See Only Me:

            He was old, so painfully old. His dark hair had returned to its original silver color but only because of age. He had long since given up his past, given up the wild side of himself and he gazed out into the morning sun feebly. Years had passed, making him older, making him wiser. And he still saw visions of a young girl with long dark hair and cheerful dark eyes. He still saw visions of a wandering monk and the tragic face of a girl who had lost too much too quickly. And sometimes he saw the face of another young woman, only her eyes were sorrowful. And when that face faded away it was replaced with the face of another woman, another one who had passed on, who had lived such a lonely life apart from the one she had loved. And he understood what it was to love someone and to be apart. To spend a lifetime waiting to die just to move on. He understood. And he was ready in the end. After such a long life, he was ready.

            He brought his eyes away from the morning sun and he looked down to his sword, still resting against his shoulder. All these years and he had never grown used to sleeping any other way except sitting up, his sword at his side. He ran his hand over the blade slowly, gently, and he wondered for a moment what would happen to it when he passed. Who would claim it in his name? Who would wield it?

            At his side came a small sound and he looked up absentmindedly, meeting the eyes of a young-looking male with red hair. The boy stood silently, merely resting against the wall beside him and he managed a small smile for him, bowing his head once more.

            "It won't be long now, will it?" the boy asked him quietly.

            He didn't respond for a long time, merely running his wizened hand over the blade. Up and down, up and down. And as the sun was reflected in the blade's flat surface he said softly, "It's been too long as it is."

            The red-haired boy did not reply to that, his head bowing. And they both listened to the morning, the birds that chirped, the crickets that moved. The breeze as it played with the trees. They heard it all and it was as it had once been, so long before. Closing his eyes momentarily, the boy's fox tail twitched and he sighed, remembering. Remembering it still.

            "Will you tell her I miss her?" he asked the older man quietly.

            The man nodded faintly, also closing his eyes as he leaned his head back against the wall. And he saw her face still, heard her laugh and saw her become impatient with him, screaming for him to sit. He would have allowed her to sit him always had it just worked out. If it still had the chance of working out. All these years would mean nothing, would just as soon be forgotten along with the sorrow and the heartache if he could see her and stay at her side. All would be well again.

            The boy smiled faintly, lifting his eyes to the sun and he murmured, "Tell her I miss her ramen. And I miss her love." And he looked down at the old man but the old man did not respond and did not acknowledge his words. His face saddening, the boy knelt beside the old man to gaze at him and he seemed to sleep almost, his face peaceful. The boy hesitated, merely staring at the old man and then, tentatively he reached out to pass a hand over the man's shoulder, to rest upon the flat of the Tetsusaiga.

            "Better yet, I'll tell her myself one day," he murmured.

            When you find your one true love, do you know? Do you automatically just know?

            She didn't know why but she always dreamt of a young man with silver hair and amber eyes. And dog ears. It was very strange, to say the least, but when she thought of him her heart seemed to sing and hurt at the same time. And he never really smiled which made her want to make him smile. And sometimes, when he annoyed her enough, all she had to do was scream at him to sit down and he actually did. Sure, he would hit the ground pretty hard and when she stood up he was always angry at her, but she loved him still and deep inside she knew he loved her.

            So…did one automatically just know?


            Her mother's voice came up the stairwell and she checked her clock once more. Late for class again. Why did this always somehow happen to her? She threw the remainder of her books on her bed as she searched for her backpack frantically. "I'm coming! I'm almost done!"

            There, under her desk. She snatched up the backpack, unzipping it. Reaching out for her books she began to shove them in. And at the bottom of her bag gleamed something white. With a small frown she reached in and pulled it out slowly.

            A long, silver strand of hair.

            She had half a mind to squeak and check her hair quickly for more offending gray hairs. But instead she merely gazed at the single strand, her lips parting. It wasn't one of hers. It couldn't belong to anyone she knew either, not at that length. Slowly, she set it aside, staring at it for another moment as it gleamed on her desktop.

            He always has silver hair…

            She looked away, turning her attention back to the matter at hand. She was running late. She would be late for class again. She always figured college would be different from high school but no, it seemed any kind of class or institution of higher learning would have the same effect on her. She would always be late and always be absent no matter how much she fought against it. It was almost sad.

            "It is my choice. My decision..."

            She shoved the rest of her books into her backpack, those same words running through her head as she worked, as she zipped up the bag.

            "I want you to have control of the Shikon no Tama. I want you to make your wish."

            She had been hearing those words in her head for a little over a year now. She didn't know exactly when those words had come to her, didn't remember ever saying them but they brought her comfort. Everything was a choice after all, wasn't it?

            "I want you to be happy…"

            She loved those small phrases, even though she had no idea what a Shikon no Tama was. She paused, looking down at her backpack. And slowly, she felt her eyes get dragged over to the silver hair once more. It shimmered delicately in the morning sunlight. And she felt the comfort once more, a familiar longing.

            And the small voice in her head told her that today was going to be a different day, a better day. Today her life would take a turn for the better, that she would know it when she saw it, when she saw him.


            With a gasp she brought herself back, flinging the backpack onto her back and dashing out of the room.

            "Your lunch! Your lunch!" her mother called out after her and she waved a small tray at her as she rushed by.

            "Oh! You know you don't have to do this anymore, mom," she said to the older woman but she stopped to smile and give the woman a peck on the cheek as she took the lunch. "But thanks!" And she raced off, stopping only to pull on her shoes and then dash out. Her bike waited beside her grandfather, the old man looking off toward the small shrine house. Towards the well. She paused, slowing, and looked over as well, beginning to frown. "Grandpa?" she asked faintly.

            "There was a small shift today…" the old man murmured and he tossed an impish look at his grand-daughter. "I feel great power…"

            Kagome managed to control the twitching eyebrow. "Do you?"

            The old man nodded and he backed away from the bike. "A great power…"

            She trusted his musings as much as his lies. With a sigh and another peck, this time to the old man's cheek, she climbed onto her bike. "If you happen to see a little girl climb out of the well it's because you didn't make a copy of the video," she threw over her shoulder.

            "And we hired someone to take care of the shrine," the old man said, his voice lightening. "I'm getting old, too old to do it myself…" and it sounded suspiciously like a whine.

            "You hired someone?" she asked him, turning to look at him. "Mom and I could have handled it. Even Souta-"

            "He's there, under the tree," the old man continued, motioning. She glanced in the direction he pointed and he mumbled, "He's a lazy one, though…"

            A young man leaned against her favorite tree.

            My tree…

            His hair was long and dark, falling down his back and his face was seemingly not amused. In fact, he looked downright impatient, merely leaning there, his arms crossed over his chest.

            The arrow…

            He wore the red and white uniform of the shrine, long red pants and a white haori. He also wore what seemed to be a heavy chain around his neck, a beaded necklace, and he looked like he was in one of the foulest moods imaginable. She hesitated, staring at him.

            The past…

            The boy yawned, stretching out his arms lazily and then he scratched at his ear with a cupped hand, the way a dog would.

            "He's very familiar, strangely enough," her grandfather said and he sounded distant, lost under the sound of rushing air. Kagome blinked, dismounting from her bike and she couldn't remember. She couldn't remember where she had seen him before.

            "His name is-"

            "I know his name," she whispered instantly even though she didn't and she found herself moving, no longer in control. He was so familiar, so familiar…

            The boy caught sight of her then as she neared and he straightened, gazing at her with slightly widened eyes. And that clinched it. She knew him from such a long time ago. A long, long time ago…

            As she came to stand before him he studied her, his lips parting. She returned the gaze, her own jaw falling open even though no words came out.

"Do you know who I am?" he asked her, his voice rough and yet gentle.

            She stared at him as his dark hair blew around his face and she was taken aback at how familiar he was, stunned to see that he had brilliant amber eyes that glowed in the morning sunlight. He seemed like the kind to have dark eyes to go with his dark hair but the amber eyes were gorgeous nonetheless. But she couldn't…remember. She couldn't remember him, no matter how much she tried to.

            "I'm sorry…" she whispered, shaking her head slowly. "I can't…place you…"

            "It's fine," he said to her quickly, and he smiled, a mischievous grin that made her shiver and glow all at once. "We can start fresh. As if we've never met before."

            Kagome agreed slowly, nodding at him. "All right…"

            And he nodded as well, his smile slowly fading. Tentatively, he reached out and took her hand, bringing her closer and she went a step, her eyes widening as he looked down at her. His lips parted to speak, and he was hesitant, as if he didn't know exactly what to say and she waited for him, frowning faintly.

            "I see you, Kagome," he whispered to her, his amber eyes serious. "I see only you."

            And at his words she suddenly knew his name, remembered his face as it had once been. The silver hair on her desktop, shimmering in the morning sun. And she didn't know how she knew him, only that she had been in love with him once and now that she had seen his face once more she had missed it achingly.

            "Inuyasha…" she murmured.

            His amber eyes widened as she said his name, as she lifted both hands to his face to hold it gently, her fingers cupping his jaw and running over his skin, his very human ears.

            "I wished for it," he said to her, his face blurring as tears suddenly rose in her eyes. Alarm entered his expression, sadness, and he said again softly, "I wished for it, wished for you. For myself. For everyone. And the jewel ceased to exist when I did. When I made my choice-"

            "It is my choice. My decision…"

            "I wished for humanity, for you. And I died a long time ago, without you. But I was allowed to come back to be with you."

            Kagome nodded, her tears falling free.

            "And…here I am."

            Here you are.

            Kagome nodded once more and slowly closed the space between them, burying her face in his shoulder. He smelled like the wild. Trees, soil and earth. The past. And the scent surrounded her as he embraced her tightly, as if he was afraid to ever let go again.

            See only me.

            "Hey, you lazy kid! Get your hands off my granddaughter!"

            Inuyasha hesitated, his frame falling wearily. "He's been yelling at me for a while now," he growled under his breath.

            Kagome's voice came muffled and still thick with tears. "Have you been slacking off?"

            He snorted indignantly and then paused in thought. "Keh. Maybe a little."

            "I don't pay you to stand around and fondle my granddaughter-"

            "You haven't paid me for anything!" Inuyasha barked back over Kagome's head. "Besides…" and his voice dropped mischievously, "I'd fondle your granddaughter for free…"

            Kagome burst out laughing into his shoulder.

            "I didn't come alone," he said to her after another moment and she lifted her head then, meeting his amber gaze questioningly.

            "Who did you bring?"

            Inuyasha glanced around, his expression becoming bored. "They're around. I'm surprised you haven't run into them-"

            "Stop asking every girl!" came an angry feminine voice and Kagome whirled in time to see a darting figure sneak out the front door of her house, followed by a breathless girl. "That's Kagome's mother! She already has two children! She doesn't have to bear you anything!"

            The first figure paused, turning to the heaving girl in a rather sudden movement. "Then, Sango, will you-"

            "Don't even think about it," came the flat reply.

            Kagome whirled to face Inuyasha once more, her eyes widening in disbelief.

            "I came across them a few months ago," he said with a shrug. "And they were still fighting…"

            And also from the house came a small child with red hair, following Souta as he poked his head out quizzically at the fighting couple. Kagome stared, a hand lifting to her mouth in utter incredulity.

            "They're all here…how-"

            Inuyasha was smiling faintly as she looked at him, his amber eyes trained on the group, ignoring the angry shouts that erupted between the first two figures. "I couldn't make one perfect wish so I ended up making a long one instead. One that involved a lot of 'ands'," he explained and Kagome stared at him in confusion. He glanced at her. "Don't ask."

            Kagome nodded, looking back toward the group as a third head joined the redhead and her brother, his eyes trained on the very angry girl still screaming at the first figure.

            "Um, Sango-"

            "Kohaku, get back in the house," the girl growled and she was rolling up the sleeves of her shirt, advancing on the man smiling uncomfortably before her. "This is about to get ugly…"

            "Sango," the man said in a calming tone, "I wouldn't be asking half the women I do if you would just agree-"

            "I did agree. Which is why I'm seeing you. Which is why you're still alive," she said, still in a threatening tone. And she squeaked in surprise as the man suddenly swept her into his embrace, planting a kiss firmly on her mouth.

            "There. See? There is more than one way to keep you quiet-"

            And he broke off as she smacked him upside the head, her eyebrow twitching.

            "Eww, cooties," the small red-haired boy said in distaste.

            Kagome gazed wordlessly, her heart nearly filled to breaking with happiness. Behind her Inuyasha shifted, his arms still tight around her. "A long time passed without you," he said quietly and she turned to look at him once more. His amber eyes were a bit sad as he stared at the group, their bickering fading away into the background. "I lived a long human life and I was alone. I didn't fall in love again in my entire human lifetime and I always searched the face of every woman I encountered, thinking maybe, somehow, I'd see your face there. But you never came back and I was never allowed to come into your time again. So I had to wait years for this one moment in time."

            Kagome returned his stare as he looked down at her. "Was it worth it? The long wait?" she asked him quietly.

            He hesitated thoughtfully and she had half a mind to whack him off the head. But then, in a serious tone he replied, "You're worth that and more."

            She smiled brilliantly. "Good answer."

            "Had a nice long life to think that one up," he let her know. And he sighed, his arms tightening around her once more. "So, now that I've found you and we're all together once more, what should we do?"

            "I'll tell you what you should do, you lazy-" came Kagome's grandfather's voice once more.

            "I have class today," she said to him, cutting off her grandfather, who mumbled under his breath and wandered back toward the house. She lifted her head to gaze at Inuyasha, her eyes dropping to his lips. "But I'll be back tonight if you want to…talk."

            Inuyasha gazed at her. "Talk," he stated as if he didn't believe her.

            "Hey, you kids, get off my front porch!"

            "Gomen nasai, Kagome's Grandfather," came Miroku's apologetic tone followed by the sharp sound of a slap.

            "Stop grabbing me there!"


            "You don't want to talk?" Kagome asked him, her eyes widening slightly.

            Inuyasha thought it over, glancing up once more and staring absentmindedly as Sango growled and ran after Miroku, the boy laughing and ducking her flying hand. "I think we have more than enough time to talk. I think there are better things for us to do with our time…"

            Kagome smiled mischievously. "Like what?" she asked slowly.

            "Like eating! Man, I'm starved…"

            Kagome felt the sweat drop slide down her head. "That's…great. You eat while I go to class-" and she went to slip out of his arms but he dragged her back with a smile, finally kissing her gently. She paused, taken off guard and then she sighed into the kiss, her arms lifting and winding around his neck.

            "Eww…more cooties…" whispered Shippo from close by.

            "Mmm," Inuyasha murmured against her mouth. "If cooties taste like this…"

            Kagome burst into laughter once more, turning her face away. "All these years and you still haven't grown up," she quipped. And she paused, gazing at him silently for a long moment. He returned her gaze for as long as he dared before finally bowing his head and turning faintly crimson.


            She smiled at him gently. "You don't know what you have until it's gone. And you don't know what you've missed until you find it again." And that summed it up between them both.

            Inuyasha nodded silently. And he took her hand in his, squeezing it. "Go to class. I'll be here when you get back," he murmured, dipping into her once more for another small kiss.

            Yes, you will be.

            Kagome's smile widened and she also nodded, finally pulling free and still it took a moment for their hands to separate as she floated away.

            And you see only me. Finally.

            She turned to look toward Sango and the girl waved at her, shrieking, "Kagome-chan!" as Miroku literally swept her off her feet and swung her around. And Shippo also waved, hopping a bit and joining Miroku, Kohaku behind him in the same school uniform as Souta. And she felt herself exhale at last, lifting her gaze to the sky and breathing deeply into herself.

            Today would be a good day. And she paused thoughtfully. No. Today would be the best day. And she smiled brilliantly at the blue sky.

Pray, I don't know if it's sacred or not,
You say that we can fall apart at anytime,
Breathe for the whole world we can't fight,
They starve for the love that we supply

These are the fallen souls.

                        ~ Fallen Souls – Ours ~

                                                                                                ~ FIN ~

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