He could not, no, would not let anything happen to them. They were racing towards the first door they could find. Harry wrenched it open and ushered the others inside. He rushed in and closed it behind him. Hermione immediately began casting what locking charms she knew on it. Looking around, Harry saw that they were back in the Time room, the ticking of all the clocks and various time devices replacing the breaking glass and ghostly voices of the previous chamber. The group began retracing the steps they took earlier to reach the Hall of Prophecies. As they were about halfway to the door leading to the central chamber, the door to the Hall of Prophesies was blown off its hinges by a terrible blast.

"Run!" cried Harry. As they made their way to the exit, the streaks of spells flew past them. Harry noticed, with a feeling of dread in his stomach, that some of them were a deathly green. Some of the devices around them started exploding upon being struck by an errant spell. Harry was showered in the dust and glass of a timer turner as it burst from a bright purple hex barely missing him. Harry was blindly returning blasting hexes behind him as he ran. He heard a man cry in pain behind him and knew that one of them must have struck true. The group was drawing closer to their escape when Harry felt his legs suddenly seize up and he fell forward. He was able to soften most of the impact with his left hand, but felt a sharp pain there as well. Looking up, he saw that most of his friends made it through the door. Luna turned to see Harry on the floor several meters away from the door.

"Harry!" she cried.

"Just run!"

"No, I won't leave you!"

Harry looked pleadingly into her eyes.

"Please, don't let anyone else die for me."

She hesitated towards him. Then, with eyes moist with unshed tears, she nodded, turned, and closed the door behind her.

Harry turned to face the on-coming death eaters. He quickly cast a finite on his legs and rolled to his right just as two piercing charms impacted the ground he had occupied. He sprang up and ran among the shelves.

"Your friends have abandoned you, boy." spoke a female Death Eater.

"No, I wanted them to leave. They made the right call." Harry said shakily.

"You think that now, but dying alone is so much more painful." She said, casting another purple spell towards Harry. He rolled away from this one, and came up casting a shield charm. A red charm impacted it and broke it, sending Harry back several paces. He sprinted sideways into the shelves again.

"Your aim isn't so good." Harry said once he had recovered his breath.

"Perhaps I am just toying with my prey before I devour it? It isn't sporting to simply kill you and be done with it. Besides, the Dark Lord wants you for himself. "

More devices and clocks burst around him as two other death eaters launched a volley into the shelf that Harry hid behind. Harry returned with two Reductos, pumping as much of his anger into he could. One of the Death Eaters managed to leap out of the way while the other was caught in the chest, bursting through his hastily case shield. Another Death Eater cried out in anguish.


The brute of a death eater pointed his wand towards Harry and cried "Bombarda!"

Harry was just able to cry "Protego Duo!" before the impact.

The explosion that followed shattered the shelves all around Harry. A bright flash forced him to shut his eyes, but he could still see the light through his eyelids. The roar of the explosion was deafening. Harry noticed that his shield had not failed, however, and he felt no heat from the explosion.

Soon, the light and sound faded and the deafening silence that followed scared Harry more than everything else that night.