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Chapter 2

Sakura was currently working her shift at the hospital by order of the Hokage since they were currently understaffed. Right now she was setting up an I.V. drip for one of her patients who were currently in a comatose state but her attention went to Ino when she stuck her head in to see what she was up to.

"Forehead are you still here… your shift ended an hour ago." She scolded her best friend for trying to overwork herself.

"Ino the hospital is understaffed right now and we have to do everything we can to help… and don't call me Forehead you Pig." She replied to her and Ino just rolled her eyes.

"Listen I shouldn't have to tell you that if you don't take breaks every now or then you will start to make mistakes… the hospital may need us but not when were overworked." She continued to scold her.

"I know all that stuff Ino but I'm fine I promise." She insisted while trying to insert the needle to the I.V. in her patient's arm. She could feel Ino looking over her shoulder to get a better look at what she was doing.

"Your fine huh… then why are you poking that needle into his muscle instead of his vain." She said with a smirk.

Sakura looked closer at what she was doing cursed mentally… she was right had been zoning out and had been making mistakes. Ino grabbed the needle out of her hand and put it in for her while she just sighed.

"You know you're lucky that this guy is in a comma otherwise he probably would have screamed." She continued and turned around putting her hands on her hips giving her a disapproving look.

"Ok fine maybe I should take a break but working here just reliefs so much stress and lately I've been having a lot." She admitted looking away shyly.

Ino just stared at her and knew what she was talking about. When Sasuke came back to village they have been acting so dense with each other's feelings in her opinion. It was obvious how much they liked each other. Both of their eyes would brighten up when they saw each other and they would give each other special treatment. For example Sasuke would let Sakura get away with a lot things when he would normally give a heated glare or he would have brought a world of down on your head. Personally she had given up on Sasuke because she found it hard to believe he could show any kind of affection for her or anything that matter. So imaging her surprise when she saw him ogling Sakura after a training session when her vest had ripped open. She smiled inwardly at this and hoped that they would finally admit their feelings to each other… perhaps she should help a little.

"You know… I heard that Sasuke was training out in the field somewhere probably working up a sweat… maybe I'll go see him when I go on break." She smirked when she saw Sakura blushed intensely and then glared at her.

"Hn… I bet you'd like that wouldn't you." She said with a little venom laced in it.

Ino just kept smirking at her and then said. "Of course why wouldn't I… and if I'm not mistaken did you just grunt at me… I swear the more you hang out with your team the more like them you become." She said mockingly and Sakura's glare hardened.

Sakura turned around taking off her lab coat as she was walking out the door before Ino's voice stop her.

"Where are you going… I thought you said you were needed here." She said trying to make it sound like she was curios.

"I'm going to the training field… make sure that Satoshi-san's I.V. doesn't run out, I'll be back tomorrow to check up on him." She told her seriously.

"Man you should really make up your mind… I swear you can be so damn troublesome." She said out loud and could hear Sakura snickering which got her a confused look which responded with a "What."

Sakura gave her a side glance and said. "Looks like I'm not the only one who picks up on my teammates mannerisms." And with that she was out the door leaving Ino with a dumbfounding look on her face and then she just scowled at the spot she was just at a few minutes ago but smiled when she realized her plan worked.


Naruto was nearing the training grounds when he was coming up on the hospital. He saw the doors open to reveal Sakura coming out with a look of determination on her face and go in the direction he has going.

He smiled.

After the war he viewed Sakura like the older sister he never had.

"Oi Sakura-chan wait up!" He yelled trying to catch up to her.

Sakura stopped in her tracks and inwardly groaned she was hoping to spend some alone time with the last Uchiha. She turned around and smiled as he approached her and noticed the signs that he had been crying. She knew he'd been crying over the loss of the women that loved him and everyone else who had died. Hell even she hadn't come to terms with it but he was dealing with it twice as worse. That's when she knew she had to try and cheer him up instead of trying to be selfish.

"Oh hay Naruto what's up." She asked with a forced smile.

"Nothing much I'm just going to the training field to have a sparring match with Sasuke… want to come it looked like you were gonna head that way anyway." He asked hoping she would say yes so he could spend time with his surrogate family.

"Ya I was actually going to get some training done myself… working in the hospital all day is making me sore so I kinda want to stretch my legs." She said leaving out the part about spending the alone time with Sasuke like she had planned.

"Alright then let's go then. We can finally practice some team collaboration jutsu's while were out there." He said excitedly as they walked to the training grounds together.


Zuko groaned out in annoyance when his uncle was taking forever to talk with the captain of the fire country's ship.

When they got into the Fire country's harbor their ship was intercepted and boarded since technically they were violating the isolation treaty. His uncle was currently playing diplomat and he had been waiting for what seemed like forever until the captain of the ship nodded his head and went back to his ship as the bridge they used was lifted. His Uncle walked up to him with a smile on his face and said.

"Great news nephew they sent a message informing them of our arrival so when we get there they will probably give us a big welcome isn't that great."

"Yeah lucky us…" He said with a frown.

"Nephew you seem upset… do you with to talk about it." He asked wondering what put him in such a solemn mood.

"It's just that we can't lose the Avatar and I don't think we should be wasting our time with hiring mercenary's." he said with indifference.

"Oh I wouldn't say that Prince Zuko these aren't any mercenary's… trust me I know by experience that these people are out of this world… trust me when we get there you might be surprised." Iroh said to him.

"Why would I be surprised and what do you mean you know by experience… have you ever dealt with them before." He asked him wonder edged in his face.

"Oh that's right I never told you or your sister the story about how I meet the Legendry Sennin … but perhaps I'll tell you some other time because it looks like we are about to dock." He said with a smile and pointed to the docks.

Zuko just sighed and looked to the horizon to see the sun sitting it was going to get dark soon and they had a lot of ground to cover if they were to get to their destination.


Sasuke open his eyes and chirping sounds were heard when he activated his Chidori Sharp Spear and tried to hit the target six meters away from him. Unfortunately it was only able to reach five which was his limit but he was trying to extend it further. He cursed and deactivated his jutsu sitting down and taking a breather to collect his thoughts.

He thought about all the past events that happen in the last two years. He had given up on his revenge to destroy Konoha but still had mixed feelings about it. He hated how his brother was used to kill his clan but he didn't want to destroy what his brother worked so hard for because that would mean his sacrifice would have been in vain.

So he decided to return and make sure that the village would stay safe for not people who lived in but for his clan that had to suffer for them which this is why he is driven to be Hokage.

Another reason he decided to come back was for those two that had wanted him to come back so they could not only be a team but a family again. In the past he would not have hesitated to kill them but now he wasn't all that sure it could be done anymore. Not to say that he couldn't but they had become the family he wishes he still had.

Naruto was like the little brother he never had and understood the feeling of being alone. Sasuke attempted to kill him more times than he liked to admit but the blonde still never severed his bond with him. He smiled at his idiotic behavior and knew he would be too stubborn to give up on anything. Naruto was his rival and would probably remain that way for the rest of his life. He knew if he became Hokage he would make him and Sakura advisors.

Sakura was… actually he couldn't really call her his sister because she had become something more which confused him. He had always ignored her and called her annoying but ever since he had returned he had felt something weird clench his heart when he saw her smile at him. It was like he was realizing something for the first time and noticed how beautiful she actually was. Her skin was smooth and she had all the right curves… he scolded himself for having such thoughts. He had not only attempted to kill her a couple of times but he left her on a bench when she confessed her love to him. He didn't think she had those same feelings for him and that clenched his heart. He wanted to know if she did feel the same but he was still too scared of the answer.

He got back up and sighed getting ready to try to hit his target when he heard a familiar loud voice.

"Oi Sasuke-teme what's up!?" Naruto yelled over to him.

He looked over to his right to see those two running up to him waving at him with smiles on their faces. Well he guessed he could work on his own training later because he knew they would want to train with him. He had his emotionless mask on but when he saw Sakura his eyes let up with excitement for a brief moment before it contorted by to emotionless.

Naruto could have sworn he saw a strange glint in Sasuke's eyes before he quickly dismissed it and walk up to him giving him his trademark grin. He was going to spar with Sasuke and win to show him he was stronger. Of course they always ended up having a draw but this time he was determined to win.

"Oh it looked like you were training real hard before we got here… what were you doing." He said while looking at a target that was filled with holes.

"Never mind that… what do you want." He asked emotionlessly.

Naruto just smiled

"I've come to kick your ass once and for all." He declared to him as both Sasuke and Sakura just sweat dropped at this.

"I don't think so… you dumbass." He said as he unsheathed his sword getting ready for him to charge him.

"You boys go ahead and start without me. I'm going to do some stretches first… being cramped up all day in the hospital makes me swore." She said doing some stretches while Sasuke eyed her for a moment and gulped when she bent down to touch her toes showing him some of her cleavage. He had just barley dodged the blow from Naruto and cursed himself for being distracted then focused his attention on the dobe.

"Why are you zoning out teme." Naruto said with a grin.

"Hn I was just thinking of how I should humiliate you this time." He said quickly making up an excuse.

"Argh I'll show you asshole!" Naruto responds and both of them charge at one another intending to beat each other in the ground.


"Hey Sokka are you sure were going the right way." Aang asked while manning the rains.

They had been traveling for three hours and have seen nothing but ocean. The old man gave them a map of that side of the world and some information they would need to know.

One of those things was where to find the fans that are in a room in the Hokages mansion. The second thing was what their village leader was like and to his knowledge was a lady who was in her fifties named Tsunade. The gang thought it was strange that the leader of deadly assassins was an old lady. Lastly he explained to them what would happen if they got caught and they shivered at the explanation.

Their plan was to try and land away from the village and try to sneak in. They didn't think they would just be able to walk in so they would have to wait till dark find a way in but luckily for them they would arrive there at night.

Sokka looked up from the map.

"Positive… as long as we keep going west we should get there in no time." He told Aang as he looks over to his sister and raises an eyebrow when he sees she is glaring at the sea.

"Katara what's wrong you've been in a sour mood ever since we left." He asked her seriously.

"It's just that… I can't believe those people killed Kyoshi when she was just trying to help them… it has to be a mistake." She said without looking at him.

"I know it' hard for me to believe to but what can you do some people are just jerks." He told her while shrugging his shoulders.

"Actually I've been thinking about that." Aang spoke suddenly.

"About what Aang." Katara asked him wondering what was on his mind.

"Maybe they didn't know who Kyoshi was and mistook her for an enemy or something… I mean why would they kill someone who was only trying to help them." He said with hope that they weren't the savages they were made out to be.

"That's a possibility but I wonder what she did that would make them want to attack her." He asked him.

"I'm not sure but maybe if I can explain to them what Kyoshi was trying to do maybe they will come out of isolation and join our world." He said with a little hope and Katara's face brighten.

"Your right Aang and maybe we can get them into helping us end this war once and for all." She said happily.

"Yeah with them at are backs there's no way we could lose." He said with excitement.

"Hay guys that's wishful thinking and all but maybe we should stick with our original plan… we can't be too sure of what we might run across." Sokka said told them hoping they would not get their hopes up.

"Oh will you stop being such a downer… I think if we just talk to this Hokage person she will give us the fans back and talk about our situation with the war she might be willing to help us." She reasoned with him.

"Fine we'll land away from the town and continue on foot from there but lets try to keep a low profile ok." He said defeated.

"That's fine I guess." She said quietly.

"Hey guys look over there!" Aang yells out loud and they look to where he's pointing and see land and Sokka looks back at the map.

"Alright we should be there in an hour or two if we keep flying at this speed." He told them informally.

"I have a good feeling about this you guys." Aang says to them while Sokka just has this weird feeling that something bad is going to happen and just shakes it off.


Tsunade was in her office looking out the window drinking some of her sake. Normally Shizune would try to hide but fortunately she was able to smuggle it in a place she would rather not talk about. She had just finished all of her paper work and was watching the village she loved so much. She was interrupted from this when the door shot open reviling Shizune. Tsunade quickly hides her bottle and turns around facing her assistant with her best poker face trying not to show any guilt or signs of being a little buzzed.

"Tsunade-sama we have a couple of scrolls that are marked urgent for your eyes only." She said happily while Tsunade just inwardly groaned.

"The first one is from the Kazekage and the other one is from a port not too far from here." She explained handing them to her.

Tsunade open the one from the Kazekage and nodded a few times while reading it. He was sending someone to get ready for the next Chunin Exams which wasn't hard to guess who that person was. She grinned evilly and knew just the person to send at the gate waiting for her. She picked up the other scroll and began reading it her eyes going wide a little then going back to normal. A diplomat from the bending countries was coming to Konoha to discuss some business with her but never gave the person's name. She thought that was weird because the shinobi world had cut all ties with them and she only had little experience with them… she smiled at the memory of her old friend and briefly wondered if he was the one who was coming. She would have to wait till he arrived to find out.

"Bring me Shikamaru and Naruto right away." She spoke with authority.

"Yes Tsunade-sama." Shizune said and then she left shutting the door behind her.