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Chapter 8: A Change of Mind

As they headed towards the mansion Mami decided to warn everyone.

"It's about the witch…" said Mami.

"What about it?" asked Sanji.

"She has all of my moves." Said Mami.

"What?" asked Luffy, "When were you going to tell us!"

"Please tell us you have a back up plan." Said Robin.

"Madoka gave me her bow." Said Mami, "But I don't know how to use it."

"We're worry about everything later, we have to kill zombies first." Pointed out Luffy.

"Okay…" said Mami.

Meanwhile at the island Church, the wedding had just gotten started.

"We are gathered here today to wed these two humans." Said the zombie priest then added under his breath, "Which I'm surprised one isn't knocked out."

As the ceremony went on, everything began to shade wildly.

"An earthquake?" asked one of the zombies.

"No way we're at sea!" yelled another.

"I'm going to see what's going on." Said Candeloro.

"Let's contrite the ceremony!" said Absalom.

Nami stopped him, "I refuse to go on until she returns." She said.

Absalom began to grumble.

"Seriously, how is it that Absalom get her to agree to marry him?" asked a zombie.

"Word is that that new girl is brainwashing her with magic." Said responded a second zombie.

"Really… weird…" responded the first zombie.

"I can hear you!" yelled Absalom.

The ship-island continued to shake.

Candeloro saw that Oars had taken control of the steering, the other zombies had tried to stop them, but Oars that started beating them up.

Candeloro sighed she decided to talk to Moria.

"Oars is causing chaos." Said Candeloro.

"And?" asked Moira.

"You have to rein him in, don't you have control over him." Said Candeloro.

"Not yet, it's still shaking off the bonds." Said Moria.

"Okay." Said Candeloro.

"I know I created you." Said Moria.

"You just gave me life… there's a difference." Said Candeloro.

"Whatever…" muttered Moira, "Either way now that I have Oars, I can create as many zombies as I want… I can get the shadows of the strongest warriors in the world."

"And then what?" asked Candeloro.

"Then I'll be king of the pirates." Laughed Moria.

"I see…" said Candeloro.

Moria laughed…

"What's the point of being king of the pirates?" asked Candeloro.

"What?" asked Moria?

"I mean once you become King of the Pirates everyone will be after you. The marines other pirates. You can't relax be on your guard? Why would you want that?" asked Candeloro.

"You don't get it." Said Moria.

"If that's your answer…" said Candeloro with a sigh.

"Don't worry you'll get used to it." Said Moria.

"I guess out goals conflict too much…" said Candeloro, "It's a shame, I wanted to repay you for giving me life, I guess I have to just end everything you worked so hard for so I can live out my dream…"

"Really end everything? How are you going to do that?" laughed Moreira

"Like this!" said Candeloro.

That was when he was suddenly wrapped up by ribbons.

"Stop this now!" yelled Moria.

"Have you forgotten you can't control me." Said Candeloro.

That was when the Witches Kiss appeared n his neck.

"I have to keep you alive and conscious until I absorb Mami's soul." Said Candeloro.

Back with the Straw Hat pirates, Mami stopped running.

"What is it?" asked Usopp.

"I don't know… it feels like something's wrong though." Said Mami.

At the church, Nami got the message.

"Candeloro wants to make an announcement… and she wants us to go to Moria's room." Said Nami.

"What?" asked Absalom.

"I refuse to get married to you until she makes she announcement…" said Nami.

Absalom scowled, "This sucks…" he muttered.

With Doctor Hogback and Cindry, Candeloro's red maid showed up.

"Lady Candeloro wants to speak you Doctor Hogback…" said the red maid, "In Moria's room.

"Why?" asked Doctor Hogback.

"You'll understand when you get there." Said the red maid who disappeared.

Doctor Hogback with Cindry arrived at the same time as Perona, Absalom and Nami.

"I wonder what's going on now…" muttered Perona.

The doors opened and they found Moria in the witch's kiss induced stupor and Candeloro smiling.

"I've over this crew." Said Candeloro, "I hope you don't mind."

"What?" asked Doctor Hogback.

"Oh come on if he became king of the pirates it would have ruined everyone's dreams." Said Candeloro, "I care my friends that much…"

"Then why would you do that?" asked Absalom.

"If you don't agree with her then you can forget abut marrying me." Said Nami walking towards Candeloro.

"Well… well I could also drug her!" said Absalom.

That was when the red maid had a spear at his neck, while the pink amid aimed an arrow at him.

"That's not a wise idea." sad Nami.

"Fine…" muttered Absalom.

"You really think that

"And don't worry Doctor Hogback, I'll help you counties your research." Said Candeloro, "In fact I'm sure my powers might work better than Moria's."

"I'll think about it." Said Doctor Hogback.

"Now Perona what can I give you?" asked Candeloro.

"Nothing." Muttered Perona, "But I knew you were going to do this!"

"You're that jealous of me that you think I was going to do this all along? What do you the world government is going to do with you kingdom of cute thing if he becomes King of the Pirates… they will destroy it…" said Candeloro, "Please I want to help you create your kingdom! I'm sure it will be a wonderful place!"

Perona glared at her and citrated her ghosts.

"Oh you want a fight." Said Candeloro, "Oh yes, I remember those ghosts cause people to become depress. Unfortunately they won't work on me."

"How do you know?" asked Perona.

She sent on of her ghosts through Candeloro. However Candeloro didn't fall to her knees.

"What?" thought Perona.

That was when Perona fell to her knees, she then started coughing badly. Kumashi ran over to his mistress.

"You see I'm a being of pure disappear, every little depressing thought that Mami endured since she became a magical girl makes up the very fiber of my being." Said Candeloro, she then giggled, "Mami saw such horrific things, people getting killed, finding out her former best friend's father killed her entire family… the same former best friend banding her… Plus dying, ending up in a new unisex, discovering her old universe got destroyed and having the people she trusted the most betray her... Even if one of them made amends…"

Perona moved her hand and discovered there was blood on it.

The coughing fit was because of the blood…

"Oh no… it sees like my soul is toxic to you… I would have stopped you had I known…" said Candeloro, "I can't tell if your dying not… and if you are, I'm genially sorry, I really wanted for us to be friends."

"Why don't you just out of your body?" asked Humanly.

"I said not to talk." Said Perona.

She got up and left her body… what they saw shocked everyone.

"Like I said I didn't' intend for to happen…" said Candeloro looking like she was on the verge of crying.

On Perona's torso was a black spot that was slowly growing.

"Whatever that is it's devouring her soul." Said Cindry.

"How do you know…" said Doctor Hogback.

"Because it's obvious." Said Cindry.

"It's not that… but it's similar..." Said Candeloro, "I honestly don't know what's going to happen to you… the best case scenario is that you'll die…"

"Best case…" said Perona.

Perona's ghost fell to the ground in shock.

"Leave her be she needs to be alone…" said Candeloro, "We'll have the meeting elsewhere."

She motioned for Moria to get up and walk with them.

"I'll leave Kumashi with you… you shouldn't have to die alone. Also remember this, the longer you don't give into disappear, the longer you have to live…" Said Candeloro, "I'm sorry it had to end this way… If it's the case scenario I'll make to give you peace…I doubt you'll become but it's still possible."

"What are you are you even tiling about?" asked Persona.

"It doesn't matter." Said Candeloro, "Good bye and once again I truly am sorry…"

With that Candeloro left Perona alone with Kumashi to die…

After all Candeloro had a lot of things to do as she was taking over…

Next Time: Candeloro contentious her take over of the Island/Ship... Meanwhile the Straw Hats discover this... what will happen? Find out next time!