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The battle with Galaxia had ended. The Scouts had returned, as had Mamo Chan, and the Starlights and Princess Kakyuu had returned home.

It has been a week since, and everyone is trying to get on with their lives. Galaxia had left much destruction, in her wake. Buildings and homes were destroyed, and some lives had been lost. No one really understood what happened, but the city was pulling together, planning to rebuild.

Chibi Chibi had remained with us, and since my parents still believe her to be their daughter, she returned home with me. I was relieved to see my family alive. The Scouts had returned home to find their families alive also.

We all knew things would take some time, to get back to normal, but they were coping with it better than me. I had watched my friends die, and the city be ripped apart. I also found out that my boyfriend, who I thought he had been in America studying, and was to busy to return my calls, or letters, had died also. I wasn't alone though. The three Starlights, Fighter, Healer and Maker were with me, and I couldn't have defeated Galaxia without them. But even though I defeated Galaxia, and my friends returned to me, I have being left feeling somewhat unhappy.

Mamo Chan had invited me out for breakfast, which I accepted. I was happy to have him return to me, after such a long time, though thing were strange between us.

We were eating quietly, as we hadn't really spoken since he returned. I remember asking him, how he loved me, and he told me it was wonderful to be around me. It doesn't feel like that anymore.

"Usagi, I will be leaving at the end of the week to study in America".

His words took me by surprise.

"You're going to leave so soon. But you only just came back, and I missed you so much last time, though I didn't know you were".

I couldn't finish. The pain I experienced, when I never heard from him, then finding out Galaxia had stolen his Starseed, was to painful to remember.

"I need to Usagi, and I want to. We know our future, but you need to finish school, and I need to continue my studies. When I return, we will marry, and start our future together, just the way it has to be".

He sounded almost parental, and his words stirred something inside me.

"Usagi, is something wrong?, he asked concerned.

"Do you ever think of having a different life?", I asked without realising I'd said it out loud.

I was looking him in the eyes, and his reaction of shock mirrored mine.

"No I don't", he replied with a slight harshness in his voice. "It is the future we should have had. You will be Queen and I your King. What more could you possibly want?. You don't have a choice Usagi, our future is already decided, and you know it's what you must do".

I felt angry, and tears were swelling in my eyes. Why is it, that I never have a say in my own life?. Ever since I found out I was Sailor Moon, I have been told what to do. Protect the planet, marry Mamo Chan, build Crystal Tokyo, and become mother to Chibi Usa. It sounded great, but just thinking about it now, my heart ached.


His voice startled me out of my thoughts.

He was standing next to me holding out his hand.

"I'll take you home, then I must go home and start packing", he stated firmly.

I watched him pay for our meal, then followed him out the door. He was walking beside me, but seemed so far away.

"Do you love me?" I asked shyly.

He stopped, and stared at me with such mystification, and my body started shaking.

"Of course I do, why would you ask such a question?", he replied harshly."I love you as I did in the past. We will always be together Usagi. You should thank yourself lucky, that you have me forever, and never have to find someone to love you, like everyone else. Now stop acting childish and lets get you home".

Childish! Is that how he sees me?. I know I can be nieve, and a cry baby, but he says he loves me, as in the past. Does he love me, Usagi?, or is he going on his feelings from the past?. I know I'm not Serenity, the Princess he loved in the past, but I'm sure I could be loved.

"Am I not good enough?", I inquired, feeling broken hearted.

As I said the words, it was not my voice I heard. It was another voice, from a memory.

"It's not a matter if you're good enough, or not. We have to be together, that's all that matters, now please stop this. I have things to do, and you should get home, so lets go", he stated coldly, then turned to start walking.

My body trembled, as I have never felt such anger. My body was heating up, with my heart pounding loudly, and my thoughts running wild. I had realised, awhile ago, that I love Mamo Chan, but not really. I was going on my past feelings, and I wasn't listening to my heart. That's all about to change.

"I don't want a future with you. I want a future with someone who loves me Usagi, not the past me, and someone I truly love. I am going home, and we're over" I yelled, with the words leaving behind a sweet, satisfied taste.

"You can't break up with me. I won't allow it", he bellowed turning to face me.

"I am, and I am not going to let any one tell me what I have to do anymore. I am allowed to make my own choices. You are only with me because you feel obligated, so go live your life, and I'll live mine".

I turned and walked away, feeling somewhat free. I walked with my head held high, finally deciding, I do have a choice, it's my life.

Suddenly, a vision of Seiya popped into my head. He was winking at me, and giving me the thumb up, like he always did. It was his voice I heard.

I miss Seiya. He was there for me, even though he didn't have to be. He was always flirting, and even though I found him somewhat annoying, he made me smile. I would never admit it, but I fell in love with Seiya. I would have loved to tell him, but I already had a future, and couldn't act on my feelings. I didn't really understand my feelings for him, till that night he told me it was okay he was in a one sided love, then kissed my cheek. Now he is gone.

Tears filled my eyes, and my free walk turned into a lost run. The future I was told I have to have, I don't want. And the future I want, I can't have.


A little time has passed, but alot has changed.

Mamo Chan went to America, but swears we will be together, stating I just need time, as I had being through alot. Like he would know.

The Scouts weren't happy, about me ending things with him. But what got me the most, is they were more concerned about Chibi Usa, than my feelings. I had thought about her alot, as she is one of the reasons, I didn't want to change my future, but as much as I love her, I know it wouldn't be fair to her, to born out of obligation, instead of love. I explained this to the Scouts, who agreed with me, but still weren't happy about it. They weren't happy either, when I told them, that I have the right to make my own choices, in my life. Actually, I think I impressed Haruka with my sudden change in attitude. She made the comment, about me maybe not being such a cry baby afterall.

They have started treating me differently, which I don't mind, and I can finally class the Outer Scouts as friends now.

As for other changes, I now wear my hair in a braid, hanging over my right shoulder. I have thought about cutting it, but haven't decided yet. I haven't been late to school for ages, probably because I barely sleep, and I do my homework, without complaint. I haven't been to the arcade in a long time, nor have I been anywhere really. I am pretty much just going through the motions of each day, just existing.

I feel regret, guilt, empty, and love, but mostly I feel lost. Minako and Makoto, are the only two, who haven't put my change down to breaking up with Mamo Chan, though Minako is the only one I've told my honest feelings too. She understands, because she shares the same pain, though she never really knew how Yaten felt about her. I wish Seiya had never told me, because it may have made things easier.

I had just finished Christmas dinner, with my family, and had decided to go for a walk. The cool air felt great, and somewhat refreshing. I was heading to my usual place, where I sit and think about Seiya. The Park.

I hadn't walked far, when I felt someone watching me. I looked around, but saw nothing. I continued walking, but couldn't shake the feeling I was being followed, or that I wasn't scared.

"Sailor Moon".

I heard the voice, and turned around, to have my heart stop at the sight before me.

Thigh high black boots, little black shorts, the bra like top, and long gloves. I knew the outfit, but not the girl wearing it. She had long, bleach blonde hair, with dark streaks through it, tied in the usual low ponytail. She is about Taiki's height, and her body was lightly tanned, and toned to perfection, with her face beautiful, with bright sky blue eyes, lined with dark lashes. She looked amazing.

"Are you Sailor Moon?", she asked warmly, stopping me from staring.

"Yes I am, but who are you?", I replied curious.

"I am Star Striker, and it is an honour to meet you", she bowed respectively.

I don't know if it was because she is a Starlight, but she seems so familiar, like I've met her before.

"It's nice to meet you too. Are you alone?", I asked, wondering if Seiya had come back.

"Yes I am alone. Princess Kakyuu sent me to deliver this", she smiled, handing me an envelope.

I looked at her in wonder, before opening it, to find a letter, which I started reading.

Dear Sailor Moon,

I wish to thank you, for helping save our home. I would like to extend an invitation, for you to visit our home, along with your Scouts, when you feel it appropriate. We are still rebuilding, but I would very much like to hold a ball in your honour, when you arrive. I hope you will accept my invitation, and that you are all well.

Yours Sincerely

Princess Kakyuu

I have thought about going there, but now that I am invited, I don't know if I should. I would love to see their home, as Seiya spoke so highly of it, but he would be there.

"I do hope you decide to come visit", Striker smiled, breaking my thoughts.

"I will, but not yet", I stated, deciding I want to go.

I told her, that I will visit during Summer break, in about seven months, and that I will see if any of my Scouts wish to join me. She seemed quite happy with that, as was I, as she started telling me about her home.

It was late when I arrived home, after spending a few hours talking with Striker, who I felt so relaxed around, and headed straight to bed.

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