~*Three Small Words*~

From the moment he spoke those three simple words, I knew my life had officially changed. Right before my eyes, without me even noticing. How could that happen? Aren't you supposed to realize when your life takes a dramatic plunge? "I love you." The words were so small, but could mean so much. I couldn't speak. I was so taken aback with fear, joy, doubt, wonder. I could only stare up at him. My big brown eyes dancing across his face. Looking into his eyes, for some sign that this was true. "I told you not to fall in love with me." were the only words I could utter. For it was true. I had warned him. I couldn't stand to break another heart. But even my trying to fight the impact of those words, I found that I could not. I was in love with him, With Landon Carter. But even though I wanted to speak the words so badly, to show him that I felt the same way, I found that I could not. I had to be sure, I had to be positive. And somewhere in the depths of my soul I knew I wasn't. Those three small words meant so much. You can't just say it if you don't truly mean it. I closed my eyes and began to pray, God make him understand. By the grace of God, he did. He held me close pressing his lips to my forehead. He held me in an understanding embrace. And I was grateful. One day soon Landon, I will know for sure.and I will be sure to let you know.