"Time to be free"

The blaring of alarms filled the air. One by one, they grew in intensity as the disturbance grew. Several security officers ran through the many halls of the research station, running among the chaos of researchers as they fled to safety.

"I found the cause of the disturbance, its coming from the X research room!" yelled a voice over the earpiece of the security officer's radio.

"Tell me what's going on!" demanded the Doberman as he drew his holstered gun and began to jog towards the elevator closest to his location.

"All security personnel to report to Research X Room. The security camera has gone black and we have no info on the status of X. We might have a security breach on our hands. You are all authorized to use any means necessary to capture X if needed" blared through the stations intercom.

The situation grew more and more chaotic by the passing second. The security had gone from level one to level 5. The station had gone into a security mode which sealed any and all exits.

Deep inside the dark room where X lay, the gear of freedom were set in motion.

X opened his eyes, staring out the glass of his pod he saw red auxiliary lighting power up. The feeling had returned to his arms and legs. He could feel the power once more. The shackles that held his arms began to fail. One froze solid, shattering easily as X tugged until he was free. The other melted into a puddle of molten metal as it ran down his leg, melting the plastic but flowing like water off X's fur.

The wolf's fur began to change from its cool soothing colors to bright and hot hues. The red lighting the inside of the pod as he held both his hands to the door that sealed X from the rest of the world. X fused the properties of the searing hot temperatures and the cold subzero temperatures into one concentrated point of the door.

A blast rocked the station, sending the already terrified occupants of the station into a deeper state of distraught. The door blew across the room destroying the door that led to the glass door to X's room. The dust began to settle as X took his first steps on his own out of the pod. The little spider creature took flight from the pod out the collapsed doors.

"Thanks again X" buzzed the flying creature as X continued his path of destruction.


"Code Red! X has escaped! He is in full control of his latent abilities, extreme caution is advised. Do not engage target. I repeat, do NOT engage target"

The security group lay underneath a large glass and metal door that had blown right through the hall were they headed. "Alpha team, sound off. Is everyone okay?" asked a canine leaning on the wall, his foot crushed against the wall by the door.

"A4 here, I'm good"

"A8, good, I'm little banged up but ready to party"

"6 here, been better but ready to tango"

"A2 reporting in, I'd be better if 7 would get off me"

"7 here, shut up 2. I'm good 1"

"3 and 5, where are you guys?"

"We are the floor underneath, it collapsed. We are pinned underneath all of this rubble."

"5 come in? Are you alright?" asked 1, the canine leader.

Muffled and static filled 1's intercom, "5 said he's got his arms pinned as well" yelled 3.

1 was attempting to get up, when a dark black figure appeared from the smoke and flashing red lights.

"Don't move everyone. Lay motionless" whispered 1 into his mouth piece. He knew the powerful might of X.

X slowly walked barefoot through the broken glass and shards as sparks flying from the broken power conduits hanging from the ceiling. 1 and his able bodied team watched him, each member holding their breath. Life seemed to slow to a halt as he continued his walk towards his next destination.

The chromatic black wolf turned to face the squad of black dressed security team. 1 looked at X, their eyes meeting. X turned back and walked to 1. 1's heart sank as the chromatic wolf walked towards him. The black wolf knelt next to 1, as 1 took off his goggled mask. "What are you want" he struggled to say.

X's eyes floated from place to place. He noticed the rest of the team. X walked to the door and placed a hand on it. The wolf lifted the door as if it were made of paper and threw it back into the room that once held him.

The red lights seemed to flicker even more now. X held his arm above the rest of the debris that pinned the members underneath. Thousands of pounds of metal and iron began to rise from the ground held by an invisible force. It followed the path of the pod door.

"T-thank you" coughed 1. X simply gazed at him and continued to walk down the metal hallway as alarms continued to blare.

"This is Alpha Team 1, X is heading towards the central of the research station. Stay clear of him. Med team to Room X, Alpha team suffered casualties, none fatal".

"Send a message to Cornerian Defense. We need a recovery squad for X. "

1 laid back on the wall and closed his eyes, his leg throbbed in pain. He listened to the wailing of the alarm and the shattering of glass and gunfire as X walked farther and farther from view.