A little preview to what's gonna happen in the sequel of Digimon Battle Force (if you haven't read it yet, read it). Tommorow's the next chapter coming.


It had been more then hundred years since human and Digimon came into contact. The kids were delighted to have a Digital Monster for a partner, pet or a friend. However, the adults viewed the Digimon as dangerous (they still are viewing them as dangerous). In fear that the kids won't be able to control their Digimon (you gotta be joking) they built up several so called Digimon Academies all over the Real and the DigiWorld, where children would learn how to take care of their Digimon (as well as learn how to NOT destroy a building with a random attack that got lost during a fight). Those schools were designed to be a place of wisdom and discipline (the students view them as hell on Earth).

Guess who's gonna visit that hell in the next few years.