Title: Of the Sea

Summary: AU Princess Anna, sole heir to the throne of Arendelle, has been kidnapped during the ball celebrating her eighteenth birthday. Coincidentally, it is also the same day that a round of suitors has arrived in Arendelle to play for her hand in marriage.

Rating: PG

Characters/Pairings: [Elsa/Anna]; Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf, Sven, Hans, King and Queen of Arendelle

Warnings: None for this chapter

Notes: I'm had a massive brainfart trying to come up with a title for this thing… so the title may change if I come up with something different that I happen to like more.

And, as the summary suggests, Anna and Elsa won't be related in this story (as of right now), if it changes then, of course, you'll know. But the way this story is set up, Elsa and Anna have never met before the beginning of this fic, and are not sisters. That's one aspect of the 'AU' tag… another AU aspect is what Elsa's role is in this story… so you'll find that out once Elsa makes her appearance. Don't worry, she's still the Ice-mancer we all know and love. =D

Chapter One

The morning's sky was bright as it shown through her now opened curtains; the sun shining just above the water that took up the horizon outside her window. Her bedroom was located facing the fjord, moved from the room right beside her parents' master bedroom when she was no longer considered a child. It had been one of the more exciting days of her life, she'd gotten to pick out of the remaining open bedrooms while her old bedroom was turned into another office for her father, the King had many duties and apparently her mother wanted him working closer to her during the night, rather than on the other side of the castle. Of course, she hadn't much cared. Now, she was a young woman.

Of age, and ready to marry, today was to be the first parade of eligible bachelors from royal families—from princes to lords. It would be started with the ball held in honor of her eighteenth nameday; a vibrant celebration. And today would be the beginning of the festivities. The guests would begin to arrive, the decorations would go up, the food would be cooked. And of course:

Knock knock

The soft rap on the door was followed by the turn of the doorknob and the slight squeak from the hinges as the heavy wooden door opened. The redhead princess turned from her seat on the windowsill, dressed in the slip she'd worn to bed and a house coat that she'd slipped on upon waking, and a grin widened on her face as she saw the graying face of her father and the maturing features of her mother. Her father held a tray with a small chocolate cake placed in the center with one lit candle, while her mother held a box—her first nameday present, and, no doubt, the only one she would treasure.

With a giggle, she moved over to her large canopy bed as her father and mother sat on the side closest to the door. "Make a wish, dearest Anna." Her mother spoke. And the red-haired princess was quick to close her eyes as she thought of a wish; not really sure what she wanted, she picked the first thing that came to mind before breathing in and blowing out the candle. Her mother smiled as her father moved to slice the small cake into slightly uneven pieces (it was tradition to give the name-day girl the biggest piece). When it was clear that her father had finished, Anna picked up a fork and took a small portion from the cake and chewed it with glee and swallowed.

And after the first bite, her mother placed the gift-wrapped box in her lap. "Oooh, Mother it looks beautiful." Her mother chuckled.

"You haven't even opened it dear…"

"The gift-wrapping Mother, it's just so… ooo." She wanted to squeal with how happy she was, but she was eighteen now—that meant she had to show some kind of maturity… right? With an ever widening smile in her mother's direction, she delicately pulled the bow open and the ribbon fell into her lap; next she pulled the paper apart, trying her best not to rip it; and then finally, she pulled the velvet lined box from inside the paper. "Ooh." She let out as she undid the small latch at the front and with a question look at her mother, she quickly pulled it open. It's moderate size seemed to cast an illusion as to its contents, for what lay inside of not something that Anna expected to receive any time soon. It was a small silver circlet. It held the signature family jewels in a simple and small twist of silver at the front; and either side would fit around her head. The circlet was meant to be worn on her forehead;

"But it is not incorrect to also wear it in your hair." Her mother spoke, explaining that correct ways to wear the new sign of her royalty. "It is your choice, Anna. This is our gift to you." Anna remembered admiring the small crown-like tiara atop her mother's head when she was younger. Whenever she could, the young princess would sneak into her mother's chambers and try on the tiara, admiring the way it looked with her lighter hair. And now she had one of her own.

"Oh Mother, Father, I love it." She said and learned over the tray to hug both of her parents; and with the added excitement, she managed to dump the entirety of the small cake into her lap. "Oh no…" Both her parents let out laughs, used to her clumsiness after eighteen years of living with it. "Heehee…" She let out an awkward laugh to join with them.

"It's quite alright dear. We'll send in your handmaiden to help you dress. The guests have begun to arrive in town; we'll need to greet them at the gates." Her father spoke and Anna nodded at her father with a light blush on her cheeks. "And we'll get your things washed before they stain." He held out a hand to his wife and they both moved from her bedroom. Moments later, she was joined by her handmaiden, a demure gal named Tara, who helped her dress and then gathered her blankets and clothes to take to the wash so that the chocolate would not stain the cloth.

-Later that Night-

The ball had begun, and now Princess Anna was spending her time spinning around the dance floor with several different suitors. Some were old, maybe too old; some were young, definitely too young; and then there were the young men just right in her age range. But none seemed to 'tickle her fancy,' none sparked her attraction, or spoke to her on an emotional level. Anna was beginning to get frustrated. She'd heard the vast amounts of stories about 'True Love' and how it was the most beautiful thing in all the lands—and like most young people, she was impatient. She wanted to find that love now! Rather than be the patient waiter. The saying "Good things come to those who wait" was never much of a motto for Princess Anna.

"Mother… do I have to keep dancing?" She spoke once her latest dance partner had led back to her mother's and father's sides. Her mother let out a chuckle while her father rolled his eyes.

"It is polite to dance with any guest who asks, Anna. So if another gentleman were to call on you for a dance, you would do so." Her father spoke. Anna groaned to herself and repressed the urge to crossed her arms and pout like a child; inside, she clasped her hands and continued to look out over the party.

"Princess Anna?" Her attention turned then, to a slight fellow with slim shoulders and slightly more curved hips than a normal male. But that wasn't what drew her undivided attention, no. It was the platinum blonde, almost white, of the boy's hair and the pales of his skin that seemed to captivate the young princess. "May I have this dance?" The boy held out a blue gloved hand and Anna was hesitant to take, but take it she did. This dancer was strange, not with just his looks and the delicate way he walked—but the more obvious—he wore a blue cloth around his face, from the middle of his nose down was covered by the blue silk, only his shining blue eyes shown down at the princess. "I would thank you for this opportunity, my lady." He spoke as he led her into the middle of the dance floor to begin a waltz.

Taking the lead, he began to lead her around the floor. They were as close as a waltz designated, not any closer or further away; but still, Anna felt that this was the closest that she'd been to anyone in a long time. Her heart was beginning to beat faster, pound; she felt heat race to her face and along her skin. She was…

"Princess?" She looked up into the shining crystal eyes of her dance partner, twinkling with amusement. "I'm afraid our dance is finished." Looking around her, her small blush grew darker in embarrassment.

"O-of course… m-my lord." The boy led her back to her place beside her mother. "Might I know your name…?"

"Elliot… my lady." Anna smiled at this, repeating the name in her mind as the boy kissed her hand in farewell and disappeared from the ball.

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