Open Doors

Sunlight was shining pleasantly outside of Mrs Hudson's window. As she glanced outside at the serenity and as the slight summer breeze blew a bag down the street, she sighed. There was nothing going on. The news reported low crime rates, obituaries were full of natural deaths, and it was Saturday morning.

10:01 AM

She breathed in the beauty of the outside as another minute passed.


..I need to go check on Sherlock... she thought to herself... he's probably killed Watson by now...

With the rent due in two days and the recent overpopulation of 221B by news reporters, she had every reason to go check on her tenants. Sherlock's reappearance from the grips of death had the press in a rather loud and destructive uproar. Expecting nothing less than complete chaos, she wrapped the door with her knuckles twice, but before she could shout a name into the flat or ask for entrance into the flat, she heard a soft sound escape the room.

A soft, almost... moaning sound

Curiosity, A push, and a glance around sounded the fact that she was right

Maybe not about the flat's destruction itself...

But Sherlock was definitely "killing" Watson.

Within the flat, john was laid across the couch with a lusty eyed Sherlock hovering above him clad only by a blanket. John looked into his eyes hopefully, praying for one more kiss from his detective. This, Sherlock loved. Watching his beautiful prey struggle to place one kiss on his lip. John tried not to seem desperate, but Sherlock sensed this. He leaned down ever so carefully and placed his lips near johns ear.

"John," he whispered in that seductive baritone john had come to love.

John moaned in response, "Sherlock," john whimpered between sharp breaths, "you're killing me."

Sherlock dipped down for another slow and passionate exchange before dropping back to whisper to John.

He peered around the flat and waited a moment before continuing on.

"I know you want me to kiss you again."

"Oh, God yes. Why did you stop to explain the obvious?"

Sherlock nodded in the direction of the door, " Because I believe we have company"

John reacted to this news spastically, jumping off of the couch and running to the door.

"Well," john cleared his throat, "hello Mrs. Hudson."

Mrs. Hudson walked in slowly as Sherlock shot a smile in her direction. He was curled up on the couch watching television when John finally shut, and locked, the door to 221B.

Mrs.. Hudson then attempted to go about her normal routine of checking the flat and its tenets. Making sure Sherlock didn't burn a hole in the kitchen floor was a constant struggle. Sherlock sensed that Mrs. Hudson expected some amount of destruction after such a "boring week" and deduced that the length of the visit was most likely to be twenty five minutes long with a five minute reminder of the rent's due date. It would give Mrs Hudson enough time to check the walls, floor, and structural stability of the flat. And enough time for... "John, tea?"

"Of course Sherlock"

Mrs Hudson had found her way into the kitchen and took the kettle away from john as Sherlock entered the kitchen. He was clothed, for the most part, shirt unbuttoned and casual. Mrs Hudson turned to the stove as John began to leave the kitchen entry way. To john's surprise, Sherlock seized this opportunity and pulled his army doctor into a tight hug from behind. John wanted to move for fear of embarrassment, but Sherlock held tighter, increasing the comfort between he and the army doctor. After a moment, he spun John around to face him and looked into his eyes.

"I'm sorry John."

"Sherlock, wha..."

Sherlock pulled John in close, looked into the eyes he loved so much, and began a passionate kiss. As Sherlock's fingers weaved through John's hair, he moaned in confused pleasure. Their landlady was within a foot of them, and they were snogging like rude children in front of their parents. But he loved when Sherlock got like this. Every moment became slow and peaceful as Sherlock's lips caressed his own. After a moment, however short or long it was, Sherlock bit Johns lip and began peppering kisses down his neck. John pushed back against Sherlock until they were out of their landlady's sight and allowed Sherlocks continuous attempts at sensuality to proceed. Every kiss lit John's every muscle. Sherlock worked his way up to John's ear and whispered, "the moans were a little loud, don't you think?"

... I've been moaning...

Oh wait... Mrs Hudson

John turned around this corner into the kitchen, face showing visible concern as he turned to face Mrs. Hudson and her prepared tea. John looked to her apologetically and attempted to speak, but Sherlock didn't want to share this time alone with John. Sherlock decided he wanted John then and there, pulled him out of view of the kitchen and bit on his ear. John senses were setting off like fireworks. He could've sworn that Mrs Hudson was saying something of utter importance, but Sherlock seemed to be interrupting the conversation constantly.

"Well I'm glad Sherlock hasn't found a way to destroy the place but there is still t..."

"You excited Dr. Watson? This feels good right?"

"No," John said sternly, speaking to Sherlock about his actions, but moaning in agreement.

Mrs Hudson, of course, thought this command was ushered in her direction and reacted in disbelief. " No? I'm your landlady, not your maid..."

Sherlock's deep baritone snuck back into John's head, causing him to shiver with pleasure.

"But doctor, your pulse says otherwise, your body is shaking every time," Sherlock took this opportunity to grab his doctor at the waist and pull him even closer," I come near you."

Sherlock breathed in the clean scent of John that he loved so much, and exhaled warm breath onto his neck. "I'm no idiot, doctor."

"I know you aren't stupid, Sherlock" john said quietly, hoping to avoid speaking too loudly.

"You know john," Sherlock said as Mrs. Hudson entered the room, "you more interesting than any case I will have."

He let go of john and kissed him on the forehead before acknowledging Mrs Hudson.

"Sherlock, did you hear everything dear?"

"Yes Mrs Hudson, and did you hear anything?"

"Nothing more than your happiness, Sherlock."

"Good, tell the press, they should be knocking about now."

And with a knock at the door, Mrs Hudson left the flat without another word, and John followed her to the door, speaking a soft goodbye and turning to face Sherlock.

John wanted to wait a moment before asking why he'd acted so inappropriately while Mrs Hudson was in the flat, but Sherlock was a step ahead.

With every pause, the detective took a long stride in his bloggers direction, speaking factually, and yet seductively.

"She'll tell the press, you'll blog about the exciting events that transpired in a case-less weekend, and I'll finally be able to go outside.."

He pulled john in...

"...hold you close to me..."

he leaned in

"And share a kiss."

Sherlock planted the gentlest kiss on john's lips and smiled as they looked out the window.

Such a boring week... With John