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"They're resurrecting Terra?!" Cyborg's loud voice echoed throughout the cavern. After the echoes died down, it was silent. The other titans couldn't find anything to say. Raven swallowed and stepped forward, walking slowly to Terra's statue. She heard Beast Boy follow behind her after a couple seconds. She stopped in front of the statue and gazed at the glowing red gem stuck above her heart. She saw in her peripheral vision that Robin, Starfire and Cyborg had followed in suit and the five of them stood around Terra.

"The crystals we saw at the beginning of the tunnels are resurrection crystals. They collect moonlight from a full moon and then its shot through the tunnels and it'll all hit that red stone on Terra's chest. Then a magic-wielding person is going to have to recite a spell with a similar red stone in hand, and Terra will follow every command from whoever has possession of the other red stone." Raven explained, Starfire looked as if she wanted to cry and Beast Boy's face showed no expression.

"Does the person have to posess magic to perform the spell?" asked Robin, his eyebrows furrowed and the action contorted his mask's shape.

"Yes and no" Raven began, "If the person performing the spell doesn't own any magic powers, they can still wield it using an object that can do magic. And someone that can, can perform the spell but then give the red stone to someone else to command Terra"

"Mumbo? Is he capable of doing something like this?" Cyborg inquired

"Yes, I believe he can" she replied, "His seems too immature for this kind of magic, but that's only because he's abusing its potential to put on a show. He can wield magic, making him 100% capable for this.

"Mumbo, Psimon, this is one hell of a team."

"And Terra under the mind control will be a danger to us all" Starfire spoke up, she sounded broken. She knew that if this goes through, they're going to have to take down Terra once more.

"Will" Beast Boy's quiet voice cracked a bit as he started, "Will she have any free will whatsoever? Like, can she think?"

"If whoever holds the stone allows her to, she will. But if they don't.. she'll be like a robot." Raven said reluctantly.

"Then we have to stop this from happening right now" Robin's strict tone said. "Raven, how do we do it?"

"We can't move the other three crystals from their place because they're protected. We can try moving this red stone." she said, "If we remove it from Terra, she won't be able to be controlled and it'll be moved from its place."

She carefully brought her hand up closer to the red gem and surrounded it with her black magic. She sighed in relief and Beast Boy's shoulders untensed when Raven wasn't blasted backwards by a force field. The pulled the red gem out and levitated it in front of her. Suddenly, the red gem pulsed and shot up a bright red light to the ceiling of the cavern. It seemed to go through the stone since a hole formed and late afternoon light spewed into the cavern.

"What's happening?" Beast Boy sounded as if he was containing a yell.

"I-I think we've triggered an alarm" Raven stuttered.

"Can we stop it?" Robin asked,

"If we touch the beam, it will probably burn through our hands considering what it did to the rock up there." She nodded her head upwards.

"How do we move it without incinerating anything above us?" Robin's tone was snappy, as his head whipped around thinking he heard something in one of the tunnels.

"This beam looks as if it can go through any substance" Cyborg said. Robin quickly turned to Raven and gave her a look which meant that he wanted her to hasten up. Raven felt frustrated as all her team members depended soley on her to figure this out because it was dark magic. Raven owned books about dark magic, but she wasn't an expert on it as they presumed her to be.

"We need to figure it out as soon as possible, I thought I heard something in one of the tunnels"

"And you thought right" A slightly high-pitched male voice came from behind them.

All the Titans whipped around and saw Mumbo standing there in his usual ridiculous outfit, an over-confident smirk was plastered on his face. The Titans instantly got into a fighting position, and Raven stepped in front of the red stone protectively.

"Mumbo" Robin seethed, his eyes narrowing, "So we were right in assuming you're behind this"

Mumbo chuckled and brought out his wand from under his hand tapped his nose twice with it.

"Clever, Titans. But I'm not alone, the other's will be here soon. For now, I'll just have to delay your escape; not that you can move or anything" he paused to glance at the red beam the gem was emitting, "You silly little kids set off my alarm. Only I can stop that beam, since I'm in possession of this and its under my magical control." he reached into his black coat and pulled out a red gem identicle to the one floating behind Raven; it was pulsing red. Robin threw a birdarang at Mumbo's hand in attempt to knock the gem out, but Mumbo moved his hand away and cartwheeled to the side.

"Kinda stupid of you to reveal what can make us stop it, Mumbo" said Beast Boy, Mumbo laughed

"It'd only be stupid if you actually claim possession over it. And I'm not letting you do that." he grinned wickedly and pointed his magic wand towards them.

"Titans, GO" Robin yelled and leapt into the air and before he got anywhere near Mumbo, a gigantic rabbit poofed in front of him and slammed him to the ground and kept him pinned.

"What the-" he began and took a few seconds to look around and see that a great number of these giant rabbits surrounded the other Titans. He inwardly groaned, fighting Mumbo was always weird. He bent his knee and kicked the rabbit hard in the stomach making it release his grip on Robin, allowing him to extend his bo staff and wack the Rabbit sideways on the head. Once the rabbit fell to the ground, it disappeared and Robin looked ahead and saw that Mumbo wasn't where he used to be. He heard his signature cackle behind him and saw that he was floating a meter above Terra's statue. Starfire spotted him from below and rose up with starbolts ready on her hands, she started throwing one after the other and Mumbo easily dodged them and flew away. She was chasing him for a few moments when he suddenly halted and pointed his wand at her.

"Alacazam!" he said, and chuckled when a pink burst of energy slammed into Starfire and she yelled in pain before crashing into the ground.

"Starfire!" Robin exclaimed. He jumped as high as he could and he pushed a little off Terra's statue head until he was airborne. He quickly reached into his utility belt and threw 3 explosive discs at Mumbo. The magician waved his wand and the discs turned into bubbles and he popped them one by one. Robin landed on his feet gracefully beside Starfire and helped her up before glaring at Mumbo.

"You can't catch me, Bird Boy" he said, and 5 more rabbits appeared and encircled Robin and Starfire. He yelled in frustration and began attacking the rabbits with this bo staff. Everytime he got rid of the ones around him, more sprung up. He heard an explosion behind him and whipped around to see Beast Boy floored by an explosion. There was a rabbit in the corner throwing explosive carrots, if their current situation wasn't serious, Robin would've started laughing.

"Explosive carrots?!" Cyborg exclaimed, his sonic cannon activating and hitting all the rabbits in front of him, "You're creative, I'll give you that" he continued, aiming that sentence at Mumbo.

"Titans, we need to get his gem" Robin exclaimed. Raven pushed a rabbit away and glanced up at the sound of Robin's voice. She saw Mumbo floating in the air watching Robin and Starfire fight the rabbits and his back was facing her. She turned to Beast Boy who was in the form of a Tiger, lashing out with hs claws at the giant bunnies. She flew towards him and formed a dome around the rabbits attacking him and tossed them away. Beast Boy morphed back to his human form and gave her a small smile,

"Thanks" he said.

"Beast Boy, Mumbo's distracted. Leap onto him to distract him from me while I do something." More bunnies made their way towards the two and Raven levitated some rocks around them and threw them at the heads. Each rabbit poofing out of existence.

"GO" she said to Beast Boy, who turned into a fly and buzzed up so he was directly above Mumbo's laughing figure. He turned into a monkey and landed on Mumbos shoulders and began pounding with his little monkey fists on Mumbo's head. Mumbo yelped and threw his hands up in the air and grabbed the monkey and attempted to throw him away, but Beast Boy held onto Mumbo's white hair with an iron grip. Raven saw her opportunity and backed up a little to help gain momentum for what she was going to do next. She formed walls beside her, blocking the bunnies from attacking, before running and leaping off the ground. Her levitation kicked in and she was soaring towards Mumbo.

"Beast Boy let go!" she exclaimed, mid air. Beast Boy saw her coming and turned into a hawk and flew upwards. Mumbo turned to Raven's direction and his eyes widened. In a split second, Raven twisted her body around with a leg sticking out and performed a spinning back kick and hit Mumbo in the temple with enough pressure to send him slamming down to the ground unconsious. Once Mumbo hit the ground, the rabbits disappeared and the red beam emitting from the floating stone in front of Terra ceased. Mumbo lost his concentration, therefore losing his hold of control over his spells.

"Nice work, Raven" Robin praised, stepping up to Mumbo and reaching into this coat to pull out the red stone. Raven levitated the other red stone towards them and released her magic, allowing the red stone to plop onto her open palm.

"Guys we need to move, Mumbo said there were others coming." Cyborg said. The other Titans nodded, Robin ran into one of the tunnels and the others followed in suit. They reached the end and Raven levitated herself out of the hole. Beast Boy turned into a pterodactyl to Cyborg, and Starfire wrapped her arms around Robin's waist to hoist him up and they all flew home together. Raven looked at Robin and Starfire's current position and let out a puff of air, her shoulders sinking slightly.

'Get over it' she said sternly to herself.

They arrived at the tower and while the others went to rest, Robin led Raven into the evidence room; both holding a red crystal in their palms. When they entered, Robin shut the door and placed his crystal on the wooden desk cluttered with paper and leaned over it. Raven matched his actions, but simply stood on the opposite side of the table with her arms crossed. Robin sighed loudly,

"Starfire's birthday is in 2 days, I completely forgot" he said. Raven raised her eyebrows.

"We're in the middle of a potentially country-threatening crisis, and that's what you're thinking about?" she started, Robin visibly sunk. "Not that it's a bad thing, I get it. It's just-" she was interrupted before she could continue,

"Weird?" he suggested, with a small smile. Raven simply returned the small smile, not knowing what to say to his outburst.

"It is weird" he continued and stared at his hands on the table, "This feeling"

Raven stayed quiet for a couple seconds, but she couldn't help feeling this slight ache in her chest at his words. She definitely knows now that she can't have these feelings towards him, but Raven couldn't bring herself to get over it.

"I understand" she replied quietly, but then mentally cursed for saying it out loud. Robin saw her distressed expression and chuckled.

"Really?" he smirked playfully, "You don't happen to feel the same way for a certain green changeling would you?"

Raven's eyes widened and Robin just laughed. She knew it was a bad idea agreeing to go with Beast Boy to this dance, everyone was getting the wrong idea.

"Please tell me you weren't being serious" she said monotonously.

"It's bad to tell lies" he retorted, still with that playful smirk plastered on his face. Oh how Raven badly wanted to wipe it off with a hammer to his face. A soft hammer, so he wouldn't get hurt of course.

"Oh Azar, no" she groaned and rolled her eyes.

"Ok, I guess Beast Boy can wait for a few more years till you come to your senses"

Raven choked on air, wanting to question his statement but decided not to as that was something she really did not want to talk to Robin about.

"I was talking about Malchior."

The smirk on his face was replaced with a gentle knowing smile. Raven and Robin were always masters at communicating without words, their gestures and expressions were enough.

"Right well-" Raven cleared her throat and forced leisurely thoughts out of her mind to focus on the serious matter at hand, "Now we have obviously stopped their plans, but they're a team, and they'll obviously come after us or invade the tower when they find out from Mumbo that we've taken they'll have to wait for the next full moon in February."

"We need to hide them until we figure out how to destroy them." he replied, and just like that, they were serious again.

"There might be something in my books, but I own a lot. It could take days to find information on it."

"That'll be fine, the group won't be able to perform the spell until next month anyways, since they've missed their full moon." Robin took the two crystals and began to walk towards the evidence room door.

"For the meantime, we can lock these up in a safe in the room we provided for you when Trigon came. Nothing can get in remember?" he said and turned to exit. Raven followed in suit but then Robin suddenly stopped her before she could enter the hallway.

"Um, d-do you think we could go to the mall tomorrow, and buy you know-" he smiled sheepishly, "The item you suggested I buy for Starfire?"

Raven recalled her suggestion and nodded at Robin. He smiled and then walked off in the opposite direction. Raven dropped her small smile and her mouth set in a thin line

'I hope there's a spell to get rid of this stupid feeling' she thought to herself as she turned to walk to her room.

Just moments after the Titans had left the cavern, a group had hastily walked in and was met with the sight of an unconcious Mumbo and a missing red gem from Terra's statue. A man growled slammed his fist into a cave wall and a woman had a scowl on your face, the guards around them backed away a little.

"I told you we should've had guards in this cavern. Your predictions were wrong, Psimon" she seethed, glaring at the man next to her with a pale complextion and a visibly pink, glowing brain covering a third of his head.

"You might have been right, Ravager. But we are already too late, we shall have to wait for the next full moon to perform this spell." he said, with an irritating level of calm, considering he lost it a mere minute ago.

"My father is not going to be happy with this." said Ravager, glancing down at the still unconcious Mumbo and ran a hand through her white blonde hair, "It took him forever to get his hands on those crystals."

"Patience, child. We have a month to create a plan to get our crystals back" he paused, "And to put these Titans down." he glared at nothing for a moment before returning to his calm facade.

"For now" he continued, "Call in your robot guards, we'll have them watch this chamber and the tunnels."

Ravager nodded and turned to walk towards Mumbo as Psimon made his way out. She mumbled incoherently as she lifted Mumbo's arm and tossed it over her shoulder and lifted him up to drag him down the tunnels and back to her father.

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