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Hannibal Goes To Hollywood


Once again the team had just finished a job, successfully of course. They were sitting in a diner and eating doughnuts.

"Ok guys, who gives me a lift to Hollywood?" Hannibal asked.

"You don't need a lift to Hollywood, man," BA said with a full mouth. "What you need is a better costume and a good script." BA chuckled.

Hannibal overheard the comment. "Face."

"Aw sorry Hannibal. I have an appointment at seven p.m. and I have to take Murdock to the VA before. I don't wanna be late."

"Who is it?" Amy wanted to know. "Darleen, Darcy, Marcy…"

Face glared at her.

"BA, you can give me a ride," Hannibal tried with his Sergeant.

"No I can't, see I have to be at the children's center by six, don't wanna miss the ballet performance."

"Ballet performance?" Hannibal looked irritated.

"Sure, the ballet school has premiere tonight. I promised lil' Maria." The angry look that he turned on Hannibal told him that BA didn't wish to be asked any further about ballet performances.

"Amy? The Courier isn't far from Hollywood, is it?" Hannibal tried.

Amy sighed and raised her hand in capitulation. "Ok, Hannibal, but you should really think about having your own car."


One hour later Amy turned off to the set of Aquamaniac VI.

"They're shooting at night, today?" she asked Hannibal.

"Sort of," he murmured. "There, the silver trailer is mine."

Amy stopped in front of the trailer.

"Thanks, kid."

"You're welcome."

Hannibal stepped out of the car and went to the door of his trailer. When he read the name-tag on it, he turned to Amy in disbelief.

"I can't believe it."


"It says Mickey Bathos. Who the hell is Mickey Bathos?"

A script girl hurried over to them. "Sorry Johnny, but they threw you out."

"Threw me out? Why?" Hannibal looked at her in disbelieve.

"It is the second time you disappeared from the set. Nobody knew where you were and when you would come back-"

"But this time it was just for two days," Hannibal protested.

"I feel so sorry, Johnny."

"Bathos? This is the new man? They're kidding me?"

The woman gave him an apologetic look. "I'm afraid not. The director was furious when your friend came here and you left with him. He chucked your stuff out of the trailer himself. I packed it, You can pick it from the requisites chamber."

Hannibal smiled at her warmly. "You're a good soul."


Then he slowly walked back to Amy who had watched the scene with growing wonder. Hannibal flopped into the front seat. "I'm not the Aquaman any more," he said with some sadness in his voice.

"I'm sorry Hannibal, but I'm sure in a couple of days you're the slime monster or something like that," the younger woman offered encouragingly.

"Yeah," Hannibal said slowly.

"Now, should I take you to your apartment?"

"Err, no."

"Where then?" Amy watched him from the side. Hannibal took out a cigar, ripped off the wrapping and lit the cigar. He looked as if he were thinking seriously, as if he would make up his mind with a plan.

"What's up, Hannibal?" Amy asked. "You do have an apartment, don't you?"

"Of course not," Hannibal said sharply.

"Of course not?" Amy echoed.

"Why would I need an apartment, when I have a fine trailer, well had…"

"You really have no apartment?" Amy asked in disbelief.

"It's just a waste of money. I mean, I'm either with you guys or I'm on set, well supposed to be..." Hannibal pressed his lips together.

Amy's chin dropped. "I can't believe this. A waste of money?"

Hannibal turned to her. "Look Amy. As a guy in a green rubber suit, I don't get the same pay Antony Hopkins gets, not exactly. And also most of our clients aren't a big source of money."

Amy looked confused. "The last payments weren't that bad."

"Well, not enough for the four of us. And since I'm the only one with a regular income I get the smallest share."

"Why? I thought you're dividing it equally?"

Hannibal looked uncomfortable. "Not really. BA needs money for the center and I bet he's sending a certain sum to Mrs. Barracus. Murdock needs money for his assets, you know video games, dog food and stuff. And Face, well I think at least he deserves to have a bit of the life he wished he had, when we're off duty. And I don't need to send money to somebody; I also don't need to have stylish clothes or a fancy apartment to impress the girls. And I don't need to pay a psychiatrist for myself, well not yet." Hannibal smirked.

Amy stared at him. "But you're the one who is taking jobs, even if the clients haven't enough money."

Now a grin crept over Hannibal's face. He looked at Amy with a sparkle in his eyes. "I know kid, not very smart, isn't it?"

Amy understood the side blow very well. "Oh boy, I was just starting to feel sorry for you."

Hannibal would never miss an opportunity to remind her that she had conned the team, when she hired them to rescue her friend Al Massey, because she hadn't enough money. Nevertheless Amy had to smile now, as she remembered BA's words:

"You'll learn to love him mama, but it takes a looong time." She tried to hide the smile, but failed. Then Amy took a deep breath. She indeed felt sympathy for Hannibal.

"Look." Amy cleared her throat. "Before you're checking in into some sleazy hotel, you can stay at my place."

Hannibal's eyebrows went up. He observed Amy curiously, with eyes wide open, which made them appear even more supernaturally blue.

"I mean, it will only take you a couple of days to get a new job and a new trailer, won't it?" she quickly added.

Hannibal smiled again. He took the cigar out of his mouth. "Ok, Triple A, let's give it a try."


On the freeway Amy reflected about her situation. She had known the four men for a couple of months now. She genuinely liked Murdock, even if his crazes were getting on her nerves from time to time. She knew Murdock loved her, in a Murdock-way; in a playing-skat-with-the invisible-dog-Billy-way and in a watching-the-Woody Woodpecker-marathon-and eating Burgers-way. It was easy for Amy to discover the good heart behind BA's angry mudsucker façade; she liked him for being straight and honest. It was also easy to like Face. Amy would never admit but, yes, Face was handsome and charming; well, a bit too charming to fall for him, but nevertheless she liked him, sometimes more, sometimes less. Amy also liked Hannibal, somehow. She knew he had his heart in the right place, even if it was hidden behind an invincible leader most of the time. But Amy also knew there was a dangerous side to Hannibal. The side that made him the effective soldier he was, the side that made him a scammer and a womanizer, probably, if he wanted to and a killer if he must. In brief, a man her mother would have warned her about. Amy hadn't decided yet if she ever would like this side of Hannibal Smith.