"I don't get it." Antonio said as he tried to work. Lovino rolled over in his bed looking up to the other. Antonio was for once looking upset and Lovino found this joyful. To see Antonio with emotions! It was amazing! "I have done this every way possible." Antonio hisses tapping the end of his pencil against the desk. Lovino got up walking up to Antonio looking over his shoulder. He didn't know what came over him he just felt the need to help. He wrapped his arms around Antonio's neck softly leaning onto his back.

"The answer is c." Lovino said. Antonio blinked.

"how?" He questioned.

"You forgot to carry the 5." Lovino smirked. Antonio looked at him out of the corner of his eyes.

"Oh?" he asked a smile coming to his face. Lovino nodded his head leaving Antonio go and walking around sitting on his lap.

"Lovi?" Antonio asked. Lovino smirked pulling Antonio into a kiss. How how he loved the feeling of those warm soft lips on his. He didn't care of Antonio's hands were rough on his back. He wanted Antonio.

"Toni." Lovino whispered as he leaned closer nipping at Antonio's ear. The Spanish man left out a small whimper.

"Lovi. what are you doing?" Antonio asked.

"You know what I want. Now give it to me before I take it from you." Lovino spoke into his ear. Antonio felt Lovino pulling at the end of his shirt. Oh how nice this felt. Lovino started to slowly pull down his zipper to his pants. Antonio's heart was pounding. He slipped his hand in and Antonio closed his eyes. "Found it." Lovino hummed. Antonio opened his eyes again as he realized Lovino had taken his luck tomato!

"My tomato!" Antonio yelled out

Antonio sat up in bed. Panic on his face. He leaned over checking the table beside him. There on top was his key chain with the tomato on the end. He left out a sigh and took it kissing it before putting it back on the desk.

"Good night my lucky Tomato~" he smiled before falling back asleep,