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The common room in the grand tower of the Titans was filled with the usual noises in the early morning. Beast Boy and Cyborg were in the kitchen area, both with white chef hats on, arguing about what was for breakfast. The argument, surprisingly enough, never seemed to change and it happened almost everyday for the past 3 years they were together as a team.

"Cyborg come on! Can't we change it up a bit?"

"Listen up BB, I ain't touching that tofu soy crap you're trying to get me to fry"

"Shut up dude! It's not crap, its ten times healthier than all those animals you're eating!"

"Maybe, but all these animals we're eating taste ten times better than what YOU'RE EATING"



"Friends, please. Let us not fight, perhaps we should have neither tofu or meat. I can prepare my Glorrk instead?" Starfire's cheery voice said; she walked up to the two boys and leaned on the kitchen counter. Beast Boy and Cyborg looked at one another and tried to remember what her 'Glorrk' was.

"Uh Star, have you served it to us before?" Cyborg asked nervously. The Tamaranian nodded followed by a toothy smile.

"And uh, did any of us end up in the medical room afterwards?" Beast Boy's voice was wary, he remembered how sick he felt when he consumed some of her local food before.

"No, I believe I served it to-" Starfire hesitated and glanced briefly at Beast Boy, wondering if what she was going to say was going to spring up any bad memories, "-to Terra and she commented that it had tasted like the sushi and ice cream"

Beast Boy showed no reaction to the name, but thoughts about her popped into his head after a long time of him repressing them. He quickly shook it off and remembered the green jelly dish with weird pink stuff in the middle.

"Ooooh" Beast Boy dragged, "That did taste pretty good, I'm fine with it. Cy?"

Cyborg simply shrugged, "Yeah alright, I've been cooking for 3 days in a row anyways" and stalked off to the sofa to watch some TV. Starfire squealed happily,

"I shall commence with the cooking!" and then started frantically rummaging through the cupboards.

Beast Boy left the kitchen and plopped down on the couch next to Cyborg. His posture slouching slightly as he lazily looked at the screen, which was changing channels every 5 seconds.

All 3 of them in the common room heard the doors slide open and shut as a 4th member walked in.

"Friend Raven! Is it not a glorious morning?" Starfire's all too familiar voice came from the kitchen. Beast Boy looked left of the tv and noticed that it was slightly cloudy.

"Glorious isn't exactly the word for it" Raven's low monotone voice called out. Beast Boy felt a small gush of wind as she sat a good foot away from him on the couch. He turned his head to glance at her but her face, as usual, was hidden behind a dark-covered book.

"Hey Raven" Beast Boy tried; no response. He poked her arm and tried again, "Hey" pause "Raven" still nothing. Either she was really caught up in her book or she was purposefully ignoring him. Beast Boy took 2 more pokes and a couple more "Hey Raven"'s before his hand was encased with black energy and he slapped himself. Raven looked away from her book with an extremely annoyed look on her face.

"What?!" She hissed, making Beast Boy inwardly cringe.

"What's your book about?" he asked, acting as innocent and timid as possible to avoid a beating.

"Something that I am extremely interested in which means that it's not for you. If thats all you're asking, I'm going back to my book now" She said coldly, burrowing her face once again into her book. Beast Boy rolled his eyes,

"Well sorry Raven, I was just trying to start a conversation" He retorted, folding his arms.

"Talk to Cyborg." Beast Boy looked over at his best friend, who was slouched back like him but he still held the remote forward and was still switching between channels.

"But he's in his 'I'm not gonna talk to anyone until I have something to eat' mood." He protested

"Well I'm in my 'I'm going to kill Beast Boy if he bothers me anymore' mood" Her voice replied, still monotone and still icy.

"C'mon Rae, I know you wouldn't really kill me" He paused for a moment, "Besides I wa-"

Beast Boy was interrupted by the common room doors opening once more and their fierce leader Robin stepped in.

"Morning guys" he said, going to the kitchen. Beast Boy and Raven mumbled good morning's while Cyborg still pointlessly flipped through the channels.

"Greetings friend Robin, what a wonderful morning it is!" Starfire hollered, Robin couldn't help but smile at her radiant morning energy and walked over to the kitchen counter. Raven's eyes stayed on him for a couple seconds before looking back at her book and resumed her "reading" which really was peaking at Robin in her periferal vision. Raven had always had this sort of weird friendship with Robin, and not in a bad way. They were both dark and mysterious in a similar form, and they seemed to understand each other and know the reasons as to why the other wants to be alone at times. It had been like this ever since they met and had a proper conversation with just the two of them. This year however, on their 3rd year of friendship, Raven started having feelings towards him and it annoyed her greatly. Everyone in the team and everyone that knows the titans is aware that Robin and Stafire were completely infactuated with each other. It frustrated everyone at how they can't seem to notice the other's feelings when it's clearly obvious. Raven's been having these feelings for a couple months now and they were starting to disappear, much to her liking. The crush was minor, but it was still a crush. And it still hurt her a little bit to see him look at Starfire like that. She sighed,

'All the more reason to get over him quickly' she thought, 'I'm almost there, can't be long now'

"Right where was I?" Beast Boy turned back to Raven. What he was going to say completely slipped his mind.

'What was it? I know its something important' Beast Boy wondered to himself.

Raven kept silent, wishing and wishing he wouldn't remember and that breakfast would be ready soon. She looked up from her book momentarily to look at the two Titans in the kitchen, curiousity getting the better of her. She saw Robin and Starfire conversing, and he was glancing warily at what she was placing on 5 plates. It was the green jelly with the weird pink stuff.

The thought suddenly popped back up in Beast Boy's mind as he turned to watch Starfire and Robin along with Raven,

"Oh I remember now!" he exclaimed, Raven sighed and rolled her eyes, turning back to her book.

"Out with it then" she said, though her voice lacked any interest to what he was going to say.

"You know the dance thingy for superheroes that's in a couple weeks time?" He asked nervously. Raven froze.

Last week, an envelope addressed to all the Titans arrived at their doorstep. It turned out to be an invitation to a ball of some sort. It was similar to a high school prom, but for teenage superheroes. When Raven found out about it she merely rolled her eyes and walked away. It did kind of seem like a good idea for the other superheroes, since none of them experienced a normal high school life like other normal teenagers do. It would probably be a good experience for them, but not for Raven. Proms weren't her thing simply because: she wasn't girly, she prefers to be in a quiet environment, she despises dancing, she can't dance to save her life, and what Raven thought Beast Boy was about to ask probably adds on to the number of reasons why she doesn't want to go.

'Please don't ask what I think you're about to ask. Please please pl-'

"Well you know how we're all supposed to have dates and stuff, uh I can't find anyone to go with so can you possibly-" he gulped "be my date?"

'Goddamn it.' She quietly closed her book and placed it on her lap. Beast Boy was annoying on so many levels, but she knew that he had a kind heart. But he's constantly invading her personal space and annoying her to the point where she gets so angry and chases him around the tower. He's like the annoying little brother, and going out to something like this with him just... doesn't seem right. But she knew of his lack of...interaction with women outside the tower and it made her heart ache a little at the fact that she had to turn him down.

Raven turned slowly to Beast Boy and breathed in and out calmy before thinking about her answer carefully.

"Beast Boy. I wasn't planning on going to this dance anyway, you know how much I hate them" She finally said. An indirect deny was better then just saying 'No.'

"Aw c'mon please Raven?" He pouted, "No one else will go with me!"

Ouch, her heart.

"Beast Boy, I'm sorry but... I don't think of you in THAT way you're like my-" her sentence was interrupted by Beast Boy's frantic hand waving

"What? Uh no..no no you've got it all wrong" he said, Raven was confused and just raised an eyebrow. "I don't think of you like that either, but all the other titans already have dates and I don't want to be like the 7th wheel or something"

'Oh. Thank Azar'

"But Beast Boy, I hate these events. I'm not going to be social at all. Besides I don't even have a dress" Raven continued to argue. She was somewhat relieved when he didn't think of her like that, but it still made her shudder what everyone else will think when they walk in with arms linked and Raven's in a DRESS.

"Friends! The Glorrk is prepared!" Starfire called. Cyborg immiediately shot up and raced to the kitchen counter where he instantaneously dug into his meal.

"Yeah Terra was right, this does taste like sushi and ice cream" He said, and continued to dig in. Beast Boy wasn't prepared to hear her name, and he visibly tensed. He shook it off after about 3 seconds but Raven was the only one that noticed, which made her heart ache even more for the little green (annoying) changeling. They both got up at the same time and walked to the kitchen island, Raven battling a decision in her mind. It wasn't even a big deal, it was just a date.

'It's just one night. You probably won't even spend that much time with him. Just walk in with him then walk away. He'll probably be with his friends and I'll just be at the food table then I'll portal myself home after 5 minutes' Raven sighed. Before they reached the kitchen area and were witihin earshot of the other Titans even if they talked quietly, Raven grabbed Beast Boy's arm and spun him around to look at her.

"Yes." she said. She let go and walked quickly to the kitchen area, sitting on a stool next to Robin. Beast Boy arrived not long after taking the empty seat next to Raven. They looked at each other briefly and Raven was met by Beast Boy's wide grin

"Thanks" He said, she just shrugged and turned her attention to the bouncy gooey green thing on her plate.

"Beast Boy! Raven! Please, do the digging in!" Starfire said from the other side of Robin, who was currently eyeing the Tamaranian jelly and poking it with his fork.

"It's edible with a decent taste, don't worry" Raven whispered to Robin, who smirked at her. She returned the smirk and dug her fork in the jelly.

"So, who're you guys' dates for the the superhero prom?" Robin asked suddenly, looking at everyone.

"I'm going with Bumblebee" Cyborg said.

"Robin and I are going together!" Starfire said happily and smiled at him, he warmly smiled back.

Ouch, Raven's heart again.

"I'm going with Raven!" Beast Boy exclaimed, all the other Titans turned to him with theit mouths open.

"Glorious! Congratulations!" The Tamaranian squealed in exitement. The two boys however were astounded.

"Ha ha nice one B, almost had me there" Cyborg chuckled and looked between Beast Boy and Raven. Raven was all of a sudden really interested in the pink middle of her Glorrk and Beast Boy just smirked back at Cyborg.

"No way, really?" Robin said, Beast Boy nodded.

There was an awkward pause.

"Ok Raven how much did he pay you" Cyborg wondered, inching closer to Raven.

"Nothing" She replied.

"Nothing?! How is BB still alive at this very moment? How did he survive asking you? How did you agree to going with him?"

"Dude" Beast Boy spoke up, glaring at Cyborg

"Chill out B it ain't you, its just that Raven's chases you around the tower everyday yelling death threats and its a miracle she's going with you judging by how much you push her over the edge and make her release her inner killing machine."

Beast Boy huffed

"Out of the goodness of my own heart" Raven said, before getting up and putting her plate in the sink. She turned back the 4 titans and looked at Robiin who pointedly looked between her and Beast Boy whilst wiggling his eyebrows. She gave him her signature death glare which he laughed off before announcing he was going to the training room.

"Oh, Raven!" Starfire called after a few moments. She got up from her seat and floated over to Raven.


"Tomorrow, may we please go to the mall of shopping to buy dresses for the dancing event?" she asked gleefully, putting her hands infront of her face to emphasize her need for Raven's company.

"Uh- why don't you ask Robin to go with you?" if it wasn't at a book store or at a moderatley dark artifact store, Raven wasn't interested.

"But Friend Robin has the plans with the boys and you have good taste in attire!" she said back, "Besides, you also need to do the buying of a dress, you do not own any"

Raven was flattered at Starfire's comment about her taste in clothes. She just sighed and nodded, Starfire bounded happily back in her seat to finish off her Glorrk.

'What have I gotten myself into?'

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