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Scotty bloody hated going on away missions. He hated leaving the Enterprise for any reason, really, even shore leave, so going down to a planet where they weren't sure what they would find was just… no. Scotty wouldn't go on such missions unless explicitly ordered to and needed, and of course, this day, Kirk ordered him. A small Starfleet outpost had put out a distress call, saying some of their security and power systems were going down and that they needed help figuring out what the problem was. Scotty was being sent down to work on the power systems, the chief security officer to work on those systems, a few security members for general protection, as well as Freddey to speak with the outpost crew over anything they needed to talk about and to drop off some medical supplies with Dr. Pierce. Scotty had to admit he was less than thrilled about Freddey coming on the away mission, but she had apparently insisted and now stood by him on the transporter pad. A strange weight seemed to settle on Scotty's chest, an unease he couldn't explain. He wished Freddey would stay on the ship.

They had grown closer, he and Freddey, since her near death experience. She would seek him out in the mess or rec room, and he would find himself stopping by her office and later her quarters for little chats. Her room was always messy and cluttered, strewn with books and pieces of clothing, and like Kirk's quarters, had framed photographs sitting on every available surface, myriad faces smiling out from them. He still hadn't told her how he felt.

Everything was quiet right after they beamed down to the surface of Laika IV, and the unnatural silence of the uninhabited planet made the hairs on the back of Scotty's neck stand up. No one from the outpost was there to meet them as they had said they would be, even though he was sure they had arrived at the proper meeting place at the proper time. Scotty scanned for any signs of the outpost crew. Finding none, he called up to the Enterprise, "Cap'n, it's Scotty. Sir, I think we've go' a bit of a problem."

"What would that be, Mr. Scott?" he asked, his voice tight but calm.

"Sir, the outpost team didnae meet us at the rendezvous point. There's no sign of them."

"Go check the outpost, Mr. Scott, but be careful. Keep alert."

"Aye, sir. Scott out."

Freddey approached him carefully, whispering, "Can you smell that, Scotty?"

"Wha'? Smell wha'?"


She stepped past him a bit. He watched her closely. She reminded him almost of a hunting dog, sniffing intently and looking for something no one else seemed to see. She turned to a tree and began swiftly climbing it. Scotty hurried over to its base, hissing up at her, "Freddey, wha' the hell are ye doin'? Get down!"

"Look, someone's gotta go up and scout. Our line of sight is blocked by the trees, so I'm gonna go higher than the treeline to see what I can see. Hopefully I'll be able to see the outpost from a higher vantage point. It's tactical. I thought you'd appreciate that."

"Then be quick about it, lass."

Freddey shimmied up the tree quick as a squirrel, quicker than Scotty would have supposed she could, barely stopping before making her next moves. The leaves rustled as the branches shifted under her added weight. Scotty watched until she disappeared into the aquamarine leaves. His comm beeped not long after.

"Scott here."

"Mulcahy here. Scotty, I found the compound, maybe two miles or so to the southwest, but-…"

"But what?"

"I'm not sure how much of it is left. There's a lot of smoke, very thick and very black. I don't like the looks of it."

The unease settled deeper in his chest. He told her, "Come back down, and we'll go check it out. Scott out."

She's a little slower coming down than going up, but only a little, and it's faster than Scotty ever would have moved. As soon as she alighted on the ground, the team headed in the direction she'd indicated. The acrid tang of smoke burned in their nostrils the closer they got, joined by a sickening reek that could only be one thing.

"There's going to be casualties," Pierce muttered, "That stench is burnt flesh, no doubt about it."

"Aye, doc," Scotty asked quietly, "but who's dead? The crew or their attackers?"

Pierce did not have an answer for him. The group moved as quietly as possible through the brush. Scotty gripped his phaser tight in a combat stance, ready for a fight. He was surprised to see Freddey scanning ahead with her own phaser. Her face was set in an expression of concentration and was without fear. He didn't have time to think about it. The team broke through the brush at long last, and they were horrified at what they found.

The outpost's buildings were burnt husks, thick black smoke pouring from where windows used to be. Two heavily mutilated bodies were displayed grotesquely on the front gate of the outpost in some kind of terrifying warning, their faces split from ear to ear, their milky eyes propped open. Off to one side of the compound, other bodies were piled into an open grave that had been set alight. The bodies were still smoldering, skin blistered off to reveal charred, exposed bones. Scotty choked down the bile that rose up in his throat at such a horrific sight. Of all the things he'd expected to see, this had not been one of them. One of the security team vomited behind him. Freddey was the only one who didn't even look remotely ill, her face set in a stony expression that betrayed nothing. He'd never seen her eyes look dead before.

"We need to leave," she said just loud enough for everyone to hear.

"We can't," the security chief refuted, "We have a duty to-"

"To what? To whom?" she rounded on him, "Them? They're already dead. Duty ain't gonna do them much good now. We need to return to the ship and regroup."

"I'll be the judge of that, lieutenant," the security chief stated firmly, "And I-"

His words were cut off in a gurgle as an arrow pierced his throat and sent him slumping to the ground. Freddey and Scotty swore loudly, and Scotty quickly herded the rest of the team back into the dense scrub, where he hoped they would be safe from whoever was now trying to kill them with a hail of arrows. Everyone went crashing into the brush. Freddey was on her comm, bellowing to be beamed up and being told the cover was too thick to get a lock on them. Scotty's legs and lungs were burning fiercely as he ran. He made sure to keep Freddey in his sights, made sure she was ahead of him, was safe. Halfway back to the landing site, Freddey turned to look at him. Her eyes went wide.

"SCOTTY!" she screamed.

She skidded to a halt and drew her phaser, firing at points behind Scotty. He chanced a look. Five natives of this 'uninhabited' planet were hot on their heels, three with bows, one with a spear, and one with a cruel looking knife. Their skin was a vivid scarlet, their bodies painted with bright blue designs, their white hair woven into thick dreadlocks; they did not look happy. Scotty swore again and sped up. He thought he heard them drop off, struck by Freddey's cover fire. He reached out for Freddey, preparing to take her arm, intent on making her run to safety.

Pain burst in his abdomen, flaring like a supernova, followed shortly by another explosion of pain in his upper thigh, both on the left side of his body. He stumbled with a cry, groping at his stomach. Freddey screamed again and fired off a few more shots before running back to him. Warm blood slicked over his fingers from the wound to his belly, an arrow stuck through him. He knew it, though he dared not look down.

"Scotty!" Freddey gasped, "Oh my God, Scotty! Come on, get up. Please get up! We have to get back to the landing site, now. Will. You. Get. Up!"

She helped haul him to his feet. His wounded leg nearly gave out right away, but he somehow pushed past it. He gritted his teeth against the pain, trying to focus on Freddey's warmth at his side. The LZ seemed miles away. The pain was all consuming, surging through his nerves, setting them aflame. He tried not to think of exactly how long it would take him to go into hypovolemic shock. It was already hard to breathe.

Scotty's comm chirped, and he struggled to grab and open it with bloody fingers, grunting out, "Scott here."

"Scotty, where are you and Fred?" Kirk asked frantically, "We got the others safely but we don't have you. Are you okay? Were you at the LZ? What's going-"

Scotty let out a scream, having stumbled and tweaking the arrow in his belly.

"Scotty, what happened? Scotty, talk to me, please talk to me-"

"Dammit, Jimmy, Scotty got wounded!" Freddey called out, "He's got an arrow in his gut and one in his leg! We need McCoy on standby!"

"What happened to Lcdr. Readan?"

"Dead," Freddey spat.

"Just… both of you get to the LZ quick as you can. I want you both to come back."

"Workin' on it, Jim!" she shouted, pulling Scotty back to his feet; he cried out again. Her tone changed, and she soothed, "I know, Scotty. I know it hurts, but please come on. We're not that far away."

That's when his leg gave out completely, just barely in sight of the LZ. He went pitching to the ground, his scream echoing off the trees. His breath came in wheezing gasps. His whole body was shaking. He was beginning to feel cold. It occurred to him he might be dying. Freddey knelt beside him, her loose braid coming out, her eyes wide and wet.

"Nonono, Scotty, don't do this, don't give up. You don't give up, remember? Not on me and not on anyone, remember? We're so close, you can't give up now…"

"It's… it's no use, m-my bonnie lass," he gasped, "I-I cannae go on… cannae move. You-you go, Winifred. I wan'… I wan' ye safe."

"No. No, I won't leave you. I'm gonna get you back."

Scotty shook his head weakly. He was dizzy and tired and cold. He murmured, "Go, lass… mo chridhe… is tú gaol mo chridhe… remember? I wrote that in your book."

"I remember," she replied, a tear slipping down her cheek, "I still don't know what it means, Scotty. I never looked it up."

" 's Monty..."


"Won't ye call me Monty, lass? I'd li-like for ye to call me M-Monty…"

"What does it mean, Monty?" she asked softly; it made him smile.

"Is tú gaol mo chridhe, mo spiorad cairdeach. Guma math a theid leibh, mo suilean geala. You are…" he began, his voice cracking, "you are the love of my heart, my-my kindred spirit. May it go well with you, my bright eyes," he whispered, "Ye are the love of my heart, Winifred."

"Oh, Monty…"

Scotty could feel himself crying. He choked, "I-I was so afraid to-to t-tell you, lassie. I thought ye wouldnae wan' anythin' tae do wi' me. I could-couldnae tell ye be-because I couldnae bear to lose ye. I've loved ye sin' I first laid eyes on ye."

He began crying in earnest, groping weakly for her hands but still finding little comfort once he had them, feeling his own were sticky with drying blood. He pleaded with her, "I don' wan' tae go yet, lass. I cannae go yet. Please, I don' wan' tae die."

"You won't," she told him resolutely through her own tears, "You won't die here. I promise. I'm gonna get you back to the Enterprise and get you healed up, okay? Just don't give up on me, okay?"

Scotty's world was beginning to go black. Freddey, in a maneuver he wished he fully comprehended at that moment, managed to heave him up onto her shoulders in a fireman's carry, though they didn't get far before a stray arrow struck a nearby tree, whizzing far too close for comfort and making Freddey lose her tenuous balance. She got him relatively gently to the ground before crashing sideways into the tree with a loud crack and a pained grunt. Scotty sat slumped against the trunk, blinking blearily at the world around him. He thought he heard her talking to the Enterprise. He couldn't be sure. Darkness crept into the edges of his vision. He began to slip out of consciousness.

"Monty! Monty, no!" Freddey begged, "Monty, stay with me! Don't leave me!"

"Aye… aye, l-lass," he murmured, "Never… never c-could say n-no to ye…"

"I know," she sniffed above him, "You oughta be grateful I never abused that…"

"Could… could ye do somethin' fir me, lass?"

"Of course, Monty. Whatever you want."

"I… I'd like tae hear ye… hear ye sing fir me… just anythin'… please…"

Scotty waited, listening for a moment to his own shallow, wheezing breaths, praying he hadn't imagined saying it. He only wanted to hear her voice one last time.

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine/ You make me happy when skies are grey/ You'll never know dear, how much I love you/ Please don't take my sunshine away," she sang in a low, wavering voice, thick with tears, "The other night dear, as I lay sleeping/ I dreamt I held you in my arms/ When I woke dear I was mistaken/ So I hung my head and cried…

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine/ You make me happy when skies are grey/ You'll never know dear, how much I love you/ Please don't take my sunshine away…"

He slipped into darkness to the sound of her voice, his bloodied hands still holding hers. He, therefore, did not remember being finally beamed up to the Enterprise. He did not see Freddey crying over him and tearfully begging McCoy, "Len, you have to save him! Please save him!" and then not letting go of him when McCoy tried to take him to Medical. He was unaware of Kirk coming into the transporter room, his face pale and frightened, and going to Freddey, carefully pulling her into his arms and carrying her to Medical behind McCoy and Scotty as she sobbed into his chest.

No, the next thing Scotty knew, he was laying comfortably, hearing a soft, female voice singing a song he wasn't familiar with.

"I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream/ I know you the gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam/ And I know it's true that visions are seldom all they seem/ But if I know you, I know what you'll do/ You'll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream…"

He opened his eyes slowly, the world blurry and unfocused. He was drowsy and dry-mouthed and dizzy and heavy-limbed, but the tune lifted his spirits. He looked around the room without moving too much, waiting for his vision to clear. It seemed to him that he was in Medical, although he thought that voice might have belonged to an angel. Perhaps he was dead, after all. He shifted slightly, and throbbing pain shot through him. Not dead, then. Scotty's sight took a repeat of the tune to clear enough to make out his surroundings and see that he was indeed in Medical and not, in fact, dead. He turned his head to see who was singing.

"Hullo there, me bonnie wee lass," he rasped, his voice rough from disuse.

Freddey looked up at him, grinning widely. She got to her feet and stood by his bed, saying, "It's good to see you awake, Sleeping Beauty."

"It's good to be awake, though I wasnae entirely sure I was-"

"Good, you're awake," McCoy interrupted, coming into the room.

The doctor bore a barely disguised smile and said, "There ya go, Fred. He's awake. Now, would ya please go to your quarters and go to bed?"

"There's a bed right here," she replied.

"No, I don't mean a biobed, I mean your bed. Look, Scotty needs a lot of tests done and then he's gonna need some rest, too," McCoy explained gently, "He's alright now. You can take a break and get some rest. You can come back later and stay for as long as ya want. I promise."

Freddey seemed to think about it for a moment before finally agreeing, "If you insist, but I'll be back soon."

"I'm sure ya will, darlin'. I'm sure ya will."

Only as she left did Scotty notice Freddey's right arm in a sling. He waited until she was gone to ask McCoy, "What happened to Freddey? Was she shot, too?"

"Said she dislocated it fallin' into a tree after she tried to carry your fat ass outta the woods."

"Och, I'm no' fat."

"Well, ya were a bit too heavy for Fred, though she said she got ya a good distance," McCoy told him, starting his examination of Scotty, "She was bound and determined to get you out and good thing she was. Too much longer and we woulda lost ya. You lost a lot of blood down there, and them arrows were in tricky spots, just missed some vital organs and arteries. You were very lucky, Mr. Scott, very lucky indeed. Now can ya sit up at all?"

Scotty dutifully allowed himself to be poked and prodded by the doctor for nigh on an hour before he was declared to be on the road to recovery and promptly ordered to rest. Scotty lay back on the pillows, exhausted from the simple act of sitting up, and closed his eyes to sleep. He just wanted Freddey to come back. It was likely this thought that led him into one of his old, familiar dreams of his lovely lass. She was braiding her long, dark hair and laughing with him over a funny story and singing an old tune with him. She always smiled in his dreams, her cheeks rosy, her grey eyes twinkling cheerfully. Even in his dreams, he was shy, as if Freddey could somehow see into his dreams and would know what he dreamt. In this one, he found himself so bold as to grab her hand, twining their fingers. Her soft voice floated over him.

"Somewhere beyond the sea/ Somewhere waiting for me/ My lover stands on golden sands/ And watches the ships that go sailing…

"Somewhere beyond the sea/ He's there waiting for me/ If I could fly like birds on high/ Then straight to his arms I'd go sailing…"

He melted into the sound of her voice, reveling in the feeling of her warmth pressed against his side, his thumb stroking the back of her hand. She continued, "It's far beyond the stars/ It's near beyond the moon/ I know beyond a doubt/ My heart will lead me there soon…

The throbbing pain began again, pulling Scotty into wakefulness. His eyes fluttered open slowly, adjusting to the light. The song still wafted over him. He didn't want it to end.

"We'll meet beyond the shore/ We'll kiss just like before/ Happy we'll be beyond the sea/ And never again I'll go sailing…"

Holding Freddey's hand had not been a dream. Her dainty fingers were twined with his, his thumb stroking over the back of her small hand. His heartbeat picked up slightly. Well, she knew he awake now, if she didn't before.

"Freddey, lass, ye have the voice of an angel," he murmured.

"Well, I'm glad you think so, Monty," she replied, "My brothers never did."

"They just don' know what's good then, do they? Oh, my bonnie wee lass, I could listen to you sing all day," his face reddened as he said more quietly, "…could listen forever."

A hush settled over them, and Scotty found he was unable to keep from stroking her hand, and she did not pull away from him. He sighed after a moment and told her softly, "I… I meant wha' I said down there, Winifred. I really do love ye. I just… I couldn't tell you before then because… well, I was afraid you'd reject me or push me away, and couldnae have bore tha'. Since I was dyin', I figured it might hae been the right time tae speak up."

He looked to their joined hands. His were big and rough, calloused and scarred from years of working with them all the time, dirt and grease permanently crusted under his nails. Hers were soft and dainty, bearing only faint callouses from her time living on her grandparents' farm, her nails well-manicured. Surely his hand did not belong in hers. He almost pulled away. He murmured, "Silly of me tae think ye could love a cranky ol' Scotsman…"

Her fingers gripped his a little tighter.

"I… well, I haven't been very brave myself, Monty," she said quietly, "Y'know, I can remember the day we met. It was in Engineering. I think you'd been working all day or something 'cause you were all sweaty and dirty and rumpled, but I kinda liked it. It was endearing. I liked you from the start, I think, thought you were handsome and all that. Then I got to know you better. There's an old quote that says, 'I fell in love the way you fall asleep; Slowly, and then all at once.' That's… that's exactly what happened to me. I never thought it would happen… but it did. I… I fell in love… with you."

Scotty blinked up at her, unsure he's actually heard what he thought he did.

"Wha'-…? Wha' did you say?"

Freddey giggled a bit, then replied, beaming, "I love you, Montgomery Scott."

Scotty felt a wide grin splitting his face. He would think this a dream if not for his still throbbing wounds. If it had been a dream, it would have been the best he'd ever had. He lifted their joined hands and pressed his lips to the smooth skin of the back of her hand. His heart sang. His spirit soared. He was sure he'd never been happier in his whole life than he was in this moment, with Freddey beaming at him and saying she loved him, her cheeks flushed and rosy. He was still pleasantly surprised when Freddey lurched forward and wrapped her arms around his neck (her injured shoulder healed for the most part) and pressed her face into the skin of his neck. He buried his nose in her hair, breathing deep. He held her tightly, his arms wrapped around her waist. Tears welled in his eyes from his overwhelming joy. An eternity seemed to pass before he pulled away gently to look at Freddey, her eyes wet and her smile wide. He brought his hands up to cup her face, his thumbs stroking over her cheeks. He could see all those freckles he loved so.

"Monty," she whispered, "An toir thu dhomh pòg?"

"Hm, that was some lovely Gàidhlig, lass. Say it again for me?"

She giggled again, repeating, "An toir thu dhomh pòg?"

"Aye.. aye, I think I will…"

Scotty leaned in and pressed his lips to hers, and oh, this was what he had wanted for so long. He'd heard of a mysterious (and cliché) spark that people often felt when they were with the person they loved, a special feeling through their whole body they'd never felt with anyone else. It seemed so impossible that just being around someone could elicit such strong feelings in a person, could bring out such intense emotions. Scotty wondered what they were talking about.

Now, he knew. His whole body felt light and warm, like a sun was radiating from within him. A pleasant buzz hummed at the base of his skull and thrummed up his spine and tingled in his limbs. Her lips were soft and warm and slightly chapped, and their noses were nearly pressed together, and his heart was pounding in his chest. He could feel her breath, could almost taste it when it passed between their parted lips, warm and sweet. Nothing else in the whole world mattered other than the gentle touch of her lips.

He could not be sure how much time actually passed before they parted, grinning at each other. He neither knew nor cared if it had been seconds or minutes or hours.

"I love ye, Winifred," he whispered.

"And I love you, Monty… now scoot over and make some room for me up there."

"Now, just what do ye think you're goin' tae do up here?"

"I was hoping you'd want a nice cuddle," she teased, "but if you don't want to-"

"Oh no ye don't," he smirked, looping his arm around her waist and pulling her close, "You better get yourself right up here, lass…"

Freddey giggled again and hopped up beside him on the biobed to nestle herself against his side, resting her head on his shoulder and draping an arm over his chest. Scotty wrapped his arm around her in return. It felt perfect. He brought his hand up to stroke her hair, dropping a gentle kiss to the dark locks and breathing her in. He'd never been happier. He closed his eyes and sighed contentedly. It seemed to him that Freddey did the same.

Neither one of them saw Kirk and McCoy beaming at them from the doorway, nor did they hear McCoy grumbling, "About damn time…"

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