I don't know if we're heading for a fall
You jump into the front to say you're a part of it all
Feed from their eyes,

Dream you're alive,

And feel…feel
The beast flies tonight,

And the world he describes


                         - Fallen Souls - Ours

Fallen Souls

See me…

            He moved gracefully, elegantly. Wildly. Pure muscle, agility and anger. Silver hair blew across his face, amber eyes blazing. He was inhumanly fast, and after everything, painfully beautiful. So painfully beautiful.

            See me…

            A clawed hand tore through the air, separating head from body, blood spraying across the wide expanse of grass. The sun was setting, throwing copper over the glistening fluid, and the hanyou was but a shadow, lunging through the air, that long hair flowing as if caught on an eternal wind. He always seemed to take so long in the air, almost creating the illusion that he flew. He landed in a crouch, legs tucking under his lean frame, hands bent in toward his chest. And above him, the youkai fell apart, head flying in one direction, body slipping limply to the ground.

            Please see me…

            She could barely move her limbs, her breathing heavy, ragged. Everything was heavy, so unbearably heavy, and the simple action of blinking became harder and harder. She wanted to close her eyes, for a moment, a small moment, to rest them. But she struggled to keep them open, lips parted around her gasps, and slowly, painfully, she reached a hand out across the grass toward the man. Her vision swam and she didn't know if it was because of the pain in her body, or the pain in her heart.

            Please…only me…

            The head of the youkai hit the ground and rolled, coming to a stop several feet away. Out of the corner of her eye she saw it, realized that it had rolled back onto its cheekbone and the eyes gazed at her, wide-eyed. Maniacally gleeful eyes. She shifted her gaze over toward the miserable creature, fingers still reaching for the hanyou.

            The silver-haired demon turned his head slowly, also looking toward her.

            But she could only stare at the severed head of the youkai, stare as something flashed in the depths of his evil eyes. For the one moment she could see into its malevolence, all the lives it had taken, all the pain it had wrought. And the seductiveness of it still hung in the air, the pure emotion. The need. She couldn't pull her blurry gaze away and she couldn't focus on anything but it, as it beckoned with a wicked smile.

            It's always her…why? Why is it…

            In a blurred movement, the silver-haired man was beside her, clawed hands thick with blood reaching toward her. And in that moment, the flashing light in the depths of the youkai's eyes came at her, streaking forth and slamming into her as if it had been a dead on attack. Her eyes widened as everything turned white and she felt herself, ripping, tearing into two. Two sides of one soul, unbalancing, falling apart. But there were four parts to the soul. Four. Valor, Miracle, Harmony and Love. Love…

            Why is it…

            The silver-haired man reached out for a split second, one long-clawed hand taking hold of her grasping one, and he squeezed it, tightly. Tightly enough to nearly break a bone, crush it in his hand had he desired. But instead he knelt beside her and took hold of her entirely, pulling her roughly into his arms, burying his face into her neck. His breath was hot against her skin and he trembled in her weak embrace, that soft silver hair falling across his shoulder and her cheek.


            Why is it always…her?

            And why did it always hurt? Over his shoulder she could only stare at nothingness, gaze clouding over. It would always be her, no matter whose name he whispered or how he smiled at her. And inside she, herself, felt the sudden need to smile. To smile sinfully.

Um, yeah, new story because I sorta can't seem to get a footing with the other one I left open (The Lord of the Rings one). That and Aes is having trouble keeping up with the other fic along with her own so I'm starting something new, based on a new obsession. Hope you all like.

Also, because of the NC-17 thing, I also have this posted on my website (just go to my profile to find the site) and most likely this version for will be a more…innocent version than the one I'll be posting over there. I also have my other NC-17 fics there, slowly being put up…

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