Of Nightmares and Fantasies

A few weeks after Mrs Hudson's unexpected visit - though Sherlock seems to have expected it from the beginning- the couple became public news. Sunday Tribunes were abuzz with the information from that Saturday past, and the tabloids were having a field day with the amount of information their landlady had given to the reporters for weeks.

Sherlock and Watson, however, were deep within their own world.

Another Saturday morning was passing by, free of the cases usually found during dismal Saturday mornings. And Sherlock was snuggled In bed with his own Watson. Sherlock found sleeping next to his blogger was comfortable and calming. Sherlock had taken to following his dear army doctor into bed without a single word spoken. John climbing in first with a yawn, and Sherlock sliding in afterwards, wrapping his arms around John protectively.

Sherlock had taken to falling asleep during nights like the Friday before, and waking up at precisely 6:23AM. At that point, he would continue into a faux sleep and watch his John dream. Sherlock was content with this. Having someone to call his own and to admit his weaknesses to. Every moment spent by his side was ecstasy, and he never wanted to have another moment alone without him.

This particular Saturday morning, john awoke with a smile on his face t 8:11AM. He turned around ever so slowly to face the detective and smiled. 'He was dreaming about me?' Sherlock thought. The calming, then exciting, of his pulse denoted an exciting dream full of pleasure. He'd had no reason to smile, and his normal response to Sherlock's false wake up routine was a glance and hug good morning.

'He wants something,' Sherlock thought gazing into his eyes.

John turned to fully face the detective and began to quietly sob.

"Sh...Sherlock," he got out between his sharp inhales, "Please?"

Sherlock's face was ripe with concern, and as he spoke, he chose to not break his gaze.

"What is it John?"

"P..please. just... hold me please," he coughed, " I need to know you're real..."

And with no time spared, Sherlock wrapped his arms back around John, while he happily cried into Sherlock's bare chest.

John would've been as content as Sherlock with staying in that moment forever, but a call from Lestrade a few minutes after Sherlock began consoling John signalled a necessary departure to Scotland Yard.

In an effort to conserve time, one would eat breakfast while the other one showered and began to get dressed. Naturally Sherlock saw no need for breakfast, and suggested John eat before showering and dressing up. After 20 minutes of activity, John and Sherlock walked cautiously down the stairs and pondered.

"Cab or taxi?"

John asked his question with a tinge of sarcasm. A quiet walk on a day like today seemed likely, and preferable. Granted a taxi would guarantee peace and quiet, Sherlock and John could take up to an hour walking without too many questions being asked. And if John got lucky, as he hoped he would, Sherlock would spy a couple and get a "contact passion". John had coined the phrase for those instances where Sherlock felt the need to over-publicize their relationship in retaliation to PDA around the city. And every time it happened, it was, in John's opinion, beyond amazing.

Sherlock and John trekked across London hand in hand, Sherlock observing everything within sight and John observing Sherlock. The detective planned their hour long trip through a quiet street and a small subdivision in hopes of no interruptions. Constantly, he turned to John and noted to him some bit of information that was of very little importance, but nonetheless impressive.

John laughed half-heartedly before noticing that movement had ceased suddenly. John turned and watched in excitement as Sherlock caught a young couple snogging in a nearby alleyway. The detective broke his concentration on the couple and turned to look at his blogger. After that morning's incident, it seemed only fair to keep himself as close to John as possible. He thought it may just be another inappropriate move on his part, and turned again to check on his John.

His eyes wanted something again. There was a look of passionate lust in his eyes that Sherlock thought was a signal.

'His eyes are dialated, he keeps glancing downward, his hand are shaking and sweating...' Sherlock's mind was sure of John's desperation, and he was ready to Jump at a moments notice, but not out here in the open.

Sherlock stopped his senseless deductive speech and leaned into John, looking for some hint of desire in his reaction.

'His mouth, his eyes, heart racing..' Sherlock read all the signs he needed to drag this on.


"Yes Sherlock?"

"You want me now, don't you?"

John looked down and huffed, "no, you got."

"Oh.. OK then"

Sherlock began walking at a faster pace, and John sensed urgency and rushed to maintain the speed. The boys were a mere couple of feet from their destination before Sherlock spied an alleyway nearby.

"John. Follow."

"Sherlock, why aren't we-"

"I haven't time to explain, come on!"

Sherlock rushed into the alley and John followed moments later. The alley was empty of life, and Sherlock...

" Sherl-"

Sherlock jumped out from behind a basement fire escape and pressed John against the wall with one swift motion. Sherlock ran his fingers through the sandy blonde hair of the blogger he'd come to call his own.

"John," Sherlock purred in the seductive baritone that caused John's knees to weaken, "you lied."

"W...what?" John attempted to maintain his army disposition and stared deep into the eyes of the only man who could make him quake in his boots. Unfortunately, this trait made Sherlock an almost feral beast, trained on the thought of control of his army doctor.

"John," he purred as he pinned John's arms above his head with one hand, "you know you lied, and, it will cost."

Sherlock then took the opposite hand, tilted John's head up to him, and performed the same kiss as they'd witnessed beforehand in the alleyway. In John's opinion, however, Sherlock's kiss was definitely more pleasurable.

"John," he said as he pulled away, " I think you should tell me more about these little fantasies you have."

John paused as his breath hitched. Sherlock was still holding John against the wall of the alley and biting at the nape of his neck.

"It would be nice to practice them in the flat, you know," Sherlock explained as he pulled back.

John awoke from his trance and looked into Sherlock's eyes for a short moment before saying," I have always wanted to do something with you... But it requires some participants..."

Sherlock turned sharply, " I refuse to share."

John slowly followed Sherlock in the direction of the Yard before he said,"you'll like it, I promise."

Sherlock slowed down, thought for a moment, and reluctantly agreed.


"Yeah, Sherlock?"

"Anyone specific?"

"You'll find out when we get inside."

Sherlock and John entered with casual stares and elated smiles before walking into Donovan's office, where Anderson stood casually talking about, "speak of the freak and he shall appear."

Out of nowhere, John turned to Sherlock, and with a smug look, said,"lock the door."

Donovan and Anderson began to panic, but Sherlock was confident. John turned to them, winked, and whispered ever so quietly.

"We are together. Call him a freak again, and you'll never see the light of day again, or each other for that matter."

For added emphasis, Sherlock spun John around and shared a short, passionate kiss before whispering,"thank you."

Donovan and Anderson smiled as Anderson received a hefty 450£

Donovan turned and laughed," I didn't think that you could change him. I was wrong."

John turned back to face Sherlock and whispered,"My wildest fantasy is your happiness."

Sherlock couldn't help but smile.