Away from the Sun

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Chapter 1: Escaping the city

The sound of Fire blasts being sent in every direction woke a sic year old Azula from her sleep. Azula was 8 years old and only just beginning to learn Fire Bending. The sounds of shouting and screaming scared Azula as she slipped out of bed.

"Azula come with me," Azula's cousin Lu Ten burst into the room and took her hand and ran out of the door.

"Lu what's going on?" Azula said running slightly behind him.

"We're being attacked," Lu Ten told her and he turned the corner into the Throne room to see a battle unraveling between the Royal guards and soldiers of the Fire Nation army.

"Why are our own people attacking us?" Azula asked scared.

"There's the Prince and Princess! Kill them!" a man yelled and the Royal guards moved to protect them while others pressed their attack.

"Prince Lu Ten go!" an Admiral identified as Admiral Joeng Joeng told them.

"Come on Azula," Lu Ten picked the girl up and made a run for it.

"Where's mother, Zuko, Dad and uncle?" Azula asked as she was on Lu Ten's back.

"I don't know, but we have to get out of here," Lu Ten ran out of the castle and down a side path.

Lu Ten ran with the girl through the city, he weaved and ducked down paths until he got to a lone house. He went up to the door and placed his ear on it then did some kind of knocking sequence.

"When winds whisper secrets," a man on the other door spoke.

"The White Lotus will answer," Lu Ten replied and then we heard the sound of unlocking locks.

"Welcome Prince Lu Ten, we are sorry to hear about the attack but we remain loyal to you and your blood line," the man appeared and he bowed then Lu Ten went in along with Azula.

"I am Han and this is my wife Luna," he bowed and Lu Ten bowed back.

"Arrangements have been made for your escape, we are sending you two to the Southern Water Tribe," Luna informed them.

"Any word of any of our other family?" Lu Ten asked.

"No, sorry Prince Lu Ten we've heard nothing but our top priority is getting you and the young princess out of the Fire Nation now, the White Lotus has heard your call and have discussed the best course of action and that is to send you two to the Southern Water Tribe and off the new Fire Lord's radar," Han told them.

"How are we going to get past the self-proclaimed Fire Lord's forces?" Lu Ten asked.

"Do not fret prince Lu Ten, we have that covered with a diversion from Admiral Joeng Joeng," Han dismissed.

"We leave tomorrow, for now you rest," Luna brought in some blankets.

"Lu, are we going to die?" Azula looked up tugging on her cousins pants.

"No Azula, we're not going to die, these kind people will help us," Lu Ten comforted the scared girl.

"Go to sleep Azula, I'm going to stay up and talk a bit more but you need your sleep," Lu Ten walked Azula to the room that was made up for her and helped her into bed.

She slowly fell asleep listening to the voices of her cousin and two strangers talk from another room close by.

Azula was awoken suddenly when the ground shook and she was tossed off the bed. The door lung open and Lu Ten rushed in picking up Azula. Before Azula's eyes could register anything they were running through the streets with a small group of guards.

"Lu what's going on?" Azula rubbed her eyes while being carried.

"We were discovered and now we're fleeing Azula, stay still please," Lu Ten asked as he ran towards their destination.

Azula peered over Lu Ten's shoulder to see them being chased by soldiers. They were momentarily stopped by the guards loyal to the royal family. Lu Ten got to the ship and put Azula in a stranger's hand.

"Take care of her and make sure she gets to the Southern Water tribe safely," he then turned to Azula.

"Azula stay safe, I know they'll take care of you, take these, they're the broadswords your mother told me to keep safe for you until you were old enough to use them," Lu Ten took the scabbard that held the duel swords and handed them to Azula who immediately dropped them because of the weight which caused Lu ten to laugh.

"You have your orders, I'll lead them away and give you time to escape," Lu Ten looked at the guard who hesitated then spoke.

"My lord, we are supposed to get both of you to safety," she said.

"Azula is the future of the Fire Nation, if she dies any hope we have left dies with her," Lu Ten turned then immediately blocked as the line of guards was broken through.

"Go now! Azula I'm sorry," Lu Ten gave her a sorry look then he ran off in a different direction causing the soldiers chasing him to follow.

"Lu no!" Azula cried as she tried to jump off she was caught by the same guard.

"Sorry princess but we have to listen to him, set sail for the Southern Water Tribe!" she barked at her crew who immediately left and the ship left the docks.

Azula looked back at what had once been her home; the entire place was on Fire. Smoke wafted into the breeze bringing about the smell of burnt wood.

Azula hardly noticed when a blanket was placed around her. She looked up to see the smiling face of the soldier/guard Lu Ten had given her to.

"Captain Shiala, it'll take us roughly two weeks to reach the Southern Water Tribe," one soldier came up to the Captain who was sitting near Azula.

"Alright, have a bed prepared in my quarters for the princess," she looked at Azula who stilled had her princess's crown in her hair.

"Yes Ma'am," he replied and left.

"Azula would you like something to eat?" the captain asked the silent staring girl.

Azula turned to face her and nodded signaling that yes she was hungry and would like something to eat. However she was far from saying anything as the Fire Nation became a slab of land in the distance with faint traces of smoke in the air.

"Azula food is ready," the captains soft voice drew in Azula's attention as a table had been set up for the two of them to sit at.

Azula looked around finding that no one else was eating with them. In fact no one was around anymore much to Azula's confusion.

"The crew eats in the mess hall and the helmsman and the navigators eat in the control room so it's just us two," the captain said answering Azula's silent question.

Azula ate in complete silence not daring to say a word from fear that her voice will fail her. The duel broadswords settled next to her.

It took Azula three days before she started talking. Mostly asking about Lu Ten and when they'd be able to see him. The answer was always the same, which the captain honestly didn't know. Azula didn't do much each day. She ate at meal times then went to the captain's room where she also slept and sat in bed looking at the swords propped against the wall.

"Azula, perhaps you would like to come and train with me?" the captain's kind voice floated to her ears.

"I only just started learning the basics of fire bending," Azula replied not even looking at her.

"It's alright, I myself am a Fire Bender, I can teach you, that is, if you'll let me," A gentle hand was placed on Azula's shoulder.

"O-okay, I guess," Azula hastily stood up and followed her through the hallways and out onto the deck.

"By the way, my name is Lin," she smiled down at Azula warmly.

"Are you apart of the Fire Nation army?" Azula questioned.

"No, I'm a part of the White Lotus, along with the rest of the crew," everyone parted to make room for training.

"So you're not all Fire Benders?" Azula asked quietly.

"No, Marc over there is an Earth bender, and Laune is a Water Bender," she pointed to two soldiers talking a guy who was Marc and a girl who was Laune.

"Oh, alright," Azula turned her attention back to Lin.

Azula spent a lot of time with Lin each day. They ate together, slept at night near each other and during the day they trained in basic fire bending forms. Azula began to smile again slowly, it started out being once a day if lucky but as the days moved on and Azula got more accustomed to the faces.

"Alright, today Laune is going to help, she'll be throwing water at you and it'll be your job to use bursts of fire to evaporate the water," Lin smiled at Azula while Laune waved smiling and then filled up 4 buckets with water using her water bending.

"Ready princess?" Laune asked.

"I guess," Azula shrugged and stood ready.

"Here I come," Laune bright water up and threw it towards Azula.

Azula send bursts of fire out of her fists. They hit the water evaporating it instantly. Laune then started throwing the water quicker and Azula shot fire then dove to the right shooting fire from her feet. She then jumped up ducking under a water blast sending an arc from her hand immediately evaporating the remaining blasts.

"You're a prodigy Azula, not even I could do what you just did when I was 6," Lin stated shocked.

"What say we bump this up a bit captain?" Laune asked and brought more water in to fill the buckets.

"How so Laune?" Lin raised an eyebrow.

"Ice," was all Laune said.

"Azula, do you think you're ready?" she asked Azula concern in her tone.

"Sure, I'll give it a try," Azula shrugged so casually about it.

"Ready?" Laune asked and Azula nodded.

Laune hardened the water to ice and shot it towards Azula. Azula readied herself and shot the ember fire out at the ice. The ice didn't melt and as Azula saw it fly closer she was shoved out of the way and Lin released a fire blast melting the ice.

"That was too dangerous, Azula I don't think you're ready," Lin said.

"No, I can do this," Azula stood up with a determined look on her face.

"Azula no, it's too dangerous," Lin crossed her arms over her chest.

"I said, I can do this, Laune ice ball," Azula stated and Laune looked towards her captain.

Lin sighed acknowledging how stubborn Azula was and gave her silent consent for Laune to continue. The ice ball came flying at Azula; she drew in all her strength and memories from her time with her family. She closed her eyes and let fly fire that burnt with the sorrow in her soul.

The force and heat was unlike anything any fire bender had possessed before. When Azula opened her eyes from her hand was pouring a blue flame, a flame that was hotter than red and the ice melted instantly along with the rest of the water in the buckets, and for a matter the buckets were also reduced to ash.

"Well I'll be," Lin's mouth was wide open.

"You said it captain," Laune was equally surprised.

"She's the most powerful fire bender I've ever seen," Lin shook her head as if trying to see if she was awake.

"Captain, we've reached the Southern Water Tribe," Marc informed them.

"Azula get your things," Lin said and walked to the side of the deck to see igloos.

Azula ran to the room she shared with the captain and grabbed the broadswords slinging them over her back the weight was a bit tough but she was able to carry it without hurting herself.

When she returned to the deck there was a plank leading down to the snow. Lin gave Azula a warm jacket to wear which she took and wore grateful as the snow was cold.

They were approached by a man, a woman and two kids a young girl around Azula's age and a boy a year or two older.

"Welcome to the Southern Water Tribe, I am chief Hakoda of the water tribe, how can I help you?" he asked.

"The Fire Nation was attacked from within, despite them being the cause of the war the white lotus was asked to bring princess Azula here to safety, she is the heir to the Fire Nation throne and without her there is no hope of peace," Lin informed.

"Why bring her here though?" Kya, Hakoda's wife asked.

"We brought her here because they would never think to look here, she is a Fire bender, a powerful one at that," Lin said.

"How can we be sure she won't burn down the village if she gets angry," the boy shouted.

"Sokka, your manors," Hakoda said sharply.

"We will patrol this area, and her fire bending lessons will be done with me twice a week," Lin said without hesitation.

"And I'll stay in the city to watch over her," Laune offered.

"Captain, we would like to have a council meeting about this issue, please come with me, Katara, take Azula home and clean her up and give her some warmer clothes," Hakoda looked at his daughter who's eyes lit up.

"Okay!" Katara eagerly took Azula's hand in her mittens and pulled the girl in the direction of their igloo.

Azula looked back to Lin who smiled and gave her an approving nod as Azula was led away.

"Hi, I'm Katara," Katara smiled and stood in front of the girl with a warm look about her.