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CH 34

Harry's mind was fuzzy and he slowly started to regain consciousness and he noticed several sensations with his body. He was cold, very cold, and shivered slightly only to cause the muscles in his shoulders to cramp. As his vision cleared he saw that he has in a solid white room devoid of any furnishings. The only break in the otherwise stark room was the door on the opposite wall made out of heavy steel. Harry looked up to see a line of omni-lights that kept the room bright and sterile looking. He shivered again and looked down to see he was completely naked. His whole back ached as his hands were spread out against the wall inside restraints that didn't even let him move his fingers and he was suspended by these. He tried focusing some magic through his hands, but nothing happened since he couldn't make the movements for his wandless magic. His legs were out before him and he noticed that he was low enough to the ground that his bottom rested on the floor. He tried to visualize Kent's apartment to apparate out, but realized this was futile since this still spell still required some hand movement. He would need to figure a way out of these restraints if he was going to escape.

"Escape from where?" Harry thought and tried to think back to what he last remembered. All he could recall was that he got in the car with Petrovsky and they talked for a bit before he dozed off.

"He drugged you, you idiot." Harry told himself. He would have been upset, but he did not see this coming.

"No wonder Mad-Eye always prepared his own food and drink. You're not paranoid if everyone really is out to get you."

Harry struggled briefly against the arm restraints and he noticed that they could be dragged along the wall. They must have been magnetically attached to the surface to allow for some, but not a lot of, mobility. He awkwardly shuffled his feet underneath himself and pushed up, his hands dragging slowly across the wall. His back and shoulders seemed to groan in relief at being out of that position. Seeing no other option, Harry called out.

"Hello! Is anyone there?"

His voice echoing in the room was his only reply. He continued to stand for a bit until his legs tired and he sat down again, dragging his hands lower into a more comfortable position. Hours seemed to pass so slowly that Harry wasn't sure what time it was anymore or how long he was there. He nodded off slightly when a slight humming sound started up. Before he could react his hands shot above his head and he was yanked forcefully to his feet. The heavy door opened across the room opened and a small droid floated in. It flew straight at Harry's face and two arms shot out to either side of his head and a third restrained his chin and jaw. Harry's mouth was forced open and a tube slid in his mouth and past his throat. He gagged a bit as a thick fluid was pumped into his throat at an agonizing rate. When his stomach felt full the flow stopped and the droid released his head and floated off, the door slamming shut behind it.

Harry retched at the bland taste of protein paste. He recognized it from his brief visits on the Citadel. It was a cheap food substitute that would do the job of keeping you fed, but tasted horrible. Apparently this was his meal for the day. He noticed that some of it had spilled onto his chest and he wished he had a free hand to wipe to disgusting gruel off. He had to simply let it dry on his skin instead. Time continued to pass and Harry was in an out of sleep. He would alternate periods of simply yelling himself hoarse for someone to come and talk to him. To his shame, Harry had a couple of bowel movements in this period and the best he could do was scoot to one corner to take care of his business then scoot to the opposite side. His body felt filthy and he could smell the sour stench of excrement on himself.

After what felt like hours he heard a click and he opened his eyes. Hearing the humming again, he braced his arms just before he was pulled to his feet again. This time he was brought forward a little off the wall. Two arms extended from the ceiling to the floor on either side of him. They started spraying him with a painful stream of water at high pressure. These arms rotated around him and up and down his body. Harry had to close his eyes to keep the blast from harming them. Soon the water ceased and a high pressure blower went over his body, drying him. Harry was relieved at the small measure of warmth this imparted to his person. He turned and noticed the corner that he had made into his privy had been blasted clean as well.

Harry's arms pulled back against the wall and he hung there slightly colder than before yet thankful he was not covered in filth for now. The arms retracted into the ceiling and Harry saw the door open. Petrovsky walked in along with two Alliance scientists all wearing sunglasses.

"Mr. Potter, so good to see you again at last. I apologize for the long wait, but I had some pressing business to attend to. You understand." He said this as if Harry wasn't restrained in such an inhumane way.

"I don't understand, you wanker. What in the hell is this about?" Harry demanded.

"Well, you see, the Alliance is worried about your loyalties and feels that you are a liability waiting to happen. They would like to see you eliminated and your body examined for your...unique gifts. I was able to convince them to give me a chance to secure compliance from you." He grinned maliciously. "Now, I would like to know a few things about you and I expect honest answers. These men here will monitor your reactions and tell me if you're being honest."

Harry saw that the men were watching small omni-screens. They must have been looking for things like bodily reactions rather than tells on his expression, perhaps something close to a lie detector test.

"Now, where are you from?" Oleg asked.

"People are probably wondering where I am right now." Harry said. Harry felt a jolt through his body as electricity coursed through his arms causing them to seize up.

"No, they aren't. At least not in the way you think." Petrovsky said, his hand releasing a small button from his omni-tool that ended the shock onto Harry. "I took the liberty of having a video produced showing you attacking your escort and fleeing the scene when we made it here. Killed a couple of soldiers too. Really bad stuff. It does not look good when you're escaping while facing charges of treason. No worries, it's strictly an Alliance matter right now. Now, where are you from?"

"The magical land of Oz." Harry said and received another jolt.

"Mr. Potter, please try and be mature about this. Once more, the question."

"London." Harry lied. He was able to calm his body and mind enough to keep himself steady.

"Good. Were you exposed to element zero in utero?"

"I don't know." Harry said.

"Who were your parents?"

"Jacob and Evelyn Potter."

"How do you do perform your powers?"

"I was born with them."

"And how did you learn to harness them?"

"I went to a magical school where ancient wizards taught me and I flew around on a broomstick." Harry said, trying to lay on a sarcastic tone. He knew he succeeded when his body convulsed from the shock.

"Pity," Petrovsky said. "We'll resume this another time. You should know that if I do not obtain compliance the easy way, I will have a control chip implanted into your brain. Think about that for the next few days."

The trio walked out of the room and Harry was left alone again, his arms cramping from the shocks. He fell asleep with a small idea forming in his mind.

Harry sat on the floor. It had been several days and several interviews by Petrovsky and his goons. He was filthy again and knew his bath would occur right before they would enter so they wouldn't have to smell Harry. They had followed this pattern for several days and Harry had resisted the whole time. Several times Harry had been able to provoke Petrovsky, nearly to the point of getting physically assaulted by the man, but each time he kept his cool and Harry received more shocks. Petrovsky promised that tomorrow would be the last time before they resort to having a control chip implanted so Harry prepared himself.

He heard the hum and braced his arms again. He was pulled up and forward as the mechanical arms came down and painfully bathed him again. As he was pulled against the wall once more the door opened up and Petrovsky marched in followed by Crabbe and Goyle as Harry took to calling them. Petrovsky looked a bit mad already which made Harry hopeful his plan would be easier to pull off.

"OK, Potter. You know the drill, and this is your last chance." He said, his lips thin with frustration. "Where does your power come from?"

"You know Oly, this is so beneath you." Harry said.

"Answer the question." Petrovsky said in a low growl.

"I mean, seriously, questioning a naked guy with two goons. Makes me wonder if you have a thing for men. I'm not into that personally, but you'd make a nice grizzly."

Harry received a really good shock from that remark.

"Once more, Mr. Potter. Answer the question."

"Or is it something else?" Harry said as he regained his breath. "Could it be that the Alliance thinks you're an old relic? Only fit to question naked men since you can't keep up with our alien brethren? I mean, honestly, most Turians are better leaders than you are.

That did it. The grizzled old, racist, general marched forward and punched Harry hard in the gut. Harry sunk to his knees, coughing and laughing at the same time.

"What's the matter? Can't handle that the Turians are better at your job than you?"

That earned Harry a hard smack across the face. Harry felt his lip bust and start to drip blood on the crisp, white floor. He was still laughing at Petrovsky as he turned to his goons.

"Get the surgery prepped and ready. I want that damn chip in him within the day!"

Harry turned his hips and swung his leg around violently, taking Petrovsky down at the knees. The man fell hard to the floor. He tried to slow his descent with his hand, but it slipped in Harry's blood. He hit his head hard on the floor as a result and Petrovsky was semiconscious. With well-planned movements Harry managed to wrap a leg around Petrovsky's neck and brace his foot against the back of his skull. Harry could hear him struggle to breathe as his leg clenched against his windpipe.

"See, Oly, I knew you were into this sort of thing. Ah ah ah!" Harry exclaimed as the goons made a step toward him. "Move a step closer and the old bastard's neck gets broken. Now you're going to release these restraints or the general's death is on your hands."

Crabbe and Goyle hesitated for a moment so Harry started to press his foot hard against Petrovsky's head. The man's breath stopped and he was snorting out of his nose and turning red. Crabbe quickly took out his omni-tool and pressed a few buttons. The restraints on Harry's hands fell to the ground and loosened. Harry was able to slip his hands out and he flexed his fingers for the first time in days. He thrust them forward and sent hard bonebreaker curses into Crabbe and Goyles torsos which sent them into the wall next to the door. Petrovsky was now unconscious from the blood loss to his brain and Harry let him drop to the ground. He needed to go to ground for now and get in touch with his friends. He visualized the once place he thought no one would find him in London, and with a sharp turn he vanished with a crack.

Harry was dropped down into the dirt filled room and he nearly choked on all of the dust he kicked up. This was the first place in London he had stepped out onto since he got thrown out of his time. The bricks still covered the entrance to the old Ministry and he was thankful for the fact that this place was not noticeable by normal people. He had returned a few times in the past when he had visited Kent and he made sure to seal the entrance back over each time. He also added a muggle repelling charm in order to prevent people from stepping into the room he now hid. He waved his hand through the air and the dust dropped to the ground. He carefully walked around debris to a nearby wall and opened his villa up. The light from the door tearing open in the dark room was enough to make Harry wince, but he recovered enough to look at his beautiful home. He stepped inside walked barefoot across the now packed earth. As he approached his house he noticed that small green buds showed through the ground where he had sown grass earlier. He made sure to walk through the thinnest patches to his door. Inside, he showered, dressed, and ate an actual meal for the first time in several days. Feeling better than he had in what felt like an eternity, he stepped to the bathroom and examined his face. His lip was swollen and there was a gash on it. He applied a bit of omni-gel to it and hit it with a small healing spell. The swelling went down immediately and the cut closed up. His lip was an angry red, but he was otherwise normal looking now.

"Dobby," Harry said as he gazed at himself.

"Yes, Master. How can I help you?" Dobby's voice said through a nearby speaker.

"We're going to be on the run for a while. You'll need to run the Polyjuice protocol once we're outside." Harry said.

"Of course, Sir. Shall I take the liberty in moving your current assets through different channels to scrub them?" The synthesized voice inquired.

"Yes, Dobby. That is a good idea. Please load up my omni-tool with the necessary profiles."

"Yes, Master."

Harry then slipped on a thin body armor suit he had acquired. It wasn't as heavy duty as his normal gear, but he would draw a lot of attention wearing something like that. This could be concealed underneath civilian clothes and only had hard plates in sections on the torso, thighs, and shoulders. Harry clipped on his shield generator, omni-tool, and side arm before pulling on a loose fitting hoodie and trousers. After pulling on his boots he marched out of his house and back into the dusty and dark room. He brought up his omni-tool and saw that Dobby was already hard at work on the extranet shifting his bank account and personal information around to make it harder to track. He scrolled through his list of contacts and was about to call Ashley when a nagging feeling told him to call Liara first. He did so and it chimed once before Liara picked up.

"Oh my Goddess, Harry, is that you?"

"Yes, it's me Liara. Are you safe?" Harry said.

"We're fine. We've been looking for you for days. Where have you been? We're scared sick."

"Whose we?" Harry asked cautiously.

"Tori, Ashley, Kent, and myself. We contacted him shortly after you failed to turn up thinking you went to see him. He's been helping us ever since. Where are you?"

"Nowhere important." Harry said. "Are you at Kent's place?"

"Yes, we're all here except for Ashley. She went to get some answers from Alliance Command."

"Stay there. I'll be there momentarily." Harry said as he closed the connection. He scrolled back up to Ashley and called her number. It too chimed once before she picked up the line.

"Harry? Where are you?" Ashley said frantically.

"I'm safe. Are you at Alliance Command?" Harry asked.

"Yes. How did you know?"

"Liara told me. Leave now and head back to Kent's place. Act nonchalant as you do so. I'll meet you there and explain what's going on."

"OK. Harry?"

"Yeah, Ash?"

"Don't do anything stupid."

She closed the line and Harry visualized the foyer of Kent's apartment. He spun in place and disappeared with a crack. He felt the sensation of being pulled backwards through a tube before appearing in the entrance of Kent's flat. He turned to see a gun in his face held by Kent.

"Jesus, Son. Don't scare me like that and how in the hell did you do that?"

"Magic." Harry said flatly. This caused Kent to chuckle before lowering the gun and pulling Harry into a tight hug.

"I've missed you, Son."

"I've missed you too, Kent. It's been too long."

They pulled away and Kent looked at the gun still in his hand. He looked a bit embarrassed and holstered it before motioning Harry to follow. As Harry looked around the cozy and familiar flat a blue missile streaked into him.

"Oof! Hello, Liara." He said, putting his arms around his friend.

"I was so worried about you. We're in the galaxy have you been?" She said, her voice was muffled as her face was buried in his chest.

"It's a long story."

Harry moved inside and sat down on the couch. He noticed Tori sitting in the recliner opposite him and she appeared relieved to see him as well. Kent came in and tossed Harry a beer.

"Start talking. We're owed that much, Son." He said as he took up his favorite armchair.

Harry explained what had happened after he left them at the airport, about the drugging and waking up in the white room. He told them about his treatment and the torture, the questioning and the fabricated murder and escape. By the time he was done Liara was in tears. Kent's eyes were watery too, but he appeared to be more angry than anything else. Tori's face appeared as still as quiet water, but Harry could see the storm under her eyes.

"How could they do that to anyone, let alone you?" Liara asked, her hand over her mouth.

"People want me for what I am and what I could mean for their own power. Apparently the Alliance is worried that they'll lose me and would rather have a puppet than a soldier."

"What are we going to do?" Liara asked.

"We aren't going to do anything. I will get to someplace out of Alliance reach and lie low for a while." Harry said firmly.

"Do not be stupid, Harry Potter." Tori said from her chair that she sat as if it was a throne. "You know that I am accompanying you regardless of your decision."

"Me too." Liara said.

"No, Liara. You mustn't. You have a chance to really make a career now with many leads on protheans and enough popularity to get funding for it. Don't throw it away simply to follow me."

"Where else will I go? I'm your friend and I'm coming with you."

"No sense arguing with the ladies, Son. Just be thankful you've got friends like them." Kent said, sipping his beer.

"Where should I go?" Harry asked.

"Terminus systems, of course." Kent said. "Only place where Council forces can't go without risking a big fight. You'd only have to worry about a bounty hunter now and then or pirates."

"We've got to get off of earth without being noticed first." Harry said. "Any ideas?"

For a while no one spoke, but Liara broke the silence.

"If we had a lot of money we could hire a smuggler I know of on Earth." She said, looking a bit embarrassed.

"I'll ask why you know a smuggler later." Harry said. "How much will he cost?"

"That's the hard part. He only deals in precious goods such as art, artifacts, precious metals, jewels, that sort of thing."

"I think I have an idea where to get that." Harry said, scratching his chin as his mind formulated a plan. "It will take a while to get, but it will let us lie low for a while."

The door chimed and Kent stood up to answer it. He looked through his view screen and opened the door. Ashley burst through the opening and ran to Harry. She stopped short of the den and stood there. Harry rose and walked over to meet her.

"You're OK." She said.

"Yeah, I am now." Harry said.

"Good." She wrapped her arms around Harry and pulled him into a kiss. Harry melted into her and returned it with full force. His mind swam so much he barely registered one arm leaving his neck until he heard the beep of her sidearm activating next to his head.

"Harry." Ashley said slowly. "Don't move."

"Ash, what the hell are you doing?" He asked as she circled around him, barrel still pressed against his skull.

"Keeping you here until the MP's come and arrest you." She said. Her voice sounded strained, as if she was crying.

"Ashley, what are you doing?" Liara yelled.

"Harry is wanted for murder, Liara. He killed two Alliance soldiers just so he could escape justice."

"Ash, Harry was framed. He didn't kill anybody." Liara said in a pleading tone.

"I think everyone needs to calm down and just listen for a moment." Kent said as he tried to lower the tension.

"I saw the bodies, Liara. He did this, there's video proof."

"Videos can be fabricated you foolish flesh." Tori said, standing up and moving over to them.

"What about the witnesses? Or his disappearance"

Harry was looking around the room and saw Ashley's reflection in glass of a picture frame on the wall. She was staring straight at Harry, watching his every move.

"It doesn't matter. They should be here soon and if you're innocent then the Alliance will sort it out. Harry, please come quietly. I don't want to have to choose between my duty and you."

That was the crux of it Harry realized. Ash was the most faithful person he knew and had been true to him in their romance.

"But one cannot serve two masters." Harry thought. Ashley's loyalty lied in duty first.

"Do not make me hurt you little girl." Tori said threateningly as she closed the space between them.

"Tori, back off or I will be forced to make you back off" Ashley commanded and she turned her head for a moment to address her. Harry used this instant to duck, spin is arm around to trap the gun, and punched Ashley hard in the jaw. Her legs buckled as she went limp and Harry caught her in his arms. He gently lowered her to the floor as Liara grabbed the gun out of her loose fingers. Harry healed the quickly forming bruise on her jaw. She looked asleep and beautiful in that moment. He leaned over and gave her one last kiss on her lips before looking up. Liara appeared blurry and he realized his eyes were now filled with tears. He wiped them away and sniffed when he realized his nose was running too.

"OK," he said through a tight voice. "We have to go, now."

"I'll keep an eye on her until Alliance shows up." Kent said. "I'm too old to be running from the law. Write when you can."

Harry sprang over and gave the older man another hug. Liara and Tori came over to him and he gazed at Ashley's prone form.

"How are we getting out of here?" Liara asked.

"Same way I came in." Harry said and he took their hands and placed them on his shoulders. With a quick nod to Kent and a sad look at Ashley on the floor he spun and apparated away.

"I've failed, Sir." Petrovsky said through the view screen on the omni-terminal. A man lights his cigarette and breathes in the smoke . He holds it there for a few seconds before exhaling it out in a stream and tapping the end of the smoke to his ash tray.

"Yes, you have." He said simply as he stared back with his glowing blue eyes.

"I'll track him down, Sir. He couldn't have made it off Earth yet." Petrovsky said with an almost pleading tone.

"No, you won't." the man said simply before taking another draw.

"But, Sir…"

"You've revealed too much of your hand as it is, Oleg. It is time for you to leave the Alliance and join me here."

"I'm pretty sure I could have him if you would just allow me one more opportunity."

"I never planned on you actually succeeding in the first place." He said and pressed out the butt of his cigarette. "But you performed your part admirably."

"What do you mean, Sir?" Petrovsky asked.

"You were meant to fail. I knew he would escape which is why you were ordered to behave as you did. He now distrusts the Alliance that once sheltered him and he will come to us when the time is right."

"That's… you used me?"

"Don't act coy with me, Oleg. You of all people should know what it means to use the people at your disposal. Now, I expect you here within the month after you've taken care of your affairs. Leave quietly so no one suspects you."

"Yes, Sir." Petrovsky said before terminating his feed.

The man closed his terminal and pressed the button to open his window. He stared out at the red and blue flamed sun his station orbited.

"When you're ready, Harry Potter, I'll be here."

Harry, Tori, and Liara appeared with a crack in complete darkness. The air smelled of old, dry wood and dust which made his nose itch. Harry flicked out his wand and lit the end of it which washed the ground it blue light. He waved it around until he got his bearings and began to walk with Tori and Liara hanging onto him.

"We might face a lot of danger ahead." Harry said to the two asari behind him.

"Didn't you tell me once that we'd always be a team, Harry?" Liara said.

"Yes, I do recall that conversation." Harry said as he saw the first of the steps of what he was looking for.

"Then quit trying to talk us out of leaving you." Liara said and gave him a slight push. "Where are we anyhow?"

"A place we'll find our smugglers payment." Harry said.

"And where is that, exactly?"

Harry waved his wand high as they reached the top of the stairs. Before them lay two massive doors that looked to be covered in gold gilding. The walls around it had chunks of marble missing and burn marks. Underneath the dust and grime of decades being left unattended, Harry could make out a single word wrought in gold letters.