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Dark Reflections

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: Hi There Mr. Skeleton!

It had been two days since leaving Corallo Island. Mami was still getting used to living on the ship. And right now she was taking a test.

It wasn't a memory test or a test to see if she was loyal… well in a sense it was, but not in that way.

It was a test to see if she was worthy of knowing the combination to the vault… by which it means fridge…

Mami was showing Sanji how well she baked.

Sanji remained calm as she did it, after all he had to be objective during this.

Because on this ship, knowing the combination to the fridge was serious business.

Mami put the cake into the oven.

"You seem to know what you're doing." Said Sanji.

"Before I came here I did bake a lot." Said Mami.

"I see." Said Sanji.

Sanji was still unaware of Mami's real past and just assumed she was talking about the island.

That was when Luffy came in.

"Hey! Sanji! Got anything to eat?" asked Luffy.

"I'm baking a cake Luffy." Said Mami.

"Really! When will it be ready?" asked Luffy.

"I just put it in." said Mami.

"Oh…" said Luffy.

That when they heard a call from the crow's nest.

"Hey there's something in the water!"

They all went outside and saw that it was a barrel with a sail that read "Treasure to the gods"

OF course the crew picked it up. Nami began to explain that it was a gift to a sea god. While it wasn't treasure, it was persevered food and alcohol.

"If it's booze then let's drink it." Said Zoro.

"No way! That's bad karma!" yelled Usopp.

"It's fine at long as you pray." Explained Nami.

"I pray to no god." Muttered Zoro.

"You could always pray to Hope." Suggested Mami.

"That's a stupid idea Tomoe." Said Zoro.

Zoro had decided to take the middle road when it came to Mami's name, he agreed with Luffy that her name sounded too much like Nami's but he thought the nickname "Corkscrew Head" was stupid so he used Mami's family name instead.

"Either way let's open it!" said Luffy.

Luffy opened it, however when he did a flare came out, and exploded into the sky.

"What was that?" asked Franky.

"Probably someone's idea of a prank." Said Zoro.

"Hopefully." Said Robin.

But before they could dwell on it, Nami called out.

"A storm is coming!" said Nami.

"What?" asked Mami.

"Oh Nami can sense when storms are coming." Said Luffy.

"How is she able to do that?" asked Mami.

"I have no idea." Mumbled Luffy tilting his head, "I've never questioned it… maybe because she's such a skilled navigator."

However he didn't notice that Mami had started helping out the ship as he was giving his answer.

Thanks to the Thousand Sunny's paddles, they were thankfully able to get out of the storm quickly, however they entered a large fog bank, it was so dark, it could be mistaken for night.

"What's going on?" asked Usopp.

"Oh yeah have to go through the see of ghosts." Said Luffy.

"Sea of ghosts?" asked Usopp.

"That's right… the Florian Triangle." Said Sanji putting a match to his face, "Every year hundreds of ships disappear from it… there are many stories… some say it has to do with ghosts"

This began to freak Chopper and Usopp out.

"It's not like that, it's all just rumors." Said Mami, "Yes, many ships disappear but there's a logical explanation."

"A logical explication?" asked Luffy, "You're a Magical Girl from another universe! How can you be taking the logical explanation side of this?"

"Her island is much more closer than Water 7 so she might hear more stories." Said Franky.

Mami nodded, "You see."

But before she could explain the details of the Florian Triangle strange song filled the air.

"You said there's a reasonable explanation." Said Usopp, "Is there a reasonable explanation for a haunted song?"

"No… it has nothing to do with the explanation." Said Mami.

"That's such a convenient story." Said Usopp.

That was when they all saw where the music was coming from. A very large ghost ship.

"A ghost ship!" yelled everyone but Robin who remained calm.

"A perfectly logical explanation." Muttered Usopp.

"The explanation has nothing to do with Ghost Ships." Sighed Mami, "Well… not in this way."

However Usopp was freaking out over the music to try to listen to Mami's explanation about many of the ghost ships.

That was when they all noticed on the ship there was a skeleton that was alive… and drinking tea.

Of carouse Luffy want to explore the ship, so they drew lots to see who would go on the ship with Luffy. The ones chosen were Nami and Sanji.

Usopp and Chopper were chanting at the ship.

"Don't worry I'm sure they're fine." Said Mami.

"Oh so you now have a reasonable explanation." Said Usopp.

"I honestly don't." said Mami.

"Then how can you remain so calm?" asked Usopp.

"I just don't think that skeleton can curse us." Said Mami.

"What would you know about curses?" asked Usopp.

"I can't say about this universe." Sighed Mami.

"So are you saying what Luffy keeps saying that you're from another universe is right?" asked Usopp.

"I agree with Mami." Said Robin letting Mami dodging the question, "Beyond getting cursed. What's the worst that can happen?"

Usopp and Chopper began to think.

"Well I guess Luffy could offer the skeleton to join the crew and it will say yes." Said Chopper.

"But what are the chances of that happening?" asked Usopp, "After all Sanji and Nami are with him… they won't let him even ask that question."

Not too long later…

"Hello I am honored to make your acquaintance. I will be joining you on this ship as of today." Said the Skeleton now on the deck Thousand Sunny, "Once dead and all bones my name is Brook."

Needless to say… almost everyone was freaking out.

"Does Luffy like to collect weird things to join his crew?" asked Mami.

"Sometimes." Answered Robin.

"Oh my." Said the skeleton named Brook approaching the two, he looked at Robin, "May I see your panties."

"Stop that you sexual harassing skeleton!" yelled Nami showing her boot at him.

Brook then turned towards Mami, "Excuse me how old are you?"

"15." Answered Mami.

"Oh I see. I wont' ask you the same question…" said Brook.

"At least he has standards unlike a certain someone." Muttered Zoro looking at Sanji.

"What's that supposed to mean?" wandered Sanji.

Zoro sighed, "Either way you and Nami went with him to prevent stuff like this."

"Sorry…" both Sanji and Nami said at the same time.

"Oh calm down everyone. Let's head inside, it's time for dinner." Said Brook.

"You are not the one who decides that!" yelled Sanji.

But alas considering the fact Luffy is the captain he agreed it was time for dinner.

Sanji began to cook dinner as Mami finished decorating her cake.

"It wasn't burnt was it?" asked Sanji.

"No I got it out in time." Said Mami.

"IS that for desert?" asked Luffy.

"Yes." Answered Mami.

"I through it was snack." Whined Luffy.

"Well because of the skeleton dinner was pushed up." Muttered Sanji.

"Oh…" whined Luffy.

"Don't worry you don't have to wait long." Said Mami.

Mami finished the cake and walked over to the table to take a seat, she saw something that made her eyes go wide.

"Is something the matter Corkscrew Head?" asked Luffy.

"No, I'm fine." Said Mami.

"Corkscrew Head?" asked Brook.

"It's because her hair looks like Corkscrews." Said Luffy.

"Oh yes I see them now." Laughed Brook.

Mami sighed.

"Don't worry, we'll figure out a new nickname soon." Said Robin.

"It's fine really." Said Mami.

"By the way Corbcukle." Said Luffy.

"My is Brook." Correct Brook, "And I haven't caught your name yet."

"Oh it's Luffy." Laughed Luffy.

"If you two don't know about each other then why did you ask him to join?" asked Zoro.

"Let's just have dinner first then kick out the skeleton." Said Sanji brining in the food.

After dinner which of course included seconds they all had cake.

"Oh wow this is really good Mami." Said Nami.

"Thank you." Said Mami.

"So is everyone in agreement that Mami can have access to the fridge if she wants." Said Sanji.

"No!" said Luffy.

"What?" asked Sanji.

"I will only let her if becomes the ship's official snack maker!" said Luffy.

The entire crew stared at Luffy.

However Luffy had an answer for this.

"Sanji is never fair with snacks." Explained Luffy, "They're always for Nami and Robin. If Corkscrew Heard makes them then she'll be fair."

"Seriously?" asked Nami.

"He has a point." Said Usopp.

"I accept." Said Mami.

"Why?" asked Nami.

"If I'm going to be on this ship I think I should do something helpful." Said Mami.

"You have a point." Said Nami looking at Zoro.

"Why are you looking at me?" asked Zoro.

Of course the conversation turned to Brook. After all, if (and that was still a big if) they needed to know why he was a walking, talking skeleton.

Thankfully it was an answer that made sense.

"I ate the Revive Revive Fruit." Explained Brook.

He explained how it works, after dying only the Devil Fruit's power works (before then all it did was took away his ability to swim). But one day many years before, his crew was attack by some pirates and his crew died. OF course he was among them. Unfortunately after coming back from heaven he got lost along the way and it took a year to find his body. By that point all that was left was skeleton.

"But I never heard of a skeleton having hair." Mumbled Zoro.

"Oh my roots are deep." Explained Brook.

"What?" asked Zoro.

"So you're human?" asked Chopper.

"And you're not a ghost." Said Usopp.

"Yes, in fact I cry whenever I see a ghost." Said Brook.

"Have you seen yourself in the mirror?" asked Nami who conveniently had one.

"Not mirrors! No!" yelled Brook while Usopp and Chopper.

"Nami put it down." Said Mami.

However… before Nami could listen to Mami Usopp and Chopper saw Brook's reflection, or rather lack of one. Nothing reflected back in the mirror. Nothing at all, it was if he wasn't even there.

And that wasn't the only thing that was missing either…

Next Time: They learn why Brook doesn't have a reflection or a shadow... because it was stolen. But who stole it and how does it tie to Mami's explanation? Find out Next Time!

A/N: As I said in A Hero Again, right now I'm saying when it comes to other universe it deals in Timey Wimey Wibbly Wobbly so yeah, despite not minding the ending to Rebellion, it won't have an impact on this story... just getting that out of the way now because this note will be important later on...