= = = (* Cold Feet *) = = =

The two girls hurried inside their dorm room and switched on the small heater. Taking off their slightly damp jackets and laying them over their desk chairs, they glanced at each other through the corners of their eyes. The walk home had been surprisingly cold. True, it was early December, but this was Sunnydale. It didn't snow . . . but id did Rain. Why nature started to have a downpour with freezing winds just as they had to walk the whole way across town, the girls were clueless.

"I'm going to take a shower." Buffy said quietly, picking up her bathroom accessories, towel, and pajamas. Willow nodded and did the same. Buffy walked into her stall and undressed, simply tossing her sodden garments over the door, placing the towel on the little hook on the out-side of the small booth. As she washed her hair and rinsed the cold rain off of her skin, she felt numb, and not because of the chilly walk home. She let the water wash over her, trying to think things through.

{Is this really for the best?} She questioned. {Were Willow and I happier when we were just friends?} She needed an answer, and for once, the other little voice in her head felt like keeping to it's self. {Great, just my luck . . . went I want it, I can't have it; when I've got it I wish it was gone.} She heard Willow leave the bathroom, and Buffy sighed. It'd been a long day, and piled up after yesterday . . . well, things were intense. {But not always bad intense . . .} she thought, a smirk spreading across her lips at the memory of the two nights previous.

"Mmm, Willow." Buffy whispered as she let the hot water slowly work the tension out of her sore muscles. After sitting in the hard chair in the hospital for so long her body was aching. {How can doing so little hurt so much?} She wondered, taking one last deep breath of steam before shutting the water off. After drying off and switching into her Yummy Sushi Pajamas, she gathered her things and headed back to the room.

Willow was sitting at her desk, adorning a pair of sweat pans and an over- sized t-shirt. {She looks cute . . .} Buffy thought, then shook her head. {You're such a sap when it comes to Willow. She could go all Sam Shepard on you and still she would be adorable to you.} Buffy climbed into her bed and pulled the sheets up to chin. Even with the heater on, the room seemed to be no warmer than when she left. As the blonde laid her head on the pillow and watched the read-head, she remembered something. {The last time I slept in this bed was with her}. Buffy smiled as said bedmate began color-coding her notes.

She didn't know how long she'd laid there in the semi-darkness, just watching. Watching Willow do her Willowy-thing had always seemed very endearing to Buffy, and she'd been watching her perfect it for years. Slowly the Slayer started to fall asleep, not even noticing it; her mind was filled with memories of the red-head over the time they'd know each other, the little things she'd observed. {I used to love her hair,} Buffy thought sleepily, {Way back when it was long and she used to let me braid it for her . . . or the way Willow would mumble in her sleep about frogs on the nights when she'd stay over, and then wrap her arms around me. . .}

An hour later, Buffy woke with a start. A loud rumble of thunder had issued from the rain-clouds above, and had stirred the blonde out of her sleep. In the silence that fallowed, she realized that, well . . . it wasn't really silent. Looking over towards Willow's bed, she heard a quiet clicking sound. As the next bold of lightning issued, Buffy saw that the Witch was balled up under the sheets, chattering. It was evident that the heater was busted, and Willow - - not being a slayer - - was starting to feel the effects.

She watched as the girl shifted, and pulled her knees up to chest. Buffy had to admit this coldness was pretty extreme . . . but hey, Life On The Hellmouth. Without warning, the blonde got up out of her own bed and walked over to her girl-friends. The redhead didn't even seem to notice until the sheets' being pulled up caused a cool drift. Crawling under the comforter, the Slayer watched as Willow's eyes widened in shock.

"Buffy! What are you - " She started, but never go to finish. Buffy pushed her back down onto the bed, and reached for the hem of her shirt. "BUFFY!" Willow yelled suddenly.

"Will, I know how much you hate to miss class, so please just trust me." Buffy cut her off, placing a delicate finger to the girl's lips. The intense look in those hazel eyes where was really silenced the Wicca, however. Buffy once again pulled on the bottom of the shirt, this time succeeding in it's removal. As Willow's head cleared the collar Buffy placed her warm hands on the chilled arms of her girl-friend. As she quickly rubbed her hands up and down them, almost mechanically, she looked away slightly. As Buffy took both Willow's hands in her own, gently warming them between her own, she sighed quickly.

"I don't want you getting sick, finals are in a week and I know how important they are to you . . ." The blonde trailed off, but she never stopped her heated touch. As she reached for the girl's sweat-pants tie, her hands were slapped away. Recoiling for the sudden snap, Buffy's eyes shot up to meet stunned Green ones.

"Don't." Willow sounded almost pleading, as though she was scared. Buffy sighed, almost as though she was exasperated, and quickly pulled her own pajama top off. Willow turned to look away, but Buffy caught her chin gently, forcing her to look at the Slayer.

"Willow, you'll warm up faster if you're naked. Your body heat will reflect off the sheets and keep the cool out. It's what you're supposed to do if you're trapped in a snowstorm. So, if you're not going to get naked, then you'll have to reflect *my* body-heat." The blonde said it almost as though it was a threat. Willow blushed, and Buffy un-did the draw-string on her own pajama pants. "You maybe not be very happy with me right now, but I won't have you getting sick just to spite me. I Love you, Will . . . and I'm not worth a failed semester for. Besides," the blonde said, struggling with the knot she'd made, "I like keeping you warm." Willow's blush deepened as she remember their conversation he night before.

"Buffy?" Willow said gently, halting the blonde's hands as they hooked into the waist band of her Yummy Sushi sleeping attire. Buffy looked up at her almost sternly, and Willow gently pulled them down for her. The corners of both their mouths curled into small smiles, and Buffy slowly removed the soft material from Willow's body. As the Slayer reached back to un-clasp her bra, she felt her arm slapped again. Halting her actions again, she received a glare from Willow. "Under-Pants Rule." Willow said sternly.

"Aurgh!" Buffy groaned loudly, throwing herself back against the sheets. "WHAT THE HELL IS THE UNDER-PANTS RULE?!" She said loudly, "I know I already agreed to it, but I have to admit I have *no idea* what the heck you're talking about . . ." Throwing and arm over her eyes, the blonde huffed slightly. Willow had to hold in a giggle at the site, and lay down next to her girl-friend.

"It means; the under-garments have to stay on." She said slowly. Before Willow knew what was happening, she was pinned against the mattress.

"What?" the Slayer asked slowly, in disbelief. Willow took a few deep breaths and cleared her throat.

"I didn't want us to rush into things." She said slowly, trying to be as gently as possible. "I was worried that sex would take over our relationship, and we'd just be lovers, and no longer friends. You're by most bestest friend . . ." Willow said sadly, slipping into her little-girl voice unbeknownst to her, "I don't want to lose that part of us, Buff." The blonde couldn't' help but smile at that, and kissed Willow's head gently, much in the way she'd kissed Faith earlier. Slipping down so that she could cuddle up next to the witch, the Slayer frowned.

"Does that mean that the last two nights . . . was that not . . ." Buffy said gently, not wanting to assume anything when the lines of what she'd thought and what was differed so greatly. "I mean, did we . . ." she sighed quickly, and blurted it out, "I thought I was making love to you." Willow turned to look at her suddenly, surprise marking her face, and Buffy felt her heart sink.

"We weren't?" Willow seemed just as confused. Buffy shrugged awkwardly and looked away. "Buffy, sex and Making love are different. One is an expression, the other is an action." Cupping the blonde's face in her hands, Willow's voice dipped to a whisper, "I made love to you that night, even if you didn't to me."

"I DID!" Buffy insisted suddenly, "I was just worried . . . what with this, uh, 'Revelation' . . . I just wanted to make sure I wasn't reading too much into it." The Slayer blushed ten shades of Red, and buried her face into Willow's neck lightly. The witch laughed at the slight tickle the blonde's nose cause as she was nuzzled, and felt strong, small hands snake their way around her middle. Willow pulled the sheets higher again and felt as the hands on her body started to wander.

"Buffy?" Willow said slowly, almost as a warning. Buffy looked up at her innocently.

"What are the terms?" Buffy asked delicately, "What's okay and not Okay between us?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, can I touch you under the underwear if you're still in it?" Willow chuckled and shook her head 'No'. With a pout Buffy kept her fingertips gently moving across the flat stomach of her lover. "What about . . . touching you *through* the underwear?" Willow nodded, enjoying the way Buffy was tickling her tummy lightly, relaxed and purring like a cat. "Like this?" she asked, running her finger tips over the red-head's sensitive nipples. Willow drew in a sharp breath, and her eyes closed of their own accord. The last things he saw before her eyes rolled back was that the blonde still had that innocent on her face.

"Buffy!" Willow moaned, trying to keep her voice down. As the fingers continued their gentle ministrations the witch's breath started to hitch. Suddenly, she felt the blonde start to kiss her neck, gently sucking the tender flesh of her pulse-point between her lips, marking her skin with love-bites. As the skilled tongue left a warm, wet trail up to the redhead's ear, Buffy giggled darkly.

"So . . . this is alright?" The blonde asked, slipping her leg between the Wicca's. Willow's back arched and her grip on the Slayer's back tightened. As she pressed her knee into the Witch's center, she let out a long, slow, almost evil moan. "Mmm, Willow . . . You smell good enough to eat." At that the witch's eyes sprung open in shock. Smirking down at her, Buffy leaned in close, "But that'll have to wait, I guess . . ." Capturing the woman's lips with her own, and sighed in contentment. {How things are supposed to be.} She thought.

"Buffy, I . . ." was all the witch could get out before she felt the pressure against her core shift, lift, then replace . . . by a hand. A strong yet soft Slayer-Hand to be precise. Quickly grasping the wrist attached to said appendage, Willow looked up in shock.

"Shhh, it's okay," Buffy whispered gently, kissing her passionately again, tasting those lips that drove her wild. "I'll be good, just want to have a look around." Some how, the Slayer made it sound sexy. How, Willow wasn't sure. She couldn't really think about it, because the sudden attention to her nether-regions had rendered her brain functions to little more than that of very intelligent grass. Or, possibly, a very stupid fish, as she could still make sounds. Barely.

"Mmmm, Buffy . . ." Buffy smiled and leaned down, kissing the witch's breast through the thin fabric of her bra. Her fingers gently caressed the wetness of the cotton panties, feeling the girl's arousal quickly building. Adding the pressure of her leg again, Buffy cupped Willow's Sex gently. Wincing as she felt Nails dig into her shoulder, she still couldn't help but grin at the look of passion on her lover's face. {On second thought, Maybe it's worth the risk!}

(To Be Continued . . .)