Lovino sighed as he was stuck with Gilbert. Antonio was kicked out soon after Romano noticed he was hanging over the Italian. Lovino huffed and looked at the time. There was a knock on the door and Feli ran out of the room.

"I'll get it!" he called out. Lovino got up and Gilbert did the same. They both walked out of the bed room and walked over to the stairs. They looked down and noticed that there two little brothers were just looking at each other. They didn't talk or say a word they just stood there watching each other. Lovino was going to say something but Feli beat him to it.

"Your that boy from the shop!" Feli called out a huge smile coming to his face. The German nodded.

"Ja. Your the one that bumped into me." he stated.

"Again I'm sorry about that Ludwig..." Feli stated bowing his head a bit. Ludwig gave the Italian a pat on the head.

"I told you its fine. I am much bigger then you. You don't have to worry." Ludwig said. Gilbert chuckled.

"So your little brother is the boy my little brother bumped into. He came home and told me all about it yesterday!" Gilbert yelled. Lovino covered his mouth.

"Shut up you dumb ass. Lets just watch for now." Lovino stated. He wanted his brother to make a friend on his own. He didn't want to help him. Feli was old enough now to make a friend.

"Ve... Still..." Feli stated softly.

"And I still say there is no need to be sorry. I should have watched were I was walking. I didn't see you. Your very..." Ludwig looked down to the small Italian and Feli looked up to him blinking his amber eyes.

"Small?" Feli asked. Ludwig nodded.

"Tiny." Ludwig stated. Feli smiled.

"Si! I may be small that makes every thing better! I can fit in tight spaces and bend in odd ways!" Feli smiled. Ludwig seemed to blush a bit at that and Lovino felt his jaw clench. He didn't like were this was going.

"Hey relax. He's to pure to hit on your brother. And even if he did it would most likely scare the kid away. Lubby is not one to seduce people. Much less boys." Gilbert chuckled. Lovino nodded

"He better not try any thing on my brother." Lovino huffed.

"Please come in. Gilbert and my brother are up stairs. Their working on a project. I'll make some tea. Would you like some?" Feli asked. Ludwig nodded and the two headed to the kitchen. Lovino sighed.

"Well at least they get along." Lovino pointed out.

"Yeah. Ludwig doesn't have a lot of friends. There's Kiku but he's a really soft spoken guy. I don't know how the two became friends. Ludwig is so buff and always wanting to push himself." Gilbert got up and started to walk back to the room.

"Hey!" Lovino called running after him. "What do you think your doing?" Lovino asked. Gilbert looked back at him and smiled.

"We have work to do. After all we can sit there and stalk our brothers and let them become friends or we can score some extra point's with our teacher." Gilbert laughed. Lovino sighed and nodded.

"You're right..." he said walking into the bed room and closing the door. Feli would scream if any thing were to happen. He was safe. As long as he was safe Lovino was fine with this Ludwig hanging around.

"But he still better not touch my brother." Lovino hissed.