This is a mini-fill, written for part of this prompt in the norse!kink community LJ; originally written before Thor 2 was out, so it might not be TDW-compliant:

Before they leave on the Dark World field trip (or some AU equivalent thereof), Thor wants to make absolutely sure Loki won't try to smother Jane in her sleep or "accidentally" bump her off a cliff or something. But leaving either of them behind is not an option. So Thor goes to a sorceress to ask for a magical solution. The spell succeeds: Loki will be able to do nothing that results in harm to Jane as a result of his actions, directly or indirectly. But there's an unintended side-effect to the spell; Jane and Loki's minds have become entangled. Their memories start slowly bleeding into each other's, they develop an emphatic bordering on telepathic bond. It's horrifying for both of them, and they vow to get the field trip over with as soon as possible so they can get the sorceress to undo the spell. But in the mean time, they start to understand each other.

"How does it work?" she asks when the ship leaves the water's surface.

Thor shrugs. "It simply does."

In the back of her mind she feels Loki rolling his eyes, and she tries to send him back a mirror feeling without actually rolling her eyes at Thor.

Whatever shows in her face makes Thor frown at her worryingly.

Loki's snicker tickles her mind. And then he shows her: concepts slamming, images rolling, and for a moment she can see the forces that keep the ship floating, feel the ones that make it move—

And then Thor is there, shaking her forcefully.

"Stop it, Loki! Whatever it is you are doing, stop it or I'll—"

"I'm fine, I'm fine," she rasps out, the afterimages tinting everything in fading lines. Thor is trying to hug her but she steps to the side, slowly turning around, looking up, looking down. Who knows when she'll be able to experience it again, she wants to take in as much as possible while it lasts.

For another sweet, sweet moment she understands how everything is connected – and then it slowly dissolves, leaving the warm hint of something familiar behind.

"Is this how you see everything?" she asks, turning to Loki.

He looks at her for a moment before nodding and moving to the other extreme of the ship. The flare of feeling that escapes him and tingles at the corners of her mind is agreement, but he clearly finds her words lacking. He wants to explain, she can tell, but is holding back.

"I'm capable of comprehension," she whispers at his retreating back. She wants to know.

It is only when she's stopped by a warm hand on her shoulder that she notices she had started to follow Loki.

"Jane," says Thor, and she blinks. She had forgotten him. "It not your aptitude what he doesn't understand," he explains. "It is your interest."