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Prologue- The hospital:

In a seemingly deserted construction site sat a life that most people did not even know existed, a life that got harder for those involved in it. For the seemingly empty site held the most advanced medical hospital in all of the United Kingdom. A hospital that could cure all sorts of ailments known to all, one that had a permanent damage ward, a ward for those who were mentally unstable and a ward for those with intensive care issues- these were where the normalcy ended. For this hospital had the less common wards also; spell damage, magical burns and transfigured wards. This was no typical or normal hospital- this was St. Mungo's; a Wizarding hospital which was far superior to its Muggle equivalents.

Inside one of the wards a young girl was keeping vigil over a private room with three individuals, two women, both dark haired with aristocratic features and a man with blond hair. None were over 50, which was interesting given the fact that the young girl was watching her mother, grandmother and grandfather slipping further into their comas. Tucking a strand of red hair behind her ear as it fell out of her messy ponytail she looked at the monitors that were measuring the level of coma that the patients were in. The ten almost eleven year-old girl sighed as she read the results, she should not know what the readings meant, but she had learnt to do it from two years of age, she was now an expert. A healer popped her head in to check on the young girl, she had recently qualified so was just 19, the two knew each other well quite evidently as the older girl came over and sat next to the younger as she kept vigil over the patients.

The older woman finally spoke, "She would want you to go, you know."

The redhead looked at the healer before speaking, "I know, Mel but she's my mother and they're family, I can't leave to go to school when I am struggling to pay the bills as it is."

The blonde woman turned to meet her cousin's emerald green with her own, something they had both inherited from their grandfather.

"Ally, I love you and so does your mother, but for what it is worth they're my family too, I'll take care of them. You deserve the chance that I got, that your mother got, and that your father got, that your grandfather and grandmother got," Melody McKinnon looked at the younger girl beseechingly, she could see that the stubbornness was being replaced by vulnerability.

"What if something happens Mel, what happens then? Can you really take care of them for the next 7 years on your own? Besides it isn't your responsibility, it's mine," Alexandra looked at the older girl.

"You took care of them for the last eight years, it's my turn, besides as the oldest in the family not in a coma it should have been mine, but you did it so that I could go to Hogwarts. You're my baby cousin, it's time you got to have a bit of fun, don't worry about it. Besides, no one knows what your tattoo means it is one of a kind, they will not know, and as for your last name most people will not even realise and you can deal with it, you always have in the past."

Ally sighed, she knew that she should go and that her cousin would not take "no" for an answer, "Okay, fine, I'll send a response, can I borrow Persephone," referring to her cousin's brown owl.

"Of course, kiddo," whistling softly Melody called her owl to her. Persephone willingly took the missive to Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts.

As they watched the owl fly off into the distance Alex thought about what was going to happen next and she couldn't help but feel dread bubble in the pit of her stomach as she saw the brown dot that was Persephone disappear. Her cousin wrapped an arm around her and kissed the top of her red hair.

"He can't use it on you, you're too good, Jenna taught you well," Mel offered her cousin as she talked about Ally's godmother, Jenna Potter, a woman that was the first female Unspeakable in history who had died 5 years ago to a killing curse.

"I know Jenna taught me well, but you know what Croaker wants from me," Ally responded. "Algie knows what he wants and he knows that I'm going to do it, and take him up on his offer. That's why he's being such a smug bastard," this was the first time that Ally had mentioned it to her cousin, causing the older girl to stare at the ten year-old in shock.

"I didn't think that you would take it up," she commented neutrally.

"Well, I feel like I owe it to Jenna, it's her legacy and I can't see myself being a Healer for a profession, I may know more than you will for quite some time about it but it's too sad for me to want to do it for a career."

"What about Aunt Charlie, Great-aunt Elizabeth and Great-uncle Alistair," Melody asked gesturing to the three people that were lying comatose on the beds.

"Do you know what the cure is for what they have," Ally asked her cousin, she may be the younger of the two but was by far the more intelligent and experienced healer, so she was checking to see if her cousin could find the cure before she told her what it was.

Mel pondered it for a moment before shaking her head in the negative.

"Placenta," Ally remarked, seeing to confused look on her cousin's face she elaborated, "the potion that is needed to bring them out of this coma requires the placenta of someone who is blood related to the person in the coma, and it only works with siblings or children or grandchildren, and it takes four to five years after the birth to work. So essentially I have to have a baby and then give my placenta to the potions person, so after that they'll be okay. The coma is not damaging in anyway apart from them losing time from their lives."

"So I presume you've had a vision saying that before you graduate they'll be okay," Mel asked, her cousin had seer blood and could see what would happen up to a certain point, she also had the powers of fate, meaning that she was the most powerful magical being ever.

Alex merely smiled enigmatically in response, not saying anything before kissing her cousin on the cheek and floating out of the hospital room.