Lovino growled as he walked down the halls of his new school. He really didn't want to be here. Stuck in this hell hole. He wanted to be home with his grand father and brother. The three had just moved to this god forsaken town. Little did the teen know he was going to be forced into this school. Up till now the young Italian boy was home schooled. Kept sheltered. Now he was stuck in a crowed school full of stupid kids. Feli how ever got the luck of the draw. Lovino had talked his grandfather into leaving Feli at home. Telling him his little brother wouldn't last a minute in such a big school. Even though his brother cried and clung to Lovino, the older of the two told him to stay home. He felt at ease with his little brother staying at home.

He looked down to his white paper and read the numbers off the top next to HR. With a confused look he looked around the empty halls for any one to help. He didn't understand what an HR was. He looked on the walls noticing the numbers and followed till he found the one that was the same number on his paper. He already hated this freaking school. All the halls and rooms. He took a deep breath as he forced his hand up knocking on the wooden door. It shot open right away and he jumped back shock on his face.

"Oh you must be Mr. Vargas!" the woman before him smiled. He blinked a few times before nodding his head. She motioned for him to come in as he stood awkwardly outside the door. He hesitated but after a moment he followed her inside the room. "Class!" she called out. The kids looked to her as she motioned for Lovino to stand in front of the class. "Alright. Please tell the class you're name and where you're from." She said with sparkling eyes. He nodded his head keeping his eyes to the floor and not the kids.

"Il mio nome è Lovino Vargas." He muttered. the class stared at him. He knew they wouldn't talk to a kid if he couldn't speak English. A small smirk came to his face but was wiped away just as fast as it came.

"Mr. Vargas. In English please." the teacher stated. Lovino looked over to her and she gave him a encouraging smile. He left out a sigh and took a good look at the class before him him. He knew they could smell his fear.

"My name is Lovino Vargas." He said looking right back to the floor. A light red blush coming to his face.

"And you're from?" She pushed on. His head shot up and he looked at her with a you got to be kidding me look. She only gave him a slightly scary look before he got the hint.

"Fine. Sense the whole class would just love to hear my life story then I'll you bloody idiots!" Lovino snapped. He crossed his arms and glared at the class. "I was born in Italy. Oh let me just be a bit more specific. I was born in the south half of Italy. In the main capital. For those of you who don't know what city that is its the city of Rome. My mother got knocked up just after me and by the time I was just about one she gave birth to my baby brother. She died right after he was born. So my father raised us till I was almost four. The bitch took us to America where our life took a turn for the worst. He left us with our grandfather and ran out. God only knows where the hell he went! As if it wasn't bad enough. I was home schooled the all my life and this is my first time outside my grand fathers house. Other than going shopping with my little brother. I also come from a stinking rich family. Don't talk to me and i won't talk to you. Understand? Good. Piss off." Lovino said before looking back at the teacher. She blinked a few times before giving another smile.

"How old are you?" she asked him. His eye twitched as he tried to calm him self down.

"How blond are you?" He asked right back.

"Mr. Vagas!" She yelled at him. he crossed his arms raising an eye brow. The class started to laugh and it only busted his ego.

"Just asking." He smirked.

"Well then mr. Vargas sense you love telling stories. Please tell us about Italy." She said bitterly. Lovino knew he pissed her of to no end.

"Oh you know! Good old Italy. Pasta, Pizza, Italians, girls, friendly people, bright sun, beaches, crazy Italian drivers. Every thing you America's know and love. Or what you see." Lovino smirked. The teacher did not like his sarcasm.

"Take your seat mr. Vargas." The teacher hissed. She pointed to the back of the room near the window. He gave her a smirk that was very clear to see.

"Some how I knew you would say that." He said sarcastically. The class laughed as he made his way to the back of the room huffing as he took his seat. He thought his first impression was rather good.

"Well class. Sense mr. Vargas took up half the period we will just pick up tomorrow. Just have a free period." She muttered rubbing her forehead. the class cheered as she left the room. Lovino was rather happy with him self but it didn't stop him from missing his brother. He hated the thought of his brother being home alone. Most likely staring out the window waiting for his brother to come home like a puppy. He missed being able to talk to the bundle of joy after ever subject. Or curling up together to take a nap.

"Hello there Lovino~" a voice said. Lovino looked back to the tall man behind him. "My name is Antonio! I'm from Spain." He smiled brightly. Lovino blinked a few times looking over the rather good looking man. He left out a sigh and turned looking back out the window.

"Hello." He muttered back. There was movement and Lovino looked back a bit to see the Spanish man pulling a desk next to him. He knew this was a sign of wanting to talk. Something he learned off TV shows. He now looked back to this Antonio person. "What are you doing?" He asked bitterly. Antonio smiled to him holding out his hand. Lovino just looked at it slightly confused.

"Lets be friends!" Antonio cheered. Lovino looked up to the Spanish man's happy green eyes.

"I don't think so." Lovino stated as he turned back to the window. There was a sad wimpier that came from the Spanish man. Lovino felt pleased with him self.

"Il mio nome è Antonio." Antonio said. Lovino sighed knowing it was a losing battle. He turned back to the man who's face light up right away.

"Listen. Antonio was it? I don't want to be here. I don't want to talk to people. So could you just maybe go away?" Lovino asked with a bit of a hiss. Antonio nodded his head and Lovino smiled. "Thank you." He said and looked back out the window.

"So you have a brother?" Antonio asked. Lovino looked up to him.

"You're kidding me right? I thought you were going to leave!?" Lovino growled. Antonio smiled at him and he left out a sigh. Lovnio knew this was a losing battle. "Si. I have a little brother. His name is Feli and we are always mistaken for twins." Lovino stated. Antonio nodded his head.

"I don't have any siblings. So you're very lucky." Antonio smiled. Lovino nodded his head.

"Yeah I guess. He's annoying and clingy. Always happy and talkative. He's the perfect child. Everyone loves him." Lovino stated. Antonio laughed.

"No one is perfect." he smiled. "So you're from Italy?" He asked changing the subject.

"Really? Are you trying to get to know me? You heard what I said up there right? You know my life story. Yes I'm from Italy. Now go to hell." Lovino bluntly said. Lovino turned to look back out the window when the Spanish man said it.

"Lovi." He said. That was it for Lovino. No one other then Feli could ever use that nickname. He whipped his head around standing up from his seat. The chair falling over. The bag had all eyes on the two now.

"I said to go to hell you Spanish basted! Don't you ever! Call me Lovi! Understood! Only those who are close to me can call me a name like that! Understood! Fuck off!" Lovino yelled before taking his bag and pushing his way out of the room. He slammed the door behind him and didn't care what they thought. He walked down the halls and right out of the school not caring who watched him. He went on his way. Walking home and skipping the first day of school.